This May Be The Most Interesting Looking Pistol You’ll See All Year


If you’re like most gun enthusiasts, you want to own multiple guns in multiple weapon types. Maybe you want a shotgun, a rifle, and a pistol. Maybe you want a carbine. And maybe you want a carbine pistol.

Now, there are a few different carbine pistols out there, but Inland Manufacturing definitely has an interesting pistol to check out. As you can see in the image above from the Inland Manufacturing website, the pistol seems to be a cross between a carbine and a sawed-off shotgun. In fact, Inland’s website describes the weapon this way:

The “Advisor” M1 pistol is modeled after the modified M1 carbines that was a popular conversion made by USA Military Advisors during the Vietnam Era.  These “Military Advisors” found that the compact and reliable M1 carbine could be made even more suitable for their specific missions by cutting the barrels down to pistol lengths and utilizing either a cut down standard stock or the M1A1 folding stock, the folder was the stock of choice if they could get their hands on one.  These modified M1 carbines were favored by the US Military Advisors as well as the Tunnel Rats tasked with clearing the matrix of tunnels and engaging in extreme close quarters.

Now, they can call this a pistol, but, frankly, it’s a carbine for close-quarters use, which in and of itself, is an interesting idea. And the look of this pistol reminds me of old pirate movies (I think it’s the wood stock that reminds me of those Long John Silver’s firearms).


Still, it’s a .30 caliber pistol which has a 15 shot magazine and an MSRP of $1,259.00, so, even if you like this pistol, this may be a firearm specifically for collectors. However you feel about it, though, there is no doubt that Inland had some interesting ideas to play with in this firearm.





  1. Will we soon see the M-1 Carbine morphed into a pistol, courtesy of the gnomes at ATF, with all the complications attached to such a situation? One wonders. Will Inland Mfg. come to declare OOPS, to the detriment of the law biding gunnies? Corporations are in business to make money, which is generally OK, however re the legitimate pursuit of profit, they need to consider the potential down side to others, others including their customers, actual and or potential.

  2. I carried an M2 select fire “mare’s leg” occasionally. A bit unweildy, but a heck of a conversation piece. With a 30 round magazine loaded with all tracers it was a hit with people at the range, but targets at 50 meters not so much.

  3. I had one with two 30 round clips taped together. After the first 30, put it out and reverse them.

  4. As noted, this is not a new concept. In the ‘Nam, we used the CAR 15, which is a compact version of the AR15. It was about the same size as the M-1 pistol but with a lot more fire power. I think it would be interesting to modify the mini-14 platform into a configuration similar to the M-1 pistol. This would create a factory made devastating close range smoker for self defense.
    There is a “bull pup” stock available for the mini 14 also. I modified one of my mini-!4s with this stock and added a 40 round mag. It is a “drop in” installation and is easy to maneuver in a building as it is very compact and it has the fire power of the CAR 15. – TAZ

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