Concealed Carry Hero Shoots Robber In Texas Mall Tragedy


A brazen robbery gone wrong in San Antonio has resulted in several people being shot. While the situation is still unfolding at this point, it has been reported that a bystander with a concealed carry permit shot one of the suspects.




After the suspects fled the store, a man, described by McManus as a “good Samaritan” tried to stop the two men.

One of the robbers then fatally shot the man, McManus said.

A second individual, who was carrying a licensed concealed weapon, then shot and wounded the robber who had killed the person who intervened, McManus said.

McManus called the fatal shooting “absolutely senseless.” The victim’s name was not immediately released by authorities.

The other robber fled the mall, firing his weapon and injuring a man and a woman. These two individuals, along with the injured robber, were taken to local hospital, said San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood.

Two other people— a woman who complained of chest pains and a pregnant woman who had labor pains — were also taken to local hospitals, Hood said.

The condition of the people who were injured in the incident was not immediately available.

McManus says police are still looking for the other robber who is believed to have left the mall.



It doesn’t seem like the first good Samaritan who tried to intervene was armed. Tragic that he was killed in cold blood.

Not only did the armed citizen potentially prevented more people from being shot, he also may have sent a chill down the spine of other would be robbers. In a state like Texas, where concealed carry permits are relatively easy to come by, any thug committing murder and robbery in such a public setting should think twice. All accounts at this point seem to indicate that the second robber was firing indiscriminately as he left the scene.

Hopefully no one else dies in the hospital. Six people in total have been shot. The police are aggressively hunting down the suspect at large.




  1. I guess it is fine to call the man a hero. I Call him a civic minder American doing what I would do had I been there. I see this as self defense.

    • This gentleman is not a hero-but he is a Patriotic American exercising his Constitutional Rights. Never does killing another human being make anyone a hero. It may save a life, but that person gives away part of their being when they have to take another persons life. This is never a fair trade for lawlessness. If you commit a crime with a gun-25 to life must be the penalty! If you take a life, then the death penalty must be imposed and used. I would never want to be called a hero for taking another’s life in the commission of a crime. Being a soldier is another topic all together.

      • I must disagree with “Never does killing another human being make anyone a hero.” That should be “Rarely does killing…”.

      • He was called a hero, not because he shot somebody, but, he prevented hopefully someone’s life. What do you call a soldier who saves the lives of he fellow soldier. I call him/her a hero.

    • Self defense and defense of the people. Where does it say “you must be legal law enforcment to be a public servant”?


  3. This is the way the 2nd Amendment was meant to be used. There is no way to stop the wanton shooting and killing by the law breakers, but if more Patriotic American 2A supporters would carry and use their right, we would see less and less of this kind of senseless shooting and killing by lawbreakers. The lawless will ALWAYS be able to get access to guns, no matter how many laws are created. Any law made only affects those of us that obey them. By disarming the law-abiding citizen, we are making their lives and communities less safe. National Statistics having proven it out time and again that the more people carry concealed weapons, the safer the communities and States are they live in. Anyone with a lick of common sense should be able to see this-and those that say “NO GUNS” are putting my kids and family members lives in harm’s way. And I say, No matter how many laws or how strict you try to make gun possession, I will always have a gun to protect my family and myself. If this someday makes me the criminal, so be it! But you better never try to harm me or mine or try to break into my home.

  4. “A state like Texas, where concealed carry permits are relatively easy to come by…”
    You DO know that TX requires not only state and federal background checks, but 10 hours of classroom instruction, including a section on verbal de-escalation techniques, and a practical shooting test (essentially the same as the LEO qualification requirements for the state), all of which costs a first time applicant well over a hundred dollars, right? Actually, we are still (although our legislature is moving to fix this issue this year) one of the most expensive states to get a license in, and the training and testing requirements are more stringent than almost all other states too. The only thing “easy” about getting your LTC in Texas is the fact that we are a “shall issue” state, with lots of LTC instructors readily available pretty much anywhere in the state.

    There has been a lot of misinformed commenting since this event, regarding things like the license holder not just avoiding the incident (usually taught as the tactically “smart” thing to do), his allegedly violating mall policy by carrying there against their rules, and so on. Here are the facts as I know them so far:

    The license holder, who was carrying concealed, did NOT intervene until the robber shot the first (unarmed) man who tried to stop him. At that point things “got real” and he drew and shot the robber in the chest dropping him instantly.
    The mall was not then, and in fact, still is not (as of my visit there yesterday afternoon), posted according to TX law, banning either open or concealed carry on their premises. The mall management has made some mealy-mouthed excuses about having a posted “code of conduct” for the mall, but it does not have any legal impact on LTC license holders. The mall spokesman said they would prefer their patrons not carry guns, but that the mall conforms to the state’s laws regarding guns, which simply means they don’t want to upset anyone, but there is no legal impediment to LTC licensees carrying on the premises. This is much like the similar, legally meaningless, statements made by other firms like Starbucks and Panera in the past.
    It appears that the second robber (a known felon with a long history of violent and drug related convictions) was arrested later on the day of the shooting, when he wrecked the car he stole and escaped the mall in. The first robber (the murderer) who was shot, is in critical condition at the San Antonio Military Medical Center (SAMMC) our premier local trauma care hospital. If he lives, he will be charged with murder, as will the other felon who briefly escaped, and is now in custody.
    The robber who escaped, may have fired indiscriminately at bystanders, or possibly thought he was shooting back at the licensee who had shot his partner in crime. He hit 2 people, reportedly wounding one man in the foot, and hitting his wife in the lip (that must have been a REEEAL close call). Both were treated and released the same afternoon at SAMMC. There has been no further news coverage of the man who started having chest pains, nor of the woman who apparently went into labor. If she subsequently gave birth, I can only hope she named her child something appropriate like “Colt,” or “Rick Oshay.”
    These 2 armed robbers both demonstrated that they had no compunctions about shooting unarmed bystanders, or anyone who intervened, so it seems reasonable to say that the LTC licensee may have prevented other potential victims from being shot. He certainly seems to have tried to avoid trouble until it came calling and left him no viable option but to intervene with lethal force. I don’t have enough details to know why he didn’t shoot the second robber when he fled the scene, but it could easily have been due to safety concerns about others in the line of fire in the fairly crowded mall. All in all, I’m inclined to think he did very much the right thing. I hope that, in his situation, I would have done the same.

    • While I agree with the majority of your post, what I think the OP meant was compared to California where you need angels singing your praises while you demonstrate “a need for” a CCP.

      Kudos to the licensed and TRAINED carrier, who in all likelihood saved countless lives. This also speaks volumes about not having the tools you need when you need them.

      Keep your powder dry – this is FAR from being over.

  5. Always carry! I have a friend that belittles me for carrying saying “What are you gonna do, get in a shootout”. Remember this. These shootings always happy far away, maybe even across town—until they do. Will you be ready?

  6. Always pack heat for the right reasons. It might save your life or some one else. My personal safety should not be the gubmints decision. Consider this, all these rules regulations permits laws on firearms are put on the books by the lawmakers in government. The same good people that cheat, steal ,lie and blunder our tax dollars are going to make a decision or preferance on my personal safety! the hell they are. The bad guys dont play out of the same book you and I do and they bank on that before committing a crime. Just remember by keeping fireams in the light, you keep evil at bay

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