Now You Can Have Carry-On Bulletproof Armor When You Travel


Many people these days are scared about the idea of traveling. Especially air travel. And with the TSA having a failure rate of over 90% when trying to catch weapons that people are trying to sneak onto planes, people obviously aren’t feeling any safer.

But, if something happens and there is the threat of gunfire in an airport or on a flight that you are on, you can have an increased sense of safety because, now, there is a carry on bag which is bulletproof.

To be fair, it’s actually a backpack, but, hey, it’s small and can be easily thrown over the shoulder while boarding, and it has a TSA approved back opening. And, if you’re a technology junkie, you’ll be happy to know that it has a built in charger, too, so that you charge your phone. Jack Billings writes,


The bag offers 20 pockets and compartments for organization, including a compartment for large laptops and tablets that meets TSA guidelines for back opening. This permits users to keep the tech devices inside the bag when traveling. In addition to a dedicated laptop area, the ProShield Smart also boasts a RFID protected compartment.

The bulletproof backpack has been tested and certified by the National Institute of Justice and according to the company “weighs on ounces more than a non-armored backpack.”

It doesn’t take much imagination to think of how this handy “bag” could be used. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being in the middle of the highjacking of the plane that you are on, how could you use this to protect yourself as you try to prevent another 9/11 situation? Of, if you are just having a regular day and an active shooter situation happens near you, this could give you a better chance of survival.

Whatever the situation which you are concerned about, this may be the next bag that you wish to buy.



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