Left Coast Newspaper Admits Something We Never Thought We’d See


If there is one thing that you can say about hardline gun control advocates is that they are consistent in their unwavering support of gun control. No matter how much logic gets thrown their way or how much evidence that is shown to them, they remain steadfast loyal gun control advocates.

They are completely devoted to their misguided religious faith in the benefits of gun control.

So, you’ll understand our shock when a left coast newspaper (which would be expected to be stumping for Bloomberg’s gun control nonsense) printed an op-ed piece admitting that gun control does not work. We had to sit down when we read that, too.


The op-ed by Jay Ambrose, an op-ed columnist for Tribune News Service, was printed in The Mercury News (a California newspaper) on June 22, 2017. Ambrose wrote,

Whenever there is a shooting, liberals have an answer that is not an answer, namely the charade of more gun control. Fine, try it, and maybe some voodoo along the way but it doesn’t work very well. There are better alternatives and what’s truly absurd in this debate is the demeaning expression “gun nuts.”

What about “gun control nuts?”

What about people who seem to think murders will go down if fewer guns are sold even though a major crime drop starting in the 1990s was accompanied by a huge increase in the number of guns?

What about people apparently not knowing that we have 300 million guns in this country and getting hold of one will continue to be easy short of mass confiscation that will not and should not happen? Criminals, by the way, mostly get their guns from such means as the black market or a family gift, not through store purchases.

Ambrose lays out the details about how banning guns in both the U.K. and in Russia resulted in increased murder rates and that more people are killed with knives and with fists than with guns.

In fact, Ambrose lays out all of the facts that intelligent gun owners already know. It’s just refreshing to see those facts printed in a newspaper in a staunchly anti-gun environment.

We just hope that a few people can open their eyes enough to read Ambrose’s op-ed piece and grasp the truth: gun control doesn’t reduce violence. Gun control increases violence.



  1. Guns are inherently evil and the more we can confiscate them from these despicable, wretched owners ( just waiting to shoot someone, preferably a family member, maybe a three -year old daughter) the better off this country will be. Let’s put Maxine Watters and that Michael Bloomberg guy as co-chairs of a committee to study how we can get this done expeditiously, that is, after we repeal that old, antiquated rag, called the second amendment. Now, let’s keep everything legal, and I am sure there’ll be a groundswell of support. No problem.
    There’s nothing but peace and prosperity just waiting for us around the corner. Happy days.

    • Yup, tell that to those in Chicago. With one of the most pro gun control cities in the country, they still have the highest amount of shootings and gun murders. How’s all that gun control working out for them?

    • Guns are inanimate objects. They are not evil, but some evil people use them to terrorize and rob unarmed people every day.

    • I’m just wondering if some mugger, criminal, thief, or illegal walks up to your wife or daughter and decides just to kill her, how would you feel then? Especially, when the law protects them to no end and leaves you flapping in the wind like what happened in San Francisco. I would find it hard to believe that you would take an emotionless liberal attitude towards the incident.

    • Gordy Are you a veteran? Are you a Libercrat? It is obvious from your comment that you are neither a patriot nor a supporter of our constitution. Thus you then must not be an American? Do you love the Muslims? If you support ISIS terrorist then I suggest your living with them in their country. Progressives (libercrats) in our country have gone too far in their political rhetoric. Words lead to actions and too often, the action results in violence.
      Political violence is becoming the norm in this country and there are leftist institutions supporting this destructive notion. It must stop. Enough is enough.
      It all starts in the media with their “Fake News”. It is also gains support from negativity by people such as yourself.
      It is people such as yourself that with their negative comments that contribute to the violence.
      You sir are terribly wrong: Guns are not evil as you put it. It takes an evil person to take up that gun to do something, as you suggest, EVIL. It isn’t the gun at fault it is the mentally imbalanced individual. You stupid people just don’t get it. It is proven that gun control does not work. If guns are ever banned, the only people with guns, will be the evil ones, intending to control people such as yourself that don’t have a gun to protect themselves or their family. As for your peace and prosperity just around the corner, you are kidding yourself.
      You are a dreamer. As long as there are elements (ISIS Terrorist, North Korea, etc.) in this world that intend on
      conquering others there will never be peace.

  2. What is the circulation of this newspaper, compared to The Los Angeles Times might be interesting to consider. This is not to devalue even small victories, I simply pose an interesting question re the scale of things.

    • From their website:
      The Mercury News has a daily readership averaging 394,300 adults and a Sunday readership of over 490,300 adults.

  3. Gordon and Alan,
    I understand your concerns but people are the source of evil, not the guns. I live where gun control is almost non -existent and none of my guns have ever killed or injured anyone. Just maybe we have a people problem. What are you doing about that? Maybe if you supported people problems (the human mind) you might see more progress.

  4. One only has to study history to see that there are many ways to kill guns and the first murder was done with the jaw bone of an a$$. So we would have outlaw anything that a person can be killed with. Cars, stones, knives, ropes, guns, even people., swords, spears, cliffs, water, hammers, crosses,

  5. A gun is an inanimate object. It can not do anything on its own. It is only a tool in the hands of a human being. If a human being wishes to harm another human being and can not get a gun they will use a different tool. But all our gun controls have never stopped a criminal from obtaining one.

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