Robbers Try To Steal From Gun Safe, Then This Happens


As a responsible gun owner, you hope that you never have to use your weapon to defend yourself, but you also know that the sad reality of our world is that you just may find yourself in the situation where you have to fire on someone to protect yourself or someone that you love.

A homeowner in the East San Francisco Bay area of Brentwood, California, found himself having to use this last resort to protect himself from robbers who wanted what was inside his gun safe. Unfortunately for them, that’s exactly what they got. Chase Stephens writes,

[Neighbor Reggie] Nichols went outside to see what was happening. “I could see the guy lying in the street, so then I came back and got my flashlight and got my phone, ran over there. He was still alive but he wasn’t doing good,” Nichols said.

The homeowner came out and explained to Nichols that four men tried to break into his house about 11:40 p.m. and steal a safe.

“They made him open the safe. After he opened the safe, I guess they weren’t ready for him,” Nichols remarked, adding that his friend “came out blasting.”

Nichols also said,


I think he had the right to do what he did. Like I said, I’ve seen him. He was really shook up. I don’t think he wanted to do it but he felt like his life was in danger.

Fortunately, no charges have been filed against the homeowner as his actions appear to be legitimate self-defense.

In this situation, it’s both fortunate and unfortunate that the homeowner had a gun safe in his house. Unfortunate because the robbers specifically seemed to want what was in that safe. Fortunate, though, because he was able to use what was in that safe to save his own life.

It’s also good to remember that it’s exactly these kind of high-stress situations that we need to train for so that if we find ourselves in this kind of awful situation, we can take the effective action needed to save innocent lives.



  1. I keep a gun hidden where a person would normally hide a key. In a case like that I would not be reaching for the key.

  2. Well they got what they came for, just the wrong end of the prize. Well done, citizen.

  3. I have two pistols not in my safe (until the grandkids come over) that are placed strategically so that if I run into that situation I have a chance to get the drop on a robber. I’m really surprised they let him open the safe….

  4. Well, it seems the thugs ha a real tough night. To bad maybe the pig in the street will die and not have a chance to steal again.

  5. Wonder why they didnt say how he was injured ?..was he shot by the homeowner or was the safe boobytrapped ?

    • That’s what I thought. The editor for “Conservative News” must be moonlighting here.

    • The homeowner was not charged. He would have been, if the safe was boobytrapped, as it is a federal felony to do so.

  6. The perp took the chance with getting hurt and he DID get hurt, OH WELL!!!!!!! I don’t feel sorry for him or any other CRIMINAL that BREAKS the LAW and tries to steal from honest folk!!!! My anger is towards prosecutors who try to put honest, hard working, LAW ABIDING citizens in jail for defending themselves or their families!!!!! That’s my issue with court system and the DA offices all around the country. They’d rather not put the CRIMINALS who TRULY break the laws of this land in prison, who also get guns ILLEGALLY!!!!!

  7. We have guns for various purposes, ie: hunting, target practice, self protection, etc. My loaded pistol is next to my bed near my head and it is already pointing to the bedroom door if someone brakes in on my very very isolated house near the Canadian /Montana border . I took lessens and when my trainer said “Shoot to kill,”, I said I cannot kill anyone and what he told me could happen by a woman living alone, I said, ” Did you say hit the chest ? ” I hope I never have to do something like this but today anything is possible .

    • Two shots center mass (chest) and if they’re still on their feet, one to the head! Kill them before they kill you Beverly!!!

  8. My safe if FULL of guns but I have one on my person or within arms reach everywhere I go and anytime I’m in my house! Those punks would’ve never made it to my safe!


  10. I have a weapon placed where I can get to it when needed and I do know how to use it; I am a combat vet, Vietnam.

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