This May Be The Dumbest Gun Control Idea Ever


Growing up in the 1980s, when I hear someone talk about a red light, I’m probably going to think of the song “Roxanne” by The Police as I am a traffic light. (If you’re unfamiliar with “Roxanne,” it references the red lights districts of Holland where red lights are turned on outside of a room when a prostitute is… um… open for business.).

Now, anti-gunners have gotten the idiotic idea that shining red lights outside of their homes will somehow deter gun violence. It’s, possibly, the most idiotic gun control idea that I’ve ever heard. Angry Patriot writes,

 It’s long been obvious that your average liberal does not understand human nature, and especially doesn’t understand the mindset of criminals.

Their latest idea proves that the average liberal honestly feels like they are impervious to becoming a victim of crime. Liberals have begun to indicate their home is gun free with red porch lights.

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I can’t be the only person who immediately realized why this is a bad idea. Once those with criminal intent realize that these homes are literally safe zones for them to do whatever they want, which homes do you think that they will target? It’s obviously the homes that they will almost certainly be able to walk out of uninjured and unconfronted.

Angry Patriot points out another oddity about this campaign:

There’s another odd element to this idea that I just can’t shake. This liberal meme implies that the people putting out these red lights are “activists.” Since when does changing your light bulb amount to political activism?

This just goes to show that to liberals; political activism is no longer about making good arguments and exercising your freedom of speech. Instead, political activism is about social pressure. I can just imagine liberals everywhere trying to convince their neighbors that they don’t want to be the only home on the block that hasn’t switched over to red lighting.

This “activism” also comes from the immature line of thinking that if enough patriots see enough people with red lights in their home, they will somehow start to think the Second Amendment isn’t that important after all.

It’s sheer lunacy to think that this will do anything but get anti-gunners robbed, assaulted, and killed, and, while I disagree with what they are trying to do, I do think that it’s sad that more people will suffer because of this silliness. I hope, for their sake, that this campaign disappears quickly.



  1. Or for those of us that are well protected, we could put out a red light, lure in the predator, and remove them from the gene pool. Just be sure that you have US Law Shield as your attorney and remove the red light before the LEOs get there.
    There’s always a solution!

    • Just finished the article and I had the same thought that you did about showing a red light. Now, let’s see . . . would that be considered ‘baiting up burglars’ or ‘shining burglars’?

  2. Uhhhh? Which is it? Red is ‘you’ll be shot’ or green for ‘loot my place’? And what happens if your bulb burns out in the middle of the night?

    It’s mind boggling that these liberals don’t realize that they have become the butt of jokes for their stupidity… which is worse than being a WallyMart customer.

      • That explains why the liberals “don’t understand the criminal mindset” since the liberal mindset IS criminal, except for the criminals have more logic. At least the liberals who do follow that advice might become eligible for a Darwin Award.

    • Red Lights: HOOOOOO, HA HA HA HA HA !
      I’m of an age that a “Red Light ” to me still means the same as “The Best Little Whore House In Texas” !
      Stands to reason that the snowflake minded, bed wetting liberals would think it means something entirely different.
      I think they all should put BIG SIGNS in their yards warning all criminals that “THIS PROPERTY IS A GUN FREE VENUE”. HEH !
      By Golly ! That’ll fix all those nasty old crooks, won’t it ?

    • What’s mind boggling is that you people fall for these idiotic articles. This is put out by the people who announced that firefighters were going to stop fire fighting because fires are dangerous. Please people. The “opposing side” may sound stupid to you..but if they were this stupid they would be extinct. Be smarter than the ones you want to sound stupid or your efforts backfire on you. (No backfiring! The firemen won’t help..) 😄

  3. OK, LMAO, what a joke, right? I noticed that you didn’t say where this was going on, so I’m assuming nowhere, right?
    They can’t be that stupid. Why not leave their doors and windows open and put their wallets, TVS, and phones on the porch. For a nice touch, a couple bottles of beer would be a nice touch, too.

  4. What color of light will announce the home is armed, loaded and ready for anything?

  5. I’m so putting out a red light hell 6 of them. I wish a mother fucker would LMFAO loony toons.

  6. Let them put red lights out. Let them be victims. It is called survival of the fittest. Natural Selection. We do not need them.

  7. If gun free home owners wish to advertise such that’s OK with me. Guess whose home will be invaded? The house with the red porch light or mine, which will be off?

  8. I was always taught that a red light means DANGER. We always turn the red light on when the range is hot, i.e. when lead is flying down the range. Maybe these fools have finally hit upon a useful tactic.


  9. I totally disagree! This is an excellent idea. It may prove to be a really bad idea for those who target themselves in this manner, but does nothing to harm or inconvenience anyone else, and may contribute to removing the genes of idiots from the pool. This could actually improve the human race!

    • There’s probably more hope for the criminal-minded, they might be reformed, than for the liberal-minded, nothing seems to penetrate their dense brains. That pretty much shores up your opinion that it might improve the human race.

  10. Ok so if you have a red light on your porch it means you don’t have guns to defend your self. This is supposed to cut down on gun violence ?. These idiots might just as well put a sign in their front yard that reads as follows. NOTICE THIS HOME IS OCCUPIED BY A LIBERAL ANTI GUN NUT THEREFORE IT IS UNPROTECTED AND YOU WILL BE SAFE WHILE ROBBING OCCUPANTS.! CRIMINALS WELCOME.!!

  11. I think it’s a great idea! Anyone having red lights on the front of their house will be the last person on earth I will help in an emergency. Soon, hopefully, the herd will start getting thinned out!

  12. I wonder what the “red lighters” would think if someone came up to their door and asked about the charges. That is the dumbest thing I’ve heard lately and I/we’ve certainly heard a lot of dumb crap. The people going around robbing houses and committing other crimes must be delighted (no pun intended) because they know that whoever lives in that house doesn’t have a gun. Some people need to learn the hard way.

  13. What an asinine idea. Go ahead you idiots, and put a “red light bulb” in to show all the CRIMINALS you are disarmed. You may as well buy a neon sign that says “No guns here, come on in and rob me at your convenience”.
    I guess this would make it easier for the criminals to spot and “target” places where they would not get SHOT.
    That wouldn’t be MY house..Break in at your own PERIL. If my PIT BULL doesn’t get you first, I WILL

  14. I almost lost my teeth laughing about this concept. Their front doors will be knocked off of the hinges by men hunting for ‘sexy’ women.

    The other part -Welcome Thugs- is beyond belief.

  15. all you have to do is put red lights on all of the houses on your street and sit back and watch the commotion.

  16. Several of my neighbors have been putting Green lights on their homes to signify the are, or they support, veterans. Now if you are a criminal bent on robbery, which light would you choose? Good grief, the inmates must be running the asylum!

    • Maybe they are in one way or another. It might that an enterprising criminal suggested the idea to a liberal who stupidly promoted it.

  17. Since a red light on the porch is traditionally associated with prostitution I am guessing the libs want carloads of men showing up seeking the “services” of the residents.

  18. Let’s REALLY confuse the criminals and have some fun!!!!!! Let’s put both a GREEN and a RED light and SEE what happens!!!!! If you’re a LAW ABIDING, GUN owner you’ll really have them on the run, That’s what I’ll be doing for fun in my area of town. Who knows maybe we’ll run the criminal element OUT of town, hopefully, forever.

    • This may not work People will just think you are lazy and haven’t taken down your Christmas lights yet.

  19. What’s new? Theses are the same DUMMIES who believe putting a sign on a building or property will keep some nut job or terrorist from coming in and shooting , beheading , blowing up , stabbing a lot of good but gullible people , children and others who can’t defend themselves !
    These people should be held responsible for their stupidity. Legally and FINANCIALLY !!

  20. As Forest Gump would say ……….” stupid is as stupid does”. Nice of these misguided anti-gunners to let the evil doers , gang bangers, and drug dealers know that their houses have no protection. Afterall it takes the police about 20 minutes to answer a 911 call but a .357 can get their at 1400 fps.

  21. redlight ?might as well and stop for shot of leg…….”oops sorry lady ,but you do have the ho house sign on”,but since i’m here ?,jeez kimda touchy !!!

  22. The good news is that with the liberals putting out their safe to commit crimes in this house lights conservatives are at a lower risk of crime and after their home is broken into and vile things have been done to their family many of the victims will get a clue.

  23. you know if the retarded liberal’s ever had it where people were stupid enough to do this……there would be a lot of people who would go hunting,using that as bait…………just saying

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