The Hypocrisy of This Chicago Anti-Gunner Is Infuriating


I despise hypocrisy. It doesn’t matter where I see it; it just sickens me. But, when it comes to something so especially vital to the safety of regular, everyday people like you and me, hypocrisy becomes infuriating.

Now, you’ve probably seen the hypocrisy of political leaders who advocate for gun control and gun bans for everyone but their personal bodyguards and security forces. Anyone with any logical consistency can see that issue, but you probably haven’t heard the story of Chicago anti-gun activist Camiella Williams. NPR interviewed Williams recently about her activism, and she said that she came to the position of banning guns because she has seen so much violence and death near her caused by guns.

My heart goes out to her for the horrible things that she has seen and had to deal with, but I think that your sympathy for her will disappear when you see how she reacted. Tom Knighton writes,


First, let’s be clear here. Williams supposedly bought her first gun at 12. That means she broke the law by purchasing that gun. It also means she, better than anyone, should understand that gun laws will not stop people from getting guns. After all, if a 12-year-old can buy a gun, it shouldn’t be too hard for anyone else to pick one up on the black market.

Further, she still has a gun while acting as a crusader against gun rights. That makes her a hypocrite.

Of course, she addresses that. When asked about the inconsistency in her position, she responds, “The people that will probably say that live in safe communities, never experienced the losses that I’ve experienced.”

Yes, you read that correctly: Williams calls for the banning of guns while she has illegally owned one and still owns one. Her position seems to imply that banning all guns will mean that she will still be able to carry for her protection. But this is simply a case of do-as-I-say-and-not-as-I-do.

Where I live, we call that being a hypocrite.

Williams carries because it’s the best thing that she can do to provide safety for herself and her family, but she wants to deny that right to everyone else. I have no stomach for that kind of nonsense.

On the other hand, if Williams were honest, she could do something else to decrease gun violence. Knighton proposes that “[m]aybe she can actually work to combat the real causes of violence rather than disarming the law-abiding. You know, the people who don’t buy guns at the age of 12.” If she were doing that, maybe honest people would support her, too.



  1. Hypocritical is about the best way to describe the lady. AKA Do As I Say, Not As I Do, which no doubt readers have come upon before now.

    • Way back in the ’60’s she could have legally bought a shotgun or a rifle, but at 12….that might be a stretch, but possible.
      Now, as far as her being a hypocrite, you are spot on!!!
      I believe 2A is my carry permit.
      Nor should one leave a paper trail to purchase a firearm.
      I see no reason to help should govt attempt confiscation.

  2. Lady? She is no lady! She’s just another lunatic liberal leftist that has never known how to use common sense and probably never will!

  3. “because she has seen so much violence and death near her caused by guns.”????
    That violence and death was caused by PEOPLE, not the guns they used. She and all the other criminals in Chicago need a major attitude adjustment. Of course she is hypocritical. She just will not point the finger back at herself as one of the criminals who are the root cause of the problem.

  4. About as smart as the person who made sure her PC was plugged in, but would not start, because the power was out.
    Return it, because she is too stupid to use it!

  5. As the saying goes “When Guns are Outlawed only the Outlaws will have Guns” the Liberal news does NOT report how many time a Day that Law abiding License to Carry Citizens save lives and STOP Crimes in progress but just the ILEGALE use of guns I Fought to defend this Country and the Second Amendment

  6. When she or anyone else can tell me how they are going to get the guns out of criminals hands I’ll listen. Tell then I’m a a NRA , concealed carry for life kind of woman. I’ll keep my gun to do just want she’s doing. I will protect my family and anyone else that needs me, but I’m doing it legally. I’ve been through all the classes and field training. I’m still training because you can never stop. God bless our country for having a Constrution and bill of rights.

  7. Of course, this is another attempt at those wishing to say to all who will listen; Do as I say, Not as I Do. … .

    And once again, we see; One of the most Corrupt Cities in the Country, only it’s no longer the Mafia, that controls the City, oh no, it is however the Politically Corrupt Leftist that control this City. … .

    When the Then Governor was taken out by the Obama Administration, under the guise of promoting a Pay for Appointment scheme, the old Corrupt Guard, was put to rest and a new Guard of Corruptions moved in to fill the Void. … .

    Chicago’s new Mayor Rahm Emanuel, himself, once removed from the Corrupt Obama Administration, it all fell into place. … .

    You must see the script playing out on the South Side of Chicago, where Blacks are Killing Blacks, it’s the Youth that are killing each other, some 700+ have already been Killed this year and of course, the Chicago Mayor’s just looking the other way. … . Black Lives Matter, they’ve closed a Blind Eye, to any Black on Black Crime, you must see, BLM, isn’t about Black Lives, it’s about Left Wing Successes, in America. … .

    The Left, in America, has been making one gain after another, they have Hollywood on their side and the Media, it’s never going to change, until we have the likes of Harvey Weinstein, Meryl Streep, Barbara Streisand, Stephen Colbert and so many others. … . When the Media’s so vehement in their efforts against a standing President, from Day One, it’s only a matter of time, before the American People finally understand, the City of Glitter’s nothing more than a Den of Sinister, Nefarious and Perverted individuals, that have chosen the Arts to Corrupt our Societies. … .

    Obama and all his cronies, will soon be outed as one of the most Corrupt Administrations; Ever . … .
    In addition, it will be soon uncovered; Valerie Jarrett’s more loyal to Iran’s Mullahs than to the Country, where she served . … . Support Draining the SWAMP . … .

    • Now that was one of the best. Nailed it!!!! Perfect and well written. The leftist only care about their own “safety”! They also desire the ability to take away everything you might possess w/o you being able to defend and protect yourself, loved ones, or your property and other items you own! They want you to be defenseless against all of those who may decide you are their target “today, tomorrow, or the next day”! That means they want you defenseless when they decide to come to your door and take it all away!

  8. I live where guns are everywhere. We have very few shooters. Usually they are form some other part of the country. Anyone here knows they can get shot by waving a gun in their face or in trying to rob a places thinking no one is home. But we not only have concealed gun laws, we also have open carry as long as you have a valid hunting license. An experienced hunter carrying a rifle or shotgun is not to be messed with.

  9. It’s OK for you to illegally buy and carry for you to protect you and your family. That’s the way I understand it! And she was elected to a a job where she can impose laws on the good people of Chicago! Who in God’s name elected that hipocrital fricken Bitch

  10. Steven R. wall! You are 100% correct. Control over the populace was also Obama’s goal. He could not care less who gets shot or who has healthcare. There is no better way to control the people than through gun control and healthcare.

  11. Don’t be to sure that the Mafia doesn’t have a hold on Chicago politics. There has been corruption from day one, just like in most other big cities.

  12. It’s just a matter of keeping it your hands, but taking it out of hands of the “other”. She’s not only hypocritical but extremely selfish.

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