Confused Leftists Say Only Cops Need Guns But Then Say Cops Are Evil


The stuff that comes from anti-gunners is so absurd sometimes that it seems like satire. In fact, satire site The Babylon Bee recently published an article titled “To Save Time, The Babylon Bee Will Now Just Republish Everything Biden Says Verbatim.”

Funny stuff indeed, but the sad part is that this satire hits really close to home, especially when it comes to gun control supporters. For example, gun control supporters tell you with one breath that guns are evil, so only law enforcement officers should have guns. But with the next breath, those same gun control supporters will tell you that all law enforcement officers are evil, so we should defund police departments.

So, which is it?


Well, the truth of the matter is that we need guns whether or not law enforcement is in place because, even if most law enforcement officers are the good guys (and I would argue that they are), those good guys can’t be everywhere all the time. Charles W. Cooke gives a clear and cogent explanation of why police officers should not and were never intended to be the only ones with firearms. Cooke writes,

In any case, the idea that the existence of police officers in some way negates the right to bear arms has always been a ridiculous one. Police are an auxiliary force that we hire to do a particular job — there to supplement, not to replace, my rights and responsibilities. Every time we debate gun control in the United States, I am informed that the Sheriff of Whatever County is opposed to liberalization. To which I always think, “So what?” My right to keep and bear arms is merely the practical expression of my underlying right to self-defense. That, as a polity, we have decided to hire certain people to take the first shot at keeping the peace is fine. But it has no bearing on my liberties.

And how could it, given that I do not live in a police station? The old saw that “when seconds count, the police are minutes away” is trotted out as often as it is because it is unquestionably true. Whether the average police department is virtuous or evil is irrelevant here. What matters is that no government has the right — and in America, mercifully, no government has the legal power — to farm out, and then to abolish, my elementary rights. It would not fly if the government hired people to speak for me and then shut down my speech; if would not fly if the government hired people to worship for me and then restricted my right to exercise my religion; and it will not fly for the government to hire a security agency and then to remove, or limit, my access to weaponry. This is a personal question, not an aggregate question: I have one life, and I am entitled to defend it in any way I see fit against those who would do me harm. If there is a single principle that has animated this realm since the time of the Emperor Justinian, it is that.

Remember that: your rights as expressed in the Bill of Rights (free speech, firearm ownership, etc.) supersede anyone else’s supposed rights. This means that you have the right to own a firearm and defend yourself. Period.

But confused anti-gunners can’t decide who should have the power of a firearm. Or maybe they just think that no one should be able to defend themselves from from theft and violence when it comes from anti-gunners and others of that political persuasion.

Either way, we are under no obligation to bow to their demands to surrender our firearms, and when more police forces are defunded, the people in those cities will be looking for someone to defend them. Someone like legal gun owners. Someone like you and me.



  1. I most definitely believe in my constitutional rights to own and defend myself with my gun in my own home or vehicle if I am forcibly apprehended by someone with deadly force.

  2. Now the police are telling us they won’t respond to property calls. The anti-gunners have told us for years that the AR-15 is no use for hunting. Well, now they have taken away Elmer Fudd’s shotgun. Apparently, you can only hunt with a scythe. Or perhaps TNT, not clear about that. I guess by defunding the police, they mean take away their guns, too. I fear for us all.

      • Buzz – courts – including SCOTUS – have ruled for many years – long before the Parkland murders – that LE does not have a ‘duty to protect’ specific individuals but only society in general.

  3. We already knew you were LLLLMSM !!!
    List of ENEMIES of the American People who side with CRIMINALS:
    Black Panthers
    Southern Poverty Law Center
    DumAss Party – Dim Governors, Mayors, police chiefs, City Managers, Judges
    LLLLMSM – NYTimes, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, MSNBC, Disney, TheHill
    Joe Bribery
    Hillary Clinton
    Barrack Obama
    Greta von Sustern
    Christiane Amanpour
    Chris Wallace
    Nancy Pelosi
    George Stephanopoulos
    Alec Baldwin
    Religious Terrorists
    George Soros
    Bill Clinton
    Al Gore
    Chuck Scumer
    Colin Powell
    Al Sharpton
    Jeb Bush
    George W. Bush
    Mitt Romney
    Gretchen Whitmer
    Rush Limbaugh
    Kira Davis
    Feel free to add more… re-post elsewhere…

  4. A gun in the hand is worth many times more than the whole police dept on the phone. Police are likely to be lots longer than minutes away. It is necessary to call them; the call will likely be relayed to a cruiser which could be tied up investigating a bad accident. It could be almost be an hour before they arrive and the criminal would have ample time to kill you many times over before the police arrive. Then all they can do is clean up afterwards. Officials call for doing away with guns need to practice what they preach. Fact is that anti-gun activists are not really anti-gun; they are Anti-You Having A Gun. They want guns, all right but only for themselves so they can exert Total Power over the rest of us.

  5. First they tell you you don’t need a gun the police will protect you in their next breath they say the police are evil and need to be disbanded …

  6. First they tell you you don’t need a gun the police will protect you in their next breath they say the police are evil and need to be disbanded …
    Now I’m confused to …..

  7. There hypocrites claim to be against the police, against walls, and against illegal immigration. But as soon as they set up CHAD/CHOP they create their own police force with semi-automatic rifles, wall themselves in, and fully control/entry exit. They’re precisely like all other Democrats, they don’t actually believe anything the claim to, they just want power.

  8. Might as well be ” Demolition Man” when, in response to violence one cop states in no uncertain terms that they’re the police! We’re not trained for this type of violence.77

  9. I live in Los Ángeles California and am a radical when it comes to the constitution and the rights of the people. I would like to start a group to watch over our system. I believe the constitution is completely disregarded especially here in California. The government is doing whatever they want and we need to stand up and get rid of all these laws that have infringed upon our god given rights. “The constitution is the supreme law of the land any state law contrary to it is not withstanding”and all elected officials and judges have taken a oath to uphold it, is what it says in “Article 6 of the US CONSTITUTION”. I believe that we need to hold them to their oaths and get rid of all the laws that have infringed on our rightS. I have personally experienced the corruption and power of our officials here in LA. they no longer respect the 4th amendment nor the second they are becoming a untouchable force and the judges alike are moving their own agendas and we the people are being controlled by them. Don’t get me wrong I believe in the laws and I believe in things that are right but what’s happening inside our jail and courtrooms here in LA is disgusting. They are doing some things that I believe the world needs to see. “United we stand divided we fall”. BLM and ANTIFA these uneducated people have shown what their about. I believe it’s time for them to see the sleeping giant wake up. That giant being me and you and all of us. We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for common defense, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, duo outfits and establish the Constitution for the United States of America

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