Anti-Gunner Politicians Scared of Gun Control?


If you watch the mainstream media news, you would think that gun control is a popular issue. After all, why else would it be all over the airwaves and plastered all over newsprint?

Except, that it isn’t.

Oh, sure, some hardcore anti-gun folks out there are going to campaign and vote anti-gun no matter what information they are exposed to. These are the folks who can’t get past their knee-jerk reactions and will always vomit those views on everyone that they meet.


But politicians are, usually, different in that, while they want to sneak gun control in any way that they can, they also want to make sure that they keep the gravy train going and staying in office. Yes, even big name politicians like Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.).

Schumer is smart enough to know that, if he wants to have a chance to win some votes, he’s going to have to stay away from topics like gun control. Alexander Bolton writes,

Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.) said on Wednesday that he doesn’t want to get bogged down in a debate over gun control, which could come back to bite Democrats running for reelection, when the Senate debates the budget this week.

Now, keep in mind that Schumer wants to avoid gun control right now even though, as Bolton notes, “[i]t could be the only opportunity Democrats have to force votes on gun control until 2019.”

Think about that. Anti-gunners are so concerned about how their gun control position could effect their chances for re-election that they’re willing to skip an opportunity to try to push more stupid legislation forward. They know that what they are advocating is unpopular and, frankly, can make them unelectable.

So, think about this every time you see more media nonsense pushing gun control: gun rights advocates are powerful enough to get anti-gunner politicians fired if those anti-gunner politicians actually try to push those policies. No matter what the media says, anti-gunner politicians know that we are dangerous to them keeping their cushy jobs. Take heart in that.



  1. The biguest problem is the media and school systems brainwashing children, and young adults for the last thirty plus years, that firearms belong only in the hands of law enforcement, and military personnel. Nothing could be further from the truth, nor is it what our forefathers intended when they wrote the Bill of Rights, especially the Second, and Ninth Amendments!
    The citizens of this country do not understand that our forefathers knew that if the government successfully stripped the Second Amendment away from them, or Regulated it into extinction, that we would be totally powerless over those who rule over us, and that those same rulers would not fear us any longer, and then will strip the rest of our Rights away from us.
    The beginning of this regulating our Right away really began when our ancestors trusted our government to make laws that were in the best interest of the citizens, not realizing that regulating firearms, specifically short barreled rifles, and pistol, as well as the machine guns, that the government knew exactly what it was doing, and that it was unconstitutional! This happened in 1934 with the NFA, and the taxation of a RIGHT, which is unconstitutional, and then the again restrictions of the FOPA, and the Hughes Act in 1986 stripped the Right of the rest of the citizens to own machine guns, except for what were already in civilian circulation, which is only about 180,000 ,and that transferable list gets smaller everyday. If any of those gets damaged beyond repair, worn out, or stolen they come off of that list. I am just waiting for a terrorist to either smuggle one into the country, or buy one illegally that is on the transfer list to shoot up a bunch of innocent civilians and then they will call for the confiscation of those on the civilian transfer list.
    Our representatives in Congress at both state and federal levels are always passing laws that are unconstitutional, and that they swore an oath to uphold those Rights, not to legislate them away, which again is unconstitutional, and those congressmen that even introduce these unconstitutional laws are breaking their oaths of office, without any repercussions, that needs to change to where they are removed from office and stripped of their assets, and will never be able to hold a public job, of any kind, as well as being labeled as a felon!

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