This State Wants To Review Your Facebook Page Before Giving You A Gun License


Are you on social media? You know, sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? Then you might want to be careful what you post if you live in one state. Why? Because they want to read your social media posts before they will allow you to have a gun license.

So, why is this even an issue?

The problem is this: if they want to deny you the right to gun ownership, all it takes is their bizarre interpretation of a pro-gun post to make the assumption that you are ticking time bomb, and, once that happens, you can forget about getting that gun license.


In case you think that I am taking this thinking too far, read what a writer at WCBS wrote,

Two New York lawmakers are working to draft a bill that would propose a social media check before a gun purchase.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and state Sen. Kevin Palmer’s proposal would allow authorities to review three years of social media history and one year of internet search history of any person seeking to purchase a firearm.

“A three-year review of a social media profile would give an easy profile of a person who is not suitable to hold and possess a fire arm,” Adams explains.

The two are hoping to identify any hate speech on social media profiles, which are often revealed only after someone is arrested in a mass shooting.

“If the police department is reviewing a gang assault, a robbery, some type of shooting, they go and do a social media profile investigation,” Adams said.

There are some logistical concerns as free speech and gun rights complaints are likely to come up. Though, Adams and Palmer say it is doable and needed.

See, the problem is summed up in how they define the term “suitable” when it comes to gun ownership. Remember, to an anti-gunner, if you want to own a firearm, that makes you unsuitable to own a firearm.

Really, such vague language makes a law like this, if passed, so easy to use to abuse and trample on the rights of gun owners. And that is exactly what these anti-gunners are trying to do.

So, if you live in New York state, then you need to talk to your representative in the state legislature and have them kill this bill.



  1. Sounds like Nazi Germany has returned and has taken over the Second Amendment! Deutschland. Deutschland, Uber Ales! Oh excuse me, it’s the Democrats!

  2. 1. Gun licenses are not required in America, so I don’t have one. I own several guns.
    2. I don’t use social media. Not interested in that childish waste of time.

  3. This law does not sound any different from the “red flag” laws that are now in 9+ states. It is any way to stop and prevent anyone from obtaining a gun. Once they have that control, we will cease to be citizens and we will become subjects.

      • no this is what runaway Democracy will do to a country and the Democrats Cant stand the Republican form of Government and the True American People Are finally waking up to the Warning that Bingaman Franklin Told the American people when he Said now that we have a Republican Government Lets see if you can keep it.

      • worse yet we will be forced into ISIS Control in a way we are already headed there with the Muslim sleepers already infiltered into our Governments Schools and towns just weighting to force there Unconstitutional Laws on the American Citizens. that is part of the steps to the Communist Takeover. Mark my words and remember you have ben warned again 275 years from the time of Ben Franklin.

  4. That’s why I don’t live in states run by socialist Libturds that ignore our inalienable Constitutional rights!

  5. Simple question: Who gets to determine what is “hate speech”? In liberal NYC, being a conservative who dares to say anything anti-liberal is considered “hate speech’ by some! Being a supporter of President Trump is equal to being a wanton, rioting, mass murderer to some! I have no problem with a check for terrorist ties, or psychotic rants, but they must be interpreted according to law and not according to political rhetoric ‘values”.

    Rather than looking at social media, how about getting mental health people involved in the stopping of crazies before they commit atrocities. In most of the recent incidents, mental health people have “treated” the perpetrators, but no mention was made to law enforcement so that they could flag that person when he/she attempted to purchase guns, or ammo. There is a move in some areas where almost anyone can complain and get a person flagged and have their legal guns confiscated. How about perhaps modifying that to be something done through legitimate mental health systems, rather than a complaint by an angry ex-girlfriend, or anti-gun neighbor.

    • Well said. But that is the whole purpose of RED FLAG laws, to make it easy to take away your rights to own a gun.

      • Just another democratic leverage tward confiscation. Nassau county ny. Police Forced Armored truck to pull over and all its personal disarmed. because a motorist claimed the driver displayed his weopon. which was false. Just to let you know police could not wait to remove your weapons no question asked.

  6. I am not a member of Facebook, and never will be.
    Also, I don’t need a gun license. I have the support of the Constitution.

  7. Simply stated, this would be a clear violation of your First Amendment Right to Free Speech. The attorneys in question should be disbarred, tried for A1 violation and conspiracy to violate A1 then jailed for twenty years to life in solitary. No Parole no Sentence Reduction.

    • I would love to know how this can be inforced in our nation? It appears that Liberals do all the ranting and threats, yet not one is being prosecuted. I have yet to hear, or even meet, one Conservative who has made a remark of harassment towards a liberal, yet liberals continue to succeed at placing fault on conservatives successfully. So, please explain your legal options and exactly how you could get these laws enacted and fulfilled. I’m sick of being accused by these criminals and no one going to jail.

  8. Anybody, who works in security, knows not to post something, online, that they would not want on the front page of the New York Times or Washington Post. That being said, if someone wishing to buy a weapon, get a job, of find a mate, posts derogatory data on Social media, it’s all on them.

  9. When they make it criminal to own a gun, onlt the criminals will be able to get them. But, they want to make everyone a criminal through all their unconstitutional laws. I personally don’t give a f*** what any of their “laws” say. Our rights where given to us from GOD, not government!

    • Just another democratic leverage tward confiscation. Nassau county ny. Police Forced Armored truck to pull over and all its personal disarmed. because a motorist claimed the driver displayed his weopon. which was false. Just to let you know police could not wait to remove your weapons no question asked.

  10. I don’t care to participate in social media, as I consider it a setup for intrusion by the government, hackers, and data miners–all a turnoff. I neither own nor am interested in owning a gun, however if I were I certainly wouldn’t tell Facebook about it!

    • I don’t think they would be looking to see if you own a gun, they would be looking for any thing that would make it look like you are not stable.

  11. I would like to know why the gun manufacturers, pro-gun groups have not gotten together and started a national law suit against the states and congress for violating the 2nd. It says SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED, not, shall not be infringed except for XXXXX.

  12. I suspect it will be interesting when, someday, a disgruntled bad guy learns that blowguns and crossbows are silent, and have a history of reliability for centuries, and then plugs some anti-gun politician. Not to mention the time-honored New York City (and, maybe state?) tradition of making “zip guns” out of car radio antennae, rubber bands, small wood blocks and bent nails.

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