See The Devastation Of Totally Legal WWII Armor Piercing Ammo


CaptureAPNot many people have seen this killer video from the ammo channel about military surplus 30-06 AP ammo. It should have several million views, it’s a really entertaining and informative 15 minute spot that gives you the low down on military surplus armor piercing ammo.

Everything in this video, from the original WWII training video to the basic primer on the science behind AP ammunition is just plain awesome. The best part is that if you keep your eyes open you can still find some of this stuff at your local gun show.

Check it out:


Wow, that stuff messes up Ar500 steel!

If zombies ever attack you can even pull the AP bullets from surplus 30-06 rounds and use them in your .308, keep in mind that it might not be legal or safe to do so in the pre-zombie era. Once you’ve watched this video, check out some of the reviews of armor piercing incendiary rounds on the ammo channel. There is a whole wide world of collector military surplus ammo out there, jump in and explore.



  1. I beg to differ about shooting surplus 30-06 ammo in your .308. just the opposite is true, you can
    shoot .308 in a 30-06 but not vice versa. when I was on a high power in corpus Christi, tex back
    in 1964-65 we used .308 armor piercing in place of standard m1 ammo because the .308 had
    non corrosive primers. the .308 (7.62 x 51) vs 30-06 (7.62 x 54) has a longer case.

    • He said PULL THE BULLET and load them to shoot in your 308
      To fire a 308 in a 06 chamber requires a adapter , Works but
      accuracy is not good

  2. Enjoyed immensely, like tests like this that show what really happens, and the hardness comparison of the metals. I think you did a very good job. The only thing I would have changed is using an M1 rifle. Thanks for the video.

  3. I would like to see a comparison between the 30.06 and the .223 fired from the AR15. I would hope that this might shut up some of our critics that want to outlaw the AR15 as an assault rifle.

  4. Awesome testing & backyard testing is believing. Going through different thickness of different materials shows the true potential of this ammo. Keep up the good work!
    Kudos to straight and forward testing!

  5. A little trick for handgun ammo, but don’t know if it would work in rifle ammo. You drill a tiny hole in flat nose ammo, like the FMJ .357 Sig and insert a full length lighter Flint with a drop of crazy glue. I guess a used Flint from a Bic lighter that runs out of fluid would also work too. The Flint when it hits steel will superheat it and be “armor piercing”. I don’t know if there are any laws against it, but if they don’t see it, who cares!

  6. Family legend had an uncle who was decorated for valor after engaging a German sniper that had his unit pinned down. Several officers and noncoms were shot by the sniper along with the squad marksman. Uncle used his M1 to shoot it out with the German who had a scoped 03. Once my uncle finally located the sniper he was in a tree with only his rifle visible. After a lengthy exchange with negative results someone tossed my uncle a block of AP. He fired one shot which penetrated the tree,. It center punched the sniper destroying heart, lungs and spine, exited out his back and continued on.
    Until today I had reservations about the story. After watching your video it is not only possible I have to concede it is probable. My uncle always gave credit to a training video he watched during training. I wish I could share this with him and my dad. I bet they would get goosebumps just like I did.
    Thank You!

  7. I would like to know how I can purchase a pistol or rifle without having to go through all that red tape ,and how in the world is the government going to collect everyone’s weapons ?
    The video was very interesting I didn’t think that a rifle would have enough power to fire the bullet aNd be able to go through a 4 inch concrete wall using an armor piercing bullet that was very interesting Thank You For Showing This VEDIO and I will be watching out for more videos like this one

  8. I knew this ammo pack a punch when I was a kid we had some of this ammo the 3006 and the 8mm and we shot through a 12″ hickory tree and still made big splash good test like it I was impressed with the ammo and your test like to see more on various other ammo thank you

  9. Really liked your video. You didn’t mention the distance at which your firing
    What if you had newer ammunition?

  10. Nice video, BUT where does one get M2AP ammo now a days. I haven’t heard of any being for sale and haven’t seen the bullet heads ( for reloading ) being for sale in the last 18-20 years ?

  11. Like to see which body armor cops wear to see how it holds up to this AP ammo. Probably not worth wearing going up against this ammo.

    • I think only level IV hard body armor can stop AP threats like this. This is serious penetration!

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