You’ll Laugh When You Hear The Attendance At This Gun Control Rally


I keep hearing in the media that most Americans support gun control, that they want “sensible” gun control (whatever that means). And you would think that there is an overwhelming amount of support for their position. You would think that rallies would be overflowing in attendance like a Jason Aldean concert. You would think.

But that isn’t the case, and a recent Moms Demand Action rally in Athens, Georgia (home of the University of Georgia) is proof of this lack of support. Nate Harris writes about the event,

The event, deeply rooted in faith, began at First A.M.E. Church before marchers made their way through downtown to City Hall. Many of the roughly 40 people held signs calling for an end to gun violence and a repeal of Georgia’s campus carry law. During the procession, the group sang in unison, and was greeted by a church choir on the front steps of City Hall.

At City Hall, state Rep. Spencer Frye (D-Athens) and others local leaders and gun safety advocates spoke to the crowd about the need for a solution to gun violence.

Did you catch that? A whopping 40 people showed up! Now, to add insult to injury, a comment on the original article mentions that this rally had been planned for months! Even after two horrible mass shootings, people realize that gun control isn’t the issue, and that’s why they didn’t bother to show up at a pathetic “rally” for a pointless cause.


Frankly, if Moms Demand Action really cared about reducing gun violence, they would look for the causes of violence and target those things. Until then, people with murderous intent are always going to find ways to get their hands on firearms. Gun control laws or not.

You have to wonder what it’s going to take for these people to get it through their head that they are barking up the wrong tree.



  1. Mass shootings take place in “Gun Free Zones”. Duh, do ya think that Gun Free Zones equate to “Killing Zones” in the minds of the perpetrators? Do these people who advocate “gun control” have any common sense? Obviously, to the most casual observer, the answer IS NOT more gun control, but more enablement of the Second Amendment as intended by our Founders.
    My wife and I carry EVERYWHERE we go that has no metal detector. When we walk by a “Gun Free Zone” sign, I smile and think of where they can put that sign and the sun never shines there.
    An armed society IS a polite society and we are both very polite.

  2. I have packed everywhere I’ve gone for years. After the Colorado church shootings, the minister of the church we attend wanted me to pack in church, and was surprised when he found that I was doing so before and he had no idea I was armed. I do not feel that I’m showing any disrespect toward my faith in God, or The Lord Jesus Christ. If you remember the account of Christ arrest by the Romans, Peter drew a sword and cut off the ear of one of the aggressors. Jesus had the power to know what men around him were thinking, so had to know Peter was armed. His rebuke was because Christ arrest was part of God’s plan for the salvation of sinners.

    That being said, if I approach a business that has a sign refusing the packing of a weapon, I ignore it or go to another business. Most doctor’s offices have a no weapons sign, but every doctor I go to is fine with me packing. If not, I find a different doctor.

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