Why This Pro-Gun Congressman Opposed The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill


Congressman Thomas Massie is chairman of The 2nd Amendment Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives. This is a guy who, you would think, would be all in on concealed carry reciprocity on the Federal level. After all, if he wants the 2nd Amendment implemented the way it’s intended across the country, then he would want this bill put into law, right?

But he’s campaigning against the bill.

Why? It’s because of an amendment tacked onto the House bill at the last minute. The amendment is called “fix NICS” and was originally proposed as separate legislation in both the House and Senate. Now, if you’re not familiar with NICS, it is the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. As the name implies, the intent of the system is to keep criminals from getting guns (how’s that working? Not very well, I would say.). So, of course, they want to “fix” it. The problem is that the whole idea of the system is broken, not to mention the reporting aspects.


The original fix NICS bill in the Senate was co-sponsored by Texas Republican John Cornyn, who has been a supporter of 2nd Amendment rights. But Erich Pratt makes a good point when he says,

It should tell you something that Cornyn’s “Fix NICS” cosponsors include these gun control crazies: Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Chris Murphy (D-CT) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

You may remember that Sen. Murphy is the guy who put the infamous item on social media arguing that God doesn’t listen to gun owners’ prayers.

Well, isn’t that a heart-warming and rational statement about gun owners (even though my experience has been that gun owners tend to be more inclined to pray than anti-gunners)? But, you may say, bad company doesn’t mean it’s a bad bill. Well, when your company is Feinstein, I would be inclined to disagree with you, but let’s dig deeper. Pratt continues:

The goal of the Cornyn-Feinstein-Murphy-Schumer bill is to force every single potential NICS name to be sent to the FBI’s NICS system.

And, what you may not know, is that they can have people like your medical doctor declare that you are medically unfit to carry a firearm becomes he or she believes that you can’t balance your checkbook or because someone else, like your bookkeeper or accountant, handles your finances (as if doing math has anything to do with making moral and rational decisions about the use of force in self-defense).

Fix NICS is purely a gun grab with no upside to it. And this is why Representative Massie opposes the bill. Hear a few words from him about it here:

As Representative Massie says, there are huge problems with this bill, and fix NICS may be the worst part of it. So, here we have a great pro-2nd Amendment bill sabotaged from within by the party that you would think would support that bill.

It’s time that people who run on a pro-2nd Amendment platform but support gun control get called on it and voted out of office. And we need more people in Congress with the guts of Representative Massie to do the right thing.



  1. Hes not pro he is a whinney aswipe democrat
    You are either for or against not both ways. Remove his liberal whinney ass

    • Listen closely, Charles, every time you buy a gun, your name will be given to the FBI database and from there you can be investigated through other means as your doctor’s records to see if they can restrict you from purchasing a gun. Splitting the bills is the right thing to do.

  2. Thank you Rep. Massie, glad to see we still have someone we can trust in our Gov., and for sure right now no trust the FBI with anything! I fully intend to contact my Rep. Mike Rogers about this as soon as possible!! Again, than you Sir for believing in your oath as I did mine to this great country! We will NOT become like all of Europe!!

  3. Rep Massie,
    You are on the wrong side of National Concealed Carry, The 2nd Amendment is a constitutional right to carry and bear arms, state issue CCP’s but they should not be restricting citizens movements traveling from one state to or through another with worrying about getting thrown in jail because they don’t know what the CC law is in another stateof if they can even travel through a state with a weapon, concealed or not! I live in FL with a CCP, if I wanted to travel to MA to visit my family, I could be thrown in jail right about driving out of VA in most of the states getting to MA including MA! It’s ridiculous that a law biding citizen has to leave his God given right to protect his family once he crosses his state line, or at least the nutty gun law states of the North! National Concealed Carry will provide every citizens right who is licensed to carry concealed regardless of where he is!
    And I have to say that if Cryin Chuck Schumer is involved this bill is probably rotten and you should not support it!

  4. I am personally with you, the 2nd need no fix or modification, in fact I see no need for any voting about the matter, the 2nd is clear by itself. I see any attempt to create laws around the 2nd amendment as an infringement to the amendment.

  5. Massie is the type of representative we NEED in government. Anything regarding firearms that .Chuck Schumer is for…..should be voted against. He has helped RUIN the state of NY, he is iyr to destroy the USA.

    • It is combining the two bills together for they know that the other would pass and they are slowing it down this way.

  6. I think you’re right anything that Dianne Feinstein’s for I’m against thanks for looking out thanks for wanting to do something to conserve our 2nd Amendment rights

  7. Rep. Massie, I’m sorry I can’t vote for you. I live in the wrong state. But I must tell you, it is so refreshing to hear an actual Congressman who believes in all of the Constitution, not just their favorite parts. Also,unlike some of your contemporaries, you speak in coherent complete sentences. What a breath of fresh air. It pains me to say it, because I really like the idea of national reciprocity, but the Democrats have again come up with a way to take away citizens’ freedom. I fully support your decision to vote no on this bill as amended by evil people in Congress.

  8. We need to get rid of Cornyn. Either he is being paid to do this and he is just stupid to introduce these two bills and combine them notice the Democrat quickly sign on to this bill. Does that tell you we need to get him out of the Senate.

  9. Were the long list of laws devoid of all unconstitutional ones, we could all carry, freely and open OR concealed. The bill in question resets the precedent of having tolerable restrictions to the second amendment. I’d be inclined to vote against it, too, even were the NICS correction not included.

  10. I concur and agree with the comment by Mnusbaum above. Thank you for your integrity on this issue, and for your explanation.

  11. Actually, ever since that shotgun/automatic ban bill back in 1931(?), we’ve had a steady stream of unconstitutional legislation proposed, many masquerading as pro-second amendment types – but, all legislation concerning firearms and armaments of any kind are unconstitutional. ” . . shall not be infringed!” What’s so hard to understand about that? To require permission from a regulatory group or bureaucracy to carry (concealed or otherwise) is unconstitutional. Here in California, should I wish to go to a range to shoot target, I’d have to caravan my weapon in a string of vehicles to dodge the regs. And the ammo – Geeze – the ammo? there are so many ways that the authorities can trap one in such a situation – egad, where do I go to escape – and how do I transport my cache of weaps.

  12. Notice! All dem-rats against guns. And when any president was shot, it was by a registered dem-rat.
    Don’t they know that our last line of defense is civilians with guns. And we are no “A”team.
    Accordung to history repeating itself, after they get our guns, they will have us up before firing squads.

  13. Thank you for watching out for the freedom of the American people. Your perception on this is most likely correct and if you can keep the two bills separate that is great news and how things should be done in the first place. Single item bills should be the only legal way.

  14. I live in Massachusetts so I’m getting NO help from the Warren/Moulton gang! The life under one party rule! Blowing smoke is a way of life with Democrats

  15. You are right I don’t think it should pass with any kind of gun control from the gun grabbing Democrats . Thank you for stand strong on our rights to bare arms .

  16. By all means don’t vote yes if it a possible gun grab bill first get out the fix Nick if possible .

  17. How come, I wonder, does it seem that there is always that “little noticed”, “last minute” poison pill that get attached to any proposal described as or actually being “pro gun/pro gun rights”, while similar “stuff” never happens to or with anti gun/ anti gun rights proposals? By the way, I readily admit to being an evil minded, dirty old man type, which has absolutely nothing to do with the above posed question(s).

    • More important, who were the congressmen/senators that approved the inclusion of that rider on the bill?

      • Here a list of TURNCOAT Reps. for this Bill -Carlos Curbelo, (FL), – Peter King, (NY) – Leonard Lance, (NJ) – Patrick Meehan,(PA) – Ed Royce, (CA) – Chris Smith, (CA) – Erik Paulsen, (MN) – Ryan Costello, (PA) – Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, (FL) – Charlie Dent, (PA) and here’s more Reps colluding with the Dems. on this Justin Amash, (MI) – Jammie Beutler (WA) – Mike Coffman, (CO) – Brian Fitzpatrick (PA) – Frank Lobiondo, (NJ), face it, this country wants us like all of Europe!!

  18. Why can we not simply pass a good strait bill without attaching some nonsense to it? Why can we not just
    Have a single item? Let it pass or stand on its own!!!

  19. If our constution says that all of it shall not be infringed upon thin thear is no need for any feather desushion.

  20. Very sad that the democratic scumbags are allowed to control and destroy good legislation like the Reciprocity bill. They must have the help of their rino sycophants to allow them to attach a fix nics bill on the Reciprocity bill. You are right to relegate this dangerous bill to the trash can.

  21. Rep. Massie,
    I live in Missouri and have, for 60 years, watched the anti-gun folks try everything in the world to defeat our 2d amendment rights. I support your thinking on the “fix NICS” adddition, and am surprised that you are the ONLY legislator who has made any effort to inform me about what is really going on. I do not think the years ahead will treat America well. We have thrown God out the window, pushed every anti-Christian agenda, and completely lost our common sense in favor of political correctness. In the future, American gun ownership will assume a whole new importance as we continue to destroy our freedom.

  22. I want to have all anti-gunners names and faces published( free speech) so all law abiding Americans can protect themselves and familys

  23. these law makersare just to funny . we have one law maker that want to put a new law into lace that has been a law for 20 year at least on the books . and the other law makers want to take our guns away by changing the constution of this united states of america .i say if you have passed the nics back grond check and have a concealed carry weapons license you should and can carry in any other state with out the fear of ending up in jail for having it with you . new york is the worst of them all . they put you in jail for having an empty pistol mag on you if they stop you in a traffic stop or at the air port on a lay over stop between planes . you have to go to jail and spend thousands of dollars .to be let out if they dont give you 5 to 10 year in jail first .

  24. There are so many things that need to be delt with in the USA! Like new bridges, new highways, job creation, etc. etc. etc.!!! These and many other matters need Attention in Washington DC. The RIGHT To Keep and Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed!!! Can’t the politicians in DC understand the second ammendment? They need to get busy with solutions to the matters that keep this country strong, free, and moving! They need to get busy now!!!!!!

  25. Thank you Rep. Massie for standing up and protecting our God given rights, and our 2nd. amendment rights. I Wholly agree with yours and many other comments about this NICS FIX addition to the bill,any thing with Schumer or Pelosi supporting is absolutely a no brainer to think it is good for gun rights. And that goes for any so called Republican who supported this. It goes to show you who you can trust when it comes to supporting our gun rights..

  26. Rep. Massie, Right on dude, your doing a geat job. Hey, anyone else notice that the like button counter does not advance, it’s stuck at 68. Haha, anything THEY can do to squew the results. So typical.

  27. I feel that one , if he/she has a CC license should be allowed to carry such weapon across state lines.
    These individual state laws that [sometimes prohibit ] an individual that has a approved CC license from
    his state should be recognized anywhere in the United States. People being arrested in New York and in
    New Jersey should be able to use the 2d amendment rights to carry if they have a valid license.
    I can remember while law enforcement that crossing a state line that I should have the weapon unloaded and locked in the trunk of my vehicle. To me this was a asinine law. I believe that anytime you see Shumer, Pelosi, Feinstine sign on as co-author a bill it is best YOU read it very carefully and VOTE NO !!!

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