Hilarious! NY Politician Announces “New” Gun Ban – Which Is 20 Years Old


I’m not a fan of making fun of people. Sometimes people make mistakes. Sometimes people do things out of ignorance. Sometimes people do things for other “innocent” reasons.

I really have my doubts, though, that this story is about any of those situations, and it was just too good to pass up. So, here is the situation: Two weeks ago, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that he intends to pass an initiative to take firearms away from people convicted of domestic violence. The Associate Press wrote,

Under Cuomo’s proposal, all guns would immediately be removed from anyone convicted of domestic violence crimes, including misdemeanors. He says his legislation would add measures aimed at keeping domestic violence perpetrators from obtaining firearms.

That sounds like pretty standard fare for those convicted of domestic violence. In fact, it is standard procedure. How can I say that? Well, because a bill like that passed in the State of New York in… 1997. Yes, really. This “new” initiative in which Cuomo is getting tough about domestic violence is the way New York has been handling this issue for the past twenty years. Jazz Shaw writes,


It’s such a rare day when I happen to agree with the governor of my state about, well… anything, that it’s worth noting when it happens. I completely agree. Those convicted of crimes of domestic violence (yes… even misdemeanors) should not be allowed to have firearms. So let’s get this ball rolling, Governor, and get that bill passed. Soon we will rid the state of the scourge of…

Oh, wait. Somebody already did that. In 1997.

Perhaps someone should swing by the Governor’s mansion and let Mr. Cuomo know about a little thing commonly referred to as, “the Lautenberg Amendment.” For those in Advanced Placement class, it’s also known as 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(9) – Unlawful Acts.

Obviously, Cuomo, being Governor of the great State of New York, knows how effective those kinds of laws have been at keeping people safe. So effective, in fact, that… he decided to try to get them passed again!

Hey, Governor Cuomo, here’s a thought: Instead of trying to make it sound like some big legislative victory when you propose a law that is already on the books, how about you stop obscuring what is going on with gun violence and focus on doing something about the source of the problem. Because, ignorant folks may be buying it, but the rest of us know that you’re full of it.



  1. What a ass wipe, typical stupid dumb ass whinney liberal democrat. And they wonder why idiots off themselves

  2. There is not a “gun law” (new or old) that our DEMOCOMMIE CORRUPT COMMUNIST “governor” does not absolutely LOVE. It is after all the DEMOCOMMIE WAY, to do all they can to disarm the Law-abiding to make way for his CRIMINAL “friends” for a quick “take over”. An lawfully armed populace is INDEED a deterrent to a TYRANNICAL DICTATOR like cuomo and his band of Albany henchmen. His “speech” on National TV telling we “gun owners” and Sportsmen/women we were NOT “wanted” or “welcome” in “HIS” state.
    HIS STATE???….. If THAT statement isn’t a wanna-be COMMUNIST DICTATOR opining, someone tell me…. what is???


    • You got it! THAT is what he thinks, by the BLOVIATING and BRAGGING he is doing lately. Another DEMOCOMMIE KING OSCUMBAG wanna-be.
      Americans had better wise to hell up or Like we N.Y’ers YOU ALSO will be STUCK with this arrogant, condescending, DICTATOR idiot for years to come if you are FOOLISH enough to think you will get a “better deal” by voting his worthless butt in.

  4. That should go for all politicians. Politicians get in office and to make a law with their name on it to show the people they care. We have laws on top of laws. Bet most politicians don’t even know one tenth of the laws are on the books.

  5. well one thing is for sure, no one has ever felt like the anti gun people have any logic or intelligence.

  6. Annual physical and competency evaluation to prevent wasting tax payer money for the vetting process and special counsel to have a vote of “no confidence”are now in order; can’t be “fake news” when he actually says it for public consumption.

  7. And such is the quality or might I say the “caliber” of the person’s New Yorkers elect to public office.

    • Not ALL New Yorkers WANTED (or voted for) that crooked scumbag for “governor”. WE are always “outvoted” by the city dwellers, and WELFARE recipients that LOVE all the “promises” and BRIBES from their CORRUPT KING. Also It really doesn’t help when ILLEGALS are not only ALLOWED to “vote” but “encouraged” to do so without any fear of being charged or arrested for doing so. cuomo did this, and deblasio in N.Y. city in the last election. (also OSCUMBAG stated this on National TV, BUT “true to their word”, no one was “charged”. THAT is why the DEMOCOMMIES are so dead-set AGAINST Voter ID’s. (But you need an ID for everything else, even WELFARE)

    • Remember, NY is a socialist welfare state, just give them a bottle of wine, a woman and a warm place to take a dumb and you got their vote.

  8. I disagree on one point. NO misdemeanor should warrant banning one from owning firearms. If a crime is serious enough to cause one to loose their rights then it is serious enough to be a felony. Conversely if a crime is not considered serious enough to be a felony it should NOT result in loss of rights.

    • I agree with your point. THIS is the “way” for these anti-gun/anti freedom “politicians” DEMOCOMMIES/RINOS to get their “foot in the door” and start their “push” down the path for complete confiscation, under the guise of “SAFETY”. Just more “progressive” COMMUNIST “tactics” for attempted CONTROL over Law-abiding citizens and the UNINFORMED.

    • Totally agree. True domestic violence should be a felony. That should be when the partner is physically injured. Such cases like pulling away from the partner and the partner falls to the ground w/o injury is not domestic violence, but is prosecuted as such. Many other similar incidences are considered DV. No one should lose their 2nd Amendment rights for such cases.

  9. Of coarse if it does not work try it again .
    How about this ENFORCE THE FIRST LAW .

  10. After seeing what has happened to New York State since I moved out in 1961 (enlisted into the Army), I am glad I never called it home again. Upstate is beautiful country, but there wasn’t much employment opportunity there, so I went elsewhere. New York City seemed to absorb most of the State’s resources and attention to the detriment of the rest of the State. At one time, the City wanted to succeed from the State to become a separate State! Too bad it didn’t happen as I was hoping they would become another country!

    • Gordon,
      I as well as many of my friends and neighbors up here in NORTHERN N.Y. Have been writing “representatives” and asking for N.Y. city to become their own state, BUT that will never happen because they NEED that TAX MONEY and resources that they glean from we “upstaters”. If this actually COULD HAPPEN, THEN Cuomo could become the “king” of N.Y. city and leave the rest of us alone.

  11. Tells you alot about cuomo and his minions — that none of them realized his brain storm was already a law. We really need to find a way to get this obama wannabe out of office.

  12. Looks like you have to be an illegal immigrant. Then use a gun to kill someone and just get pardoned.

  13. It is too bad that NY, as a whole, has to pay for the price for the city sewage voters. NY is a beautiful place and most of it is conservative in nature. We in Washington state face the same issues with the liberal heroin addicts, sanctuary city, welfare dwellers of Seattle and Olympia that hold the vote for our state also, the rest of Washington is very conservative and sick of liberals.


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