Internet Giants Block Ads For Gun Locks?


So, maybe you’ve heard that internet giants such as Facebook and Google “want to keep people safe” by restricting or blocking ads for firearms. Supposedly, advertising a firearm or a firearm retailer [gun controlenables evil people to get a gun when they otherwise wouldn’t be able to do so.

You would think that, with their emphasis on safety, these internet giants would be supportive of gun safety equipment to do things like keep children from being able to use a firearm and accidentally injuring themselves or someone else.

But, in typical anti-gunner logic, that isn’t the case.


In fact what is going on is that Facebook and Google are blocking ads for gun locks [hat tip to here for the lead]. Yes, that’s right, they are blocking ads for firearm safety equipment. Jazz Shaw writes,

With no government action on that [gun control] front, online giants with influence in the retail sector, including Facebook and Google, decided to take action on their own. They began suppressing advertising for the sale of guns. (Which the New York Times described as simply fabulous.)

So… no more advertisements for gun sales. But it wasn’t that easy to implement apparently. They didn’t just block ads for the sale of firearms. They wound up blocking ads for anything even vaguely related to guns, sometimes with hysterical results. In one of the more extreme examples of that phenomenon, they managed to supress advertisements for gun safety locks, including those from ZORE, a company that doesn’t even sell guns. Just safety devices designed to do precisely what supporters of the advertising ban claimed they hoped to achieve.

Okay, to give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe these internet giants simply blocked everything that used the word “gun” in the description. Maybe they made a mistake.

Or maybe they just had a knee-jerk reaction without any rational thought behind it in typical anti-gunner manner and assumed that if “gun” is in the name, then it’s got to be evil.

So, instead of making gun safety devices easier to obtain, Google and Facebook simply continue the status quo situation which they claim to be so concerned about.

Why am I not surprised?




    A great alternative to the Liberal AH companies.

    And you get choose a charity that gets a penny for each of your searches. To date I’ve raised $15.10 for Catholic Charities.

    • Did you know the illegals that the communist a.k.a. Democrat party who are bringing 10% that are thieves and murderers and drug dealers kill more people in this country through the dump they bring in then all the guns in the world to date. One man with the bag of drugs can kill 20,000 people want man and we have over 1 million illegal thugs in this country sponsored by the communist a.k.a. Democrat party who care nothing about you or your tax dollars .Last year 60,000 people were killed by drugs! Where is the outcry from the communist left? They could care less all they care about is using whatever lies and deceit and even murder to get America disarmed.

  2. They forgot to block ads for bomb parts.
    Now aint they smart.
    The bumber in auston tx is showin um. U cant stop a crazy from killing fellow citizens
    Why dont gun control idiots work to close radio shack for sell parts that can be used to make bombs,, also hardware stores that sell nails and tape

  3. I don’t think all of these shootings are random acts anymore. I am starting to believe that these are orchestrated acts by deep state operatives to further a gun control agenda.

    • YOU are Exactly CORRECT! DEMOCOMMUNISTS do NOT care how many innocent lives are lost, as long as their “agenda” of “gun control ” is achieved. The case and point is the recent school “shooting” where the FBI didn’t “act” on the numerous “tips” they were provided, and the “sheriff” didn’t “act” after numerous “visits” to this sick individuals home. (39 I believe)
      In my opinion, ALL were told to “stand down” for maximum carnage as they KNEW they had a “live wire” ready to snap, and would carry out THEIR “agenda” and get people to scream for more “gun control. NOW the democommunists are PAYING to transport CHILDREN around to push THEIR “agenda”, “provide” them with “protest signs”, scripted “talking points”, for the LAME STREAM MEDIA, (and “ADVISED ” to stay on script) and of course BRIBE MONEY to do THEIR “bidding”. This is a page right out of the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO.
      Where in the HELL are the “parents” that are allowing their children to be USED as ANTI-GUN, ANTI-AMERICAN DEMOCOMMUNIST “PAWNS”??? To me this is child ABUSE.

    • You are exactly right as they showed a clip on TV the other night, that the FBI was totally engaged in setting up a terrorist attack all the way to the point where they let the terrorist to the point of attack and then Vet agents disappeared, then they did it again in another place. Let’s not forget Texas where the agents knew this kid was wanting to kill children in schools and they were told to stand down as they wanted it to happen so they can go after the guns and if they need me they will use their hitman in the agencies like they did in Las Vegas Nevada to kill many people and not come up with an answer one man did not shoot 1500 rounds of ammunition and that point or short period of time.

  4. Doesn’t it seem like the last 9 years (most of which were under the Muslim Socialist Barrack Hussien Obama) has seen more school shootings than ever before? Is this really a coincidence or is the “Deep State” actively motivating, encouraging, and abetting these shooters? Could it be that Hollywoods promotion of violence in movies, television, and music could be an unlying cause of a lot of this? You think that allowing a huge influx of unvetted Muslims in this country may have helped spike gun violence in this country? Do you think that Muslim organizations in this country including Mosques have contributed to the radicalization of too much of our population? You idiot Socialists blame the guns instead of the people pulling the trigger. You figure out how to solve America’s morality problem and removing evil from the hearts of mankind and THEN you talk to us about our guns, but NOT until!

  5. Okay liberals! Now stop your peers in Hollywood from using guns in movies or television. This is what causes subliminal implementation! Gun ads do nothing. You always smell a skunk and never ever look in your own backyard. Show me libs, show me how true you are to your so called cause. PS. This means removing all gun violence in video games. You profit and entertain the world with the very things you say you’re against. Jesus has a cause as well! Watcha gonna do? I’ll be watching and waiting. To God be all glory.

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