Did The Obama Administration Want More Shootings?


Anti-gunners like to prattle on-and-on about how we need to ban certain (and, eventually, all) guns, register all guns, register all gun owners, and prevent evil people from getting their hands on firearms. From the way that they talk, you would think that they actually want to do those things and actually want to make a difference in the world.

But their actions show otherwise.

For example, the Obama administration made it much easier for people who should not legally be able to buy guns to buy guns. Kerry Pickett gives us details:


The Justice Department under Barack Obama directed the FBI to drop more than 500,000 names of fugitives with outstanding arrest warrants from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, acting FBI deputy director David Bowdich testified Wednesday.

Fugitives from justice are barred from buying a firearm under federal law.

To be fair, the reason that we’re given for dropping those name is that the Department of Justice under Obama sided with the ATF’s definition of a fugitive which includes that the person with the outstanding arrest warrant has crossed state lines (the FBI’s definition did not include crossing of state lines to be necessary to label someone a fugitive from justice). So, maybe the Obama administration was simply trying to comply with an understanding of the Constitution which limits Federal power to intervene.

But that isn’t how that administration usually handled things, so that reason may not be the real reason either.

So, why did the Obama administration remove over 500,000 names from lists that would prevent them from buying firearms? That’s a great question. Maybe they actually want more shootings so anti-gunners can get more emotional knee-jerk reactions from people which help to keep anti-gunners in office and, potentially, to actually run the country.

Wouldn’t that be the most diabolical thing that you can think of, to actually want more shootings? But it is just like a politician to cause a problem and then use that problem as an excuse to give them more power.



  1. Demo got more outlaws then any other country. If a person get cautht with guns and drugs give thenneedle. All drug dealers need to be hit with a hard sentence. Some drugs need death cause they kill people, and users need stiffer senences.

    • The Harvard law center showed last year America with the 2nd ammendment was not even in the top 15 when it came to crimes like Home invasion,murder, rape, robbery, etc and why ? Because we are an armed populace! Australia’s crime in the above mentions rose 40 % but the media (communist) didn’t tell you that and besides gun consfication is to protect the Elites and Tyrants and their minions , not the people they care nothing about anyway!

      • There have been several studies that have shown that countries like Switzerland, Israel, and Canada have a higher rate of gun ownership, but have much lower rates of gun violence. Ireland’s homicide rates spiked, following gun confiscation. Great Britain has some of the strictest gun laws, in the developed world, the violent crime rate for homicide, rape, burglary and aggravated assault is much higher than that in the US. Approximately 60% of burglaries in G.B. occur while residents are in their homes, as opposed to 13% in the US. British burglars admit robbing, while people are home because they have a better chance of getting wallets and purses. 90% of US homicides occur in “GUN FREE ZONES”. Crime rates have been declining since the early 80’s, until Obama s last 2 years in office. Until then the US was rated 111th in the world. The biggest reason the liberals are pushing gun control, is the government will have complete control over the American people.

        • You should check your figures. With an average of 15,000 gun related deaths per year over the last decade, the number killed in mass murders only amounts to around 7.5%. More people have been killed by lightning strikes

        • It is my contention , that the OMLY reason for the obama presidency , was that the left could use , with impunity, the race card , which allowed this unqualified , undocumented, and his suspicious absence of a birth certificate, thereby allowing him to place any and all unqualified people of HIS choice in military commad positions. He could get unqualified people in the Supreme Court (2), and destroy the country within. Note Judge Scalia , sudden death , NO AUTOPSY! Placed the incompetent Clinton in the role of Secretary of ?Defense , and look how many died under her watch. Her email debacle and still wasn’t arrested!

      • One of the first things a tyrant does when he comes to power is collect the guns of the populace. (Adolf Hitler is one who comes to mind)
        He obviously favored Gun Free Zones when his Gestapo came in for the Jews.
        The second ammendment isn’t the twentieth…..it’s the SECOND ammendment.

  2. There were a number of his policies with this same goal. Yes it is totally diabolical. The ends justify the means to them. Wake up and believe it – this was the plan. I’ll go further and say I think there are also plans to condition and trigger these events just to make sure.

  3. A number of these, “Shootings” have a bad smell about them and Obama’s FBI is being
    shown to have had some very suspicious dealings with the shooters.

    • It has long been a problem for me that the democrats were in power for many years and did nothing to harden the defenses of schools. Now we have the FBI and a democrat sheriff that ignore warning after warning about a shooter, until after it happens, and then blames an organization that in no way had anything to do with the shooting or the failure of the law enforcement agencies involved.

  4. everybody knows that obama wanted lots more shootings to happen so he could advance his ANTI GUN AGENDA ! if only the people that voted for him knew what was really going on , not only with him but with several senators that have all the money in the world financing the movement against guns , and a lot of these shooters did the shootings to protest the democrats efforts .

    • I have to disagree with you about a lot of shooters doing the shootings to protest the democrat efforts on gun control. Unlike the average democrat, sane gun owners know that these shootings would undermine their message of responsible gun ownership. Look back at the political affiliation of most mass shooters and you will find a democrat in the woodpile.

  5. It is so unbelievable how many Democrats voters just follow the Dem politicians not knowing anything about their ridiculous destructive plans for this country’s a though they are innocent lambs. It seems to me many of them just don’t get it.

  6. Of course they want more shootings!! THAT is the only way they can get the People all hyped up to DEMAND more ” Gun Control”. In MY opinion MOST are democommunist FUNDED, “false flag” “deep state operations”. NOW, taking a page from the communist manifesto and alionski’s rules for radicals they are USING “children” to push their COMMUNIST “agenda” of complete disarmament. That way the PEOPLE COULD become helpless “subjects” FORCED to bow to the tyrannical acts of the “deep state government”.
    Time to take OUR country BACK, USE YOUR VOTE to REMOVE ALL DEMOCOMMUNISTS AND RINOS, hell bent on complete CONTROL over LAW-ABIDING citizens.

    • Totally agree!!
      Get INVOLVED. Politics is not a spectator sport! As a responsible citizen one needs to study the candidates and vote accordingly.

    • Probably because if we had a special counsel to investigate just half of the Obama administration shenanigans we wouldn’t have enough time for other pressing worldly events.
      We have only enough resources to go after the most egregious Obama inspired corruptions.

  7. An Obama policy kept Cruz’s name off the Background Check database. Cruz and almost certainly tens of thousands of others, violent aggressive juveniles for whom authorities filed no reports with the database and were therefor enabled to buy firearms. Expressed motive: To give them a chance in life without a criminal record. Or was it to keep them out of jail so they could continue to intimidate and harass students who wanted schooling and opportunity? Remember Gruber’s comment – that the stupidity of the voting public enabled the Obama regime to (just barely) pass the disastrous Obamacare.

    • Only as more time goes by will we continue to see more damage that Obama instigated and promoted…… he had eight years to put in disasterous policies and populate the government with other evil swamp creatures in the background that would help to carry out his agenda after he left and regrouped to continue his evil agenda. I don’t believe we have seen the last of Obama.

  8. ”This article is what I’ve been saying ever since “fast and furious”. He was giving guns to the cartels knowing the cartels wa with each other would spill over the border, which it has in Texas, and they would shoot at the border security, they do and killed too. They also knew that the guns would come back across and into the criminal hands to shoot random people here to create more chaos in the US. Some say red flags like most of the shooters had run ins with FBI, or ignored like last shooting. The one that has really got me is the Las Vegas shooter, haven’t been aloud much on details, the vegas sheriff looked scared talking to press while side glances at FBI. Like if he said wrong thing he’d disappear or clintonside, suiside with two to the back of head. The socialist have a plan, and Soros and that asshat from NY or outing it into play. IMO

  9. No, Just gross incompetence to garner more democrat voters. In 1990 Joe Biden was instrumental in passing a gun-free school zones bill.This, along with a sick society is spelling nothing but disaster…..Add left wing liberal school indoctrination and the recipe for disaster is a given.

  10. If I’m asked so.I’ll say : YES !! The reason is :under ombuma administration,he always took chances to stir any social conflict that going on , always PUT HIS NOSE into local issue,always draw a line between Black and White

    • And as we find out, the Obama Regime totally looked the other way while the Russians not only meddled in our elections, but stole 20% of our Uranium, thanks to Hillary and Co. Confidential informants, tried to alert the Obama folks to the clear and present danger, but were told to “Stand Down” by Susan Rice. Stand down ! Seems the Obama Regime had a lot of “Stand down” orders at the worst time. Yet the media lap dogs, continue to chase the non existent “Trump ? Russia collusion with vigor, and despite the two years of illegal surveillance, the one year plus of “legal” surveillance, based on the “Fake Russian Dossier” they still haven’t come up with a single shred of evidence of the Trump/ Russia collusion. Yet, there’s a mountain of empirical evidence that Obama, Clinton, Kerry et all, did in fact collude with Russia. We never heard Donald Trump off mike declare “Hey tell Vlad, I’ll be more FLEXIBLE after the election” That was Obama’s message to Putin ! Remember ?

  11. The communist AKA Democrat party and their minions in the agencies are Fully enguaged in gun violence one way or the other and started during Scumbag Bill Clinton’s rein and in creased unbelievably during that lying pice of brain dead Illigal Onamas rein. Make no mistake everyday things are turining up about the FBI being involved in school
    Shootings and others like Las Vegas. Why? To blame guns to disarm we the people for their communist leaders to implement their Demonically evil Tyranny, but this will only happen if we the people let this extremely corrupt govt get by with it! There millions of us freedom loving Americans and in compartidion only a hand full of them ! Band together NOW!

  12. I think it’s entirely possible. More shootings, as stated in your report, gives the anti-gunners ammunition ( pun intended ) to lobby to take away guns. Furthermore, I think it is entirely possible that “some” of the more recent horrific shootings were actually staged and supported by the anti-gunners and the money behind them. For example, the Orlando Night Club Shooting, and the Las Vegas Shooting. Again, just so the anti-gunners can further their agenda and attack on the 2nd Amendment. Now I realize this is a terrible thing to think about our society, but sincerely, I think in today’s world, ANYTHING is possible.

  13. We need to ban Progressives, it seems that every time they open their mouths they’re trying to destroy the country, take something away from someone, or pushing more of their insane ideas that never work anywhere. They are the least informed group of people, just ask these idiots to describe exactly what they are trying to ban. “Assault Weapons” ? Ah, Ok what the heck is that……… seems they don’t know, if we follow their rational (sic) we should basically ban anything that can cause anyone, anywhere harm. But they refuse to address the mind shattering drugs ALL these school shooters are on, they refuse to address the abysmal failure (AGAIN) of the FBI and they completely failed to address the refusal of the local Police, who were stationed there for that exact reason, instead waited outside, a total of four of them, until the Police from the next country arrived, and they went in immediately. Again, doesn’t fit the narrative, just continue to bash the NRA and gun owners, the crazier these folks get, the more one needs to arm themselves. That day we all fear is coming !

    • You should read some of the comment boards on other social media sites. Some guy from the UK was saying they don’t NEED guns because their government protects them. Right, they’ve been so effective at preventing shootings, stabbings, and cars driving into crowds. He went on to say gun deaths in the UK were like .43/100,000 population, Germany had .83/100,000, and the US had 4.88/100,000. Do these foreigners really believe we are a country of gun-crazy killers? Five times as many deaths? Blame the media, like BBC. That’s who is telling them this crap. I’d like to know what the overall Muslim murder rate/100,000 is in the UK, Germany, Sweden, and the US? That would be an eye-opener, except that most of those countries do not track crime rates by race, religion, or immigration status. It would show how ineffective their governments are at protecting their own people.

  14. Nothing new here. That’s what socialists/communists always do. That is how Hitler was able to gain power in Germany. That’s how Lenin and Stalin gained power in Russia. Anywhere there is a socialist takeover of government, history shows the socialists creating the problem, blaming the opposition for the problem, worsening the problem, then coming in with a “solution” which they engineered all along. Too bad our liberal, brainwashed educrats don’t teach our children.

  15. Take a look at California if you want to see the end result of the Socialist agenda. Rated #50 of 50 states for “Livability””, rundown cities, homeless people in tents clogging streets, businesses shutting down, and a huge long line of UHauls heading out of the cities, filled with people desperately trying to flee the chaos. In the meantime, the state is trying to pass a bill assessing a $75 fee on real estate transactions with the proceeds funding government-sponsored housing, and another that requires businesses and “the rich” to turn over 10% of their net profits to the state to pay for social welfare programs. Socialist dystopia at it’s best.

  16. There needs to be an immediate media blitz exposing what the liberal political left is doing and has been doing for quite a while–to slowly remove our rights to protect ourselves. I’m glad there are so many people who know what the real truth is–but we need to get that truth in front of the American people quickly so that the average American who has wondered what is really going on will finally know for sure–and the liberal minded American will be able to see for themselves how they have been lied to. The truth is freedom–we just have to keep fighting to get the truth out there! Don’t be afraid to stand for the truth!

  17. Obama is a piece of shit muslim motherfucker,not all muslims are bad, but look at Obama and tell me he’s trying to do good things for this great country of ours. Donald Trump all the way!!!

  18. Comments are from fully awake Americans.Our “gimme ” group will always support the blue wave. Young and demanding love protest anything, hate everyone who dose not agree and abuse those that try to live decent lives. Thanks to parental non-care . Give the beast anything they want and maybe they won’t bite?? Plenty of dope and morn after pills is the answer. Good luck. Did our savior come again? Don’t know. Probably ABORTED him. Oh, Choice rules. Good luck!

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