Hilarious Result At One School Walkout


The school walkouts protesting gun violence and calling for gun control were all over the national mainstream media which blew this issue up in a major media frenzy. In fact, if you only watched the mainstream media, you would think that this was a unified nationwide movement in which all kids walked out of their classrooms in silent protest.

But that’s not the truth.

In fact, in many cases, no students left their classrooms in protest. Or, if you were Justin Blackman, a student at Wilson Preparatory Academy in Wilson, North Carolina, you were the only student.


It was just him. AWR Hawkins writes,

The student, Justin Blackman, remained alone outside for the duration of the event.

IJR Red reports that the academy has “about 700 students,” 699 of which chose not to participate in the walk out.

Blackman videoed himself standing alone, saying, “It’s National Walkout Day, I’m the only one from my school out here. …I’m just going to be chilling here for the next 15 minutes.”

Now, this kid probably thinks that he took some great moral stand by walking out of class for fifteen minutes to protest something which, as far as I know, has never happened at his school. The absurdity is actually hilarious.

But the reason that no one else participated with Blackman is that, frankly, they live in North Carolina where guns are plentiful and people know both how to use them and how to be responsible.

What Blackmon and all of these other kids miss when they walk out in the silly protest is that the issue isn’t guns and has never been guns. The issue is people being able to protect themselves.

If parents are really afraid of their children being injured at school, then, frankly, they need to remove their kids from the school. And if kids are scared to go to school, then parents need to remove their kids from that situation. That’s called responsible parenting.

But it’s much easier to blame someone else for your victim feelings than to take responsibility and empower yourself to fight back (or shoot back), and that blame game is all we’re seeing here.



  1. Juventus stultorum magister” is a common Latin aphorism, or phrase that has many implied and implicit meanings. The sentance translates to “youth is the teacher of fools”. One particular example of its use is in the movie Tombstone. Johnny Ringo uses it as a threat to Doc Holliday during their famous Latin Converstaion.

  2. Lets start seeing the NRA for what it is! As well as being the watchdog and protector of the 2nd amendment, they TEACH! Yes, they teach basic firearms safety courses, marksmanship, and responsible gun ownership.and usually at no charge. If you have a group (of any age) that could benefit from the straight story, history, and need of responsible and safe firearm safety, contact your nearest NRA group or representative and ask for a speaker to address your group

    • Anker Clanker,
      As a LIFE MEMBER of the NRA I would say,
      That would be a GREAT idea, BUT the anti-gun “protestors”, the antifa “protestors, the “pussy hat protestors”, the ACLU, OSCUMBAG’S “ofa” the #me too “protestors” and any other CORRUPT “group” the Left could TRANSPORT in, would be there to quell ANY constructive dialog by doing their usual (shouting down the speaker, and destroying property as ALL COMMUNISTS do when they are presented with FACTS.) Just look at the “COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK” FAKE NEWS “town hall” fiasco. These INDOCTRINATED BRAINWASHED BRATS were there to disrupt and obstruct just like they were “instructed to” by their DEMOCOMMUNIST “handlers”.

  3. The NRA has always been about two(2) things You7r right to keep and bear arms and fire arms safety>>

  4. Agree with the statement Parents can remove the child from the school if they have a fear of the child being harmed. Also if parents HOME SCHOOL the child the parents control the education and the child receives an education not indoctrination and common core crap being taught in government controlled public indoctrination centers called PUBLIC SCHOOLS.!!

    • ICE, you are so correct! My son and daughter in law HOME SCHOOLS their nine children. When we all go out to eat, it never fails that someone (or more) always comes over to our large table and tell us “How quit and polite the children are”. Home School students are on the average more knowledgeable about current events, more polite, courteous and respectful to all and much more. What does walking out of class teach anyone. If these young students were mature enough and educated in current events why are they not allowed to vote and do what ever they want. Because they are still immature and not yet knowledgeable in worldly affairs, etc.

      • Farmer Tony>>> I was not home schooled growing up, but I was taught the right way and the wrong way to do things!! I was the last graduating class in a little country school in 1965. The class was made up of three girls and two boys> We stood outside, except on rainy day and said the “Pledge of Allegiance”, taught one of the “LORDS” Golden Rules, “TREAT OTHER AS YOU WOULD/WANT TO BE TREATED” !!!!! Today the “SCHOOLS” don’t know the difference between “RIGHT OR WRONG”, The let the children do whatever they want. My wife, who is a few years younger than I am, was looking on her facebook page and showed me a picture of a few items, with the Caption under it “do you remember these”???? I started to laugh, the picture had these items in it, A BELT, A RAZOT STROP, A WILLOW SPRIG, A PIECE OF ROPE AND A FEW OTHER ITEMS THAT I can’t remember right now!!! She asked me what was so funny, I informed her, that when I was growing up, there were some of the items that were used to “STRAIGHTEN” me out when I messed up….. I feel that if these if these youngsters want to ack all grown up and think that the know more than an adult, then by all means treat them as such!!!!! TWO YEARS IN THE MILITARY, no matter their ages, then lets see if they like that!!!!!!!!

    • However,they do NOT learn the proper SOCIALIZING skills and are MORE likely to act as spoiled brats,who think that their parents,life and society OWES them a living,which they have NOT,been educated,to EARN ON THEIR OWN,without assistance from the Government or Anyone.

      • Tim Summerfield, by “they” you are talking about public school students right? It almost sounded like you meant home-schooled, which would be silly. Since study after study has shown the exact opposite. Home-schooled kids are nearly always more well versed in “proper” socializing skills, test much higher on standardized tests, and are more prepared to enter college or the work force than students leaving public schools.

        But if by “proper” socializing skills, you are referring to things like learning how gay sex and condoms work in the 3rd grade, or how to skip school to protest constitutional rights, maybe you are correct.

      • Sounds more like the kids at the public schools….socializing? Most don’t know the term, they are more interested in their phones these days. Brats? Yeah, to many of the public educated brats are just that….because their parents take no involvement in their lives because they are trying to one up the Jones. Public educated kids are taught they have a right to do whatever they want without punishment…..just look at what happened with Parkland and that Cruz kid.

        • Shecky you are right. If the parents aren’t involved in the teaching of their kids, the kids believe everything the establishment tells them. And that is called indoctrination. Tomorrow is Easter. Bring God back into our schools & lives and start teaching reading, writing, arithmetic, and history. The parents to teach manners & morals. Which is not how too many of the kids are being taught today.

      • They didn’t start OUT as a civil rights group. They came into being because many people were agast at the lack of marksmanship in the union army during the civil war

  5. That makes sense the fear of something is usually dispelled when understood and respected!

  6. Yes the NRA does all you have said but never forget they were the first civil rights organization in the country.

  7. Sure, you a$$wipes, line up with the most famous gun grabbers in the 20th century, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and do what you can to forget what happened to those disarmed people right after. You punks are letting yourselves be used. I blame you AND your stupid parents. Remember the democrat KKK were into keeping colored people from having means to defend from lynching. Aren’t you proud?

  8. Cliff,
    You sure got it right. .. Not much more I could add to your comments. … As a former police sergeant there were a couple of times I wish that there had been a conceiled carry citizen available to assist me in a bad situation. .. We need more citizens trained to safely carry. … And as our police officers are so overworked in some areas, I think it would br helpful for older retirees that are bored with little to do to spend some time driving around their neighborhoods looking for any suspicious activity and report to police before getting involved themselves. I emphasize, report and let police handle it first. … And only assist.

  9. The children did not study and LEARN the History of the United States. If not for civilians,being armed…we’d all speak with British accents,paying respects to a Monarchy(which has no power),taking time out for tea and suffering from the lack of dental hygiene.

  10. They doing the walkout to protest gun violence but they actually put themselves in more danger. Somebody could have been waiting to take them out one by one as they walked out of the school. That being said, all the kids that participated in the walk out needs to be expelled.

  11. The kids that did protest just used it for an excuse to get out of class and probably thought it would be fun to protest regardless of their lack of knowledge and the majority followed like Lemmings jumpimg off a cliff. Idiots!!!

  12. All law abiding Americans should have the right to keep and bear arms, that being said, this article is stupid, it states that the kid was wrong because he lives in North Carolina, that is tantamount to saying bad things don’t happen in my neighborhood.

    • Well, that kid WAS WRONG to walk out, but NOT because of where he lives… Rather because just like so many of the Sheeple who participated in the walk-outs, they were TOO STUPID to think for themselves and instead just followed along with the “herd mentality” and participate in the walk-outs for no reason other than “Well, all the other kids are doing it!!!”

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