Student Sues School Over 1st Amendment Rights About The 2nd Amendment


With so many news stories in the mainstream media frothing at the mouth in support of ignorant teenagers calling for gun bans without having a clue what that really will mean for all of us, it’s nice to read a story occasionally in which a kid gets the truth about rights and about guns.

Unfortunately, when you hear a story like that, it is too often like the situation faced by Matthew Schoenecker from Wisconsin. Schoenecker is having to take his high school to court because they are violating his First Amendment right to wear gun t-shirts. Yes, he is suing to exercise his First Amendment rights about the Second Amendment. The story at says:

Matthew and his parents were told before spring break that he could no longer come to school wearing a T-shirt portraying guns, bombs or grenades. When he went to school Friday with a gun T-shirt on, he was sent directly to the principal’s office.

“It was his choice, whether he wears it or not. He decided ‘I’m gonna wear this. It’s my right.’ When I heard about it, I was a little upset of course, and said we got to get down there and see what’s going on,” said Matthew’s father, Brian Schoenecker.

They found Matthew had been moved to a small office known as the cubicle because he refused to cover his shirt.

“It says LOVE on his shirt. Another one (says), ‘Celebrate diversity.’ There’s nothing in there saying he’s promoting violence whatsoever, which is what the principal said was the issue, that he was promoting violence at school,” said Matthew’s mother, Pam Schoenecker.

Now, maybe we should give the principle the benefit of the doubt. I mean, who doesn’t want to keep kids safe, right? Except that gun t-shirts don’t do anything to incite violence except from people who have violent tendencies against people who support gun ownership.


In other words, the anti-gunners are the violent ones when it comes to freedom of speech, not those of use who support Second Amendment rights.

This teenager has every right to wear whatever gun t-shirt that he wants to wear. To single this kid out instead of every kid who wears a band t-shirt (because we know that so much music today promotes violence) is simple hypocrisy. If there is any justice in the court system, Schoenecker will win this case easily.



  1. That’s the big problem most of us are missing. The corrupted Judiciary system with agenda based judges that transcended its original purpose of acting only to support the Law of The LAND already manifested in the Constitution.

    Today, judges not only define the law by their own political biases, the maintain, and even flaunt the audacity and hubris to legislate from the bench to demonstrate their hubris of thinking they are superior to the other equal branches of government and will therefore change whatever they want according to their corrupted bias and political agendas.

    These are the kind of proactive reactions we all should support. Everyone Pitch in a couple bucks to help him fund a couple big guns attorneys and help crush these tyrannist school systems before they destroy the minds of all our children.

    As part of the ‘settlement’ when the igno-imbecilic school board and city comptroller caves because it realizes what it will cost them, the principal should be required to endure punitive punishments wearing gun based T-Shirts for the rest of the school year including the ones that display an AR-15 and say, ‘Is it because I’m Black?’

    Additionally, it really is time, folks, to start turning the tables on these Tyrannist Traitors passing themselves off as necessary mentors when they are nothing more than socialist criminals.

    They teach fraudulent history, promote immoral life lessons and agenda based student mind control, enforced compromise of inalienable rights, and now they are trying to systematically eviscerate the only thing we have left between liberty and enslavement…our Constitution.

    It’s getting so bad–and too many of us just don’t seem to get it or even see it–that even major liberty protecting objectives like repealing all Federal and State anti-gun laws in favor of the strict Constitutional model of absolutely No Infringement, which will forever protect us from totalitarianism–because then they can’t disarm anybody at will by simply creating innumerable, unavoidable illegal ad hoc laws thus making everybody a criminal subject to gun bans when required to suppress and control a politically dissenting opposition. Which happens to be the greatest fraud ever perpetrated upon the pro second Amendment Patriots ever conceived…The 1968 GCA, which mandated that anybody ever convicted of a crime be forever in forfeiture of their inalienable rights to own a gun, and even VOTE! Which is about as transparent as a cheap pair of Victoria And we all fell for it like skydivers without parachutes.

    Now they simply can and do make enough laws to cover virtually every human behavior in society to a point where almost everything you do is breaking some state or federal criminal law? And then begin to enforce them when they want to target focus confiscations of guns.
    (the real plan for implementation of this is already in place and will scare you at how simple it will be to disarm you in the near future if we don’t reverse and repeal their ability to permanently disarm any ex-cons because then it slides off the slippery cliff of Mt. Tyranny into an abyss where anything goes to permanently ban you from your guns, or conversely, like domestic disputes, ‘Safe ACT violence prevention, see something, say something, MENTAL ILLNESS (coming soon to a ‘testing’ facility near you), and now just the subjective assumption that someone is promoting or inciting ‘violence’ by what they wear or say is qualifying as a potential crime from which your gun rights can be ‘disappeared’ forthwith?

    The Founders gotta be break dancing in their graves.

    That’s why the only way to derail this behemoth Freight Train of Tyrrany is to repeal all federal laws so they can’t eventually make everyboy a criminal subject to permanent gun bans. I’ve promoted this for years but nobody seems to care and the Tyrannist mind control propaganda has these neat little clichés that seem to work on the dummies among us like ‘Oh we can’t have mentally ill or criminals having guns to justify their little agenda based gun control and future confiscation laws.

    But even if that brainwashing dialectical has some emotional contact and resonance to many holier-than-thou control freaks, allow me to punk slap some sense into those types with something like ‘those of you who can prove beyond forensic analysis that you are completely without potential for criminal possibility, go ahead then, cast the first mother fucking stone?

    Cops, for instance, some of whom are the worst active criminals in society as they go about their paid business of regularly arresting and convicting people who then lose their right to possess a firearm forever, even if they pay for their mistakes and eventually return to being a law abiding citizen. Whereas the cops continue this hypocrisy of criminal deceit under police state sanction.

    so where is the ‘common sense’ gun control in that form of justice?

    So what does all my personal advocating for Truth in Justice and exposure of the secret agendas for gun confiscation?

    Well, this latest Florida school shooting accomplished one thing, at least.
    It got the enemies of the Constitution pumped up enough so that THEY ARE PUSHING REPEAL THE 2ND AMENDMENT, and they’re even pulling support from some RINOs !

    It’s really time to shift a little focus, not so much on the rhetorical debate itself on what the 2nd or 1st/A means

    But more on making Constitutional Violators subject to the CRIMINAL OFFENSE prosecution for their criminal act.

    If I were the Sherriff of that county, i’d charge that teacher with 18 U.S. code242, ‘deprivation of civil rights under color of law’, Also their particular state statute for illegal detention (kidnapping) of a minor, disorderly conduct, endangering a minor, and whatever else I could find.

    Same with that Citi-bank CEO. Slap the cuffs and leg shackles on his arrogant ass and see how fast his song and dance changes?

    Sorry for the mini-rant, but truly tried to spare us a major one.

    But If we don’t start giving them doses of their own medicine, they’ll continue to poison our liberties, and us… to death.

    • Whew, Mahatma, that was a long one! But so true. Especially, violators of the Constitution being charged with a criminal offense. The most offensive being, the ones in public office who “swore under oath”, to protect and defend it, as I did in the USAF. Thanks for your post.

  2. These teachers are out of control. They not only violate the Second Amendment, they violate the First Amendment! I gave up a piece of my life and some body parts defending this country. I didn’t do it for some ding bat teachers trashing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights!

  3. I live in NY and the ignorant unsafe act now makes me a criminal if I put 8 rounds in the magazine of any weapon I may own. At the same time the criminal who’s busting down my door at 3am can have all the rounds he wants in his. How the hell does this make me Safe?? The crap I have to do to a beautiful ar 15 to make it ‘legal’ is assinine to say the least and that’s just the beginning!

  4. If We The People aren’t allowed to drain the swamp due to our so called elected official who by the way are supposed to work for us, we under our founding documents should call for a Convention of States and throw them all out of office, as is our right to do. Enough is enough people…it’s time to wake up and smell the damn coffee!

  5. We now live in a divided country and world. If wearing clothing with symbols on them causes others to have criminal intentions, than everyone should go naked, oh I forgot about tattoos!!!
    What a sick twisted society we have become. If everyone was to mind there own buiness, and not worry what others
    Say or do, as long as it does not indicate to premeditate harm to others,
    We would be better for it. You can not and will never be able to control or legislate how another person thinks or what he does! What is going on on this country is mental masterbation!!!

  6. That is saying it as it is and not as it is not,That is like saying the good people are those with those types of weapons that want to kill people with,and those who want to stop such types of with a weapon ,becomes the bad person,which is all about taking our weapons from we the people,so we cannot protect ourselves from such people,that makes as much sense as having an army with no weapons,and only the enemy can have weapons.and who dose one think would win .

  7. It is time for the “SILENT MAJORITY” to get LOUD and say Enough is Enough start teaching History again in Schools or else we will REPEAT it

  8. Bob Williams I am an older guy and i believe that if a person wants to be protected and his family.In my time we did not worry about all of thes killings and in my opinion the OBAMA Administration has caused what we have now . All i have to say if they want them than take them from our cold steel hands. As a Marine, Semper-Fi, Do or Dir OOHRAH.

  9. We either have a 1st Amendment for everyone, or we have it for no one. The left, nor the right, gets to decide what is an appropriate subject for free speech. Teachers have become propagandists for the the liberals. They (teachers), do not have that right to project their political views on their students. They are there to teach their students the required curriculum, which should be apolitical. The students parents have the right to decide what they need to learn about politics, but that is not in the job description of public school teachers. If they cannot keep their opinions to themselves, on the job, they should be fired.

  10. Well I hope he wins and has sued for enough that the School the School District craps a brick when they have to open their wallets and bank accounts to pay this KID enough that he has all of his Future Education paid for and has enough in a saving account that he is set for life. This is the only way these moronic School Officials are going to learn is to HAVE TO PAY OUT THE ASS FOR THEIR STUPIDITY. YES I SAID STUPIDITY and THAT GOES FOR THE MAJORITY OF TEACHERS ALSO !!

  11. I am very proud of this young man and I hope other young men have the courage and leadership to follow his example. As long as the t-shirt was not promoting violence. Then it should be his choice to wear it! If the brainwashed liberal students can’t handle it then their parents should teach them some patients, but knowing how liberals think. liberals will become violent and blame the violence on the victim justifying it by saying, if he did wear that t-shirt we would have become violent! Which just shows you how small minded and stupid liberals are! I think its very important for this young man is able to wear his shirt because this is where liberals are trying to change the course of history and destroy this country, by brainwashing all of our children into liberals! It’s this type of leadership that going to become very important in the future. When our country is running over with millions and millions of muslims who want to kill all infidels and destroy Democracy! They are already begun teaching Islam in our schools, telling our children that its the religion of peace and love. Plus they are trying to convert are children to Islam as well, which we all know Islam is a lie! We know that Islam is a fake religion based on violence, hate, genocide, rape, pedophilia, spouse abuse, female genitalia mutilation, and misogyny. We need to educate our children for the fight that’s gonna take place here, in the years to come. When liberals team up with muslims and try to destroy Democracy and the constitution.
    If this kid needs money for his defense. Please set something up. I would love to donate money to his defense lawyer!

  12. If there’s any justice….has anyone seen what condition the Judicial System is in lately?

  13. The school systems in this country have been running rampant for far too many years. I now do computers. I had a 2 year contract to completely re-do school districts network and computers. While on “the inside”, what I saw and heard freaked me out. 20% of teachers a very good conservatives. Only 10% of administrators are. The rest are the worst kind of socialist/communist, left wing Demon-rats. The high school my kids went to suspended a kid “indefinitely” until he publicly apologized to all staff and all students, for wearing a “rude and crude sexually offensive and harassing” T-shirt. It was a picture of a CONVERTABLE CAR, with the top down, with the caption, “I’m a ragtop man, I like my cars topless”. They said ragtop and topless was suggestive of wanting all girls to be topless in the school, and was “borderline” criminally harassing all the girls in the school. Wanting them to be topless. He won the lawsuit, as did his parents for having to pay to send him to another school, because he said he had nothing to apologize for. His parents won back ALL the money they spent on the other high school, plus punitive damages, as did the boy win punitive damages. So what did the school board do? Did they fire the principal and superintendent? NO, they gave them both a big raise, and passed a new dress code a VERY restrictive dress code, stating NO T-shirt can have any writing on them at all, just blank, colored or white T-shirts.
    This is why all these kids today have NO CHANCE of graduating with any sense of right and wrong. compromise, or common sense. As a country, we’re pumping out the most intolerant, extreme leftist indoctrinated socialists this country has ever seen. In 20-40 years, our country will be no more. These kids will be running the country, and we can say goodbye to the USA, hello to the Socialist states of America, or the NWO, with the US being ruled by the UN, or Europe. How sad.

  14. What annoys me in schools and with companies is how overly sensitive they are to anything that isn’t PG-13 or may be seen as risque, sexual or provocative. They are fearful of the silliest thing and they tend to over react. A kid has a knife and they behave like he had a machete and wore a hockey mask.

    Also these teachers nowadays are afraid to touch a child for fear of a suit. What kind of society will this be. Nobody can have a firearm or any type of defensive weapon, an out of control little punk kid can’t be touched, and it’s okay for liberal snots to attack the other side via social media and the laws against libel and slander Why are some of us so vocal and physical and yet others do nothing. By the same token, I see the inequalities in all of these confrontations.

  15. The principal, and any involved teacher or staff member, needs to be sued INDIVIDUALLY for civil rights violations. That way damages can be assessed against THEM, not the taxpayers.

  16. Sounds to me as follows. If anyone is to be called to task, it is the school principle, not the student.

  17. what we dont realize is school supers ,and a lot of principals are nothing more than politicians and gov’t flunkies. they are liberal, leftist , socialist and sometimes communists. just look at the N.E.A. one of the most left leaning organizations in the u.s. there should be a way to deal with these people ,some are elected , some arent. by the way ,i am not anti-union.

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