First It Was A Bucket Of Rocks, Now This To Protect Students?


Anti-gunners in the government and (maybe, especially) the school system have to be the most clueless people on the planet. First they wanted teachers completely unarmed. Now, they’ve come around to the “brilliant” idea of arming teachers and students with a bucket of rocks. But, maybe that wasn’t good enough. Now, they’ve stepped up their game to arm teachers with… mini baseball bats?

Yes, mini baseball bats.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a joke. WICU gives us the story:


A school district in Pennsylvania armed its teachers with baseball bats in response to the recent school shootings nationwide.

In the wake of the Parkland School shooting, the Millcreek School District armed its 500 teachers with 16-inch baseball bats.

According to Superintendent Bill Hall, the bats were distributed to each teacher, following an in-service training day on how to respond to school shootings.

Hall says the bats are primarily “symbolic” but are now an option for teachers to use should they need to fight back in a shooting.

Now, in case any anti-gunners are afraid that these 16″ baseball bats will suddenly gain a life of their own and attack innocent students, these nutjobs can relax. Why? Because “[t]he bats will be locked up in each classroom and kept in the offices in the district’s 10 school buildings.”

You know how dangerous unregulated mini baseball bats can be, and that’s obviously why they need to be locked up for everyone’s safety and why training is necessary before a teacher can wield one in self-defense against a shooter with a firearm. Frankly, I don’t know how this school system can justify having such blatantly dangerous weapons near where children could get their hands on them and, I dunno, use them as drumsticks when the underfunded band program runs out of money.

Look, I thought the bucket of rocks was stupid (I still do), but this is even more ludicrous. What are teachers going to do, throw it at a shooter? Yeah, that will stop a bullet.

You know what stops someone with a gun? Another person with a gun who is a better shot. There are almost certainly people on campus who are willing to be armed and trained on how to use a firearm to stop an active shooter. This school system needs to focus at having these people at the schools instead of wasting time and money on mini baseball bats.



  1. Judges, parents, bunch of stupud ass pussies!° the judge is so damn stupid he takes his brain out and plays with it

  2. I have never in all my years ever seen a denial to the truth as discussing as I am seeing with school safety. What are these people thinking? A criminal with a gun and the teacher is to confront him with a 16″ ball bat? This is beyond rediculous! What is it going to take to get the board of education to come to their senses and lock the doors. Pay for armed officer and do not let anyone in before they are checked out and searched for weapons of any kind. You will never be able to keep our children safe until you do. More gun laws is not the answer here. It is infringement of the people to keep and bear arms period. The laws we have are more than enough.

  3. I hope when the police show up they bring both the rocks and the bats to get the bad guy. New policy in the armed services as well. Throw lots of rocks stick your tongue out and be well armed with bats. Great budget plan as well. Pennsylvania legislators, speaking of rocks, “dumb as a box of ROCKS”.

  4. This idea makes complete sense – in their Land of Make Believe. Gun Free Zones have NEVER worked for Law Abiding Citizens, only the Bad Guys and Politicians who create them.

  5. The liberals are as loony as the folks in London who are now into banning knives and all sharp objects. Next come car, trucks and busses. Up with the stone roads for weapons.

  6. this has got to be the dumbest idea yet. I told my representative and senators from my state of Tennessee that we need more school resource officers and metal detectors at our schools.I also suggested to ask for vets to volunteer to stand outside the schools even unarmed to be between these cowards and our children .All we need to do to stop these attacks is a deterrent because they are cowards like in every shooting it always takes place where guns are not allowed. We have stood by ever since Columbine and done nothing to stop these attacks,but pass more ineffective gun laws. It is time to get off our asses and stop these attacks on our children!

  7. If the teacher pisses off a student (with a well deserved bad grade) then the student can stone her/him. Better than shooting. The teachers better speak up with a better idea while they still can.

  8. If this wasn’t so sad it would be comical. To think our “learned” educators could come up with such a “Diabolical Ingenious” method of countering violence is mind boggling. If only they had gone to all the police departments and army’s in the world with their brilliant idea all the worlds problems would be solved.

  9. How is that superintendent of schools/principal not fired???!!! I would rather home school my children than have them taught the idiocy of the extreme left…

  10. Everybody here, including the author, has missed the point. Obviously, the user of the bat must bat the bullet back at the shooter. Have you never seen a pitcher have to duck a line drive? Because the bullet is much smaller than a baseball, the bat must be smaller, in order to compensate.

    • Damn, you are sharper than a basket of knives! Such wit! No wonder the bats need to be locked up. They are much too dangerous in the hands of an idiot liberal.

  11. Just how damn stupid can they be? This is the same as bringing a knife to a gun-fight. I guess the teacher could throw the bat and hope that it connects. Who is paying for the bats? Taxpayer, of course!

  12. i dont know which is more ridiculos, toy bats or buckets of rocks! only in the liberal, dreamland , make believe world of of american leftist politics.

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