Surpising Opposition To Gun Control Proposals In New England


New England has a reputation for being an anti-gun area of the country with areas like Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island all listed among the top 10 most anti-gun states in at least one list. It’s rather sad when you think about the history of liberty which had such deep roots in that part of the country at the founding of our nation.

But, maybe, there is hope to be found that parts of New England haven’t forgotten what it is like to be free men and women and to want to have a say in their own lives instead of having a government run it for them (hat tip to here for the lead). Paul Crookston writes,

Delaware legislators are considering new gun control measures, but a town hall meeting Monday showed if they are to be passed, it will be done in the face of passionate opposition.

Most of the 400 people at a bipartisan town hall in Middletown, Del., opposed several new gun control proposals in the state’s General Assembly, the Delaware State Newsreported. Those proposals include bans on so-called assault weapons and bump stocks, measures to prevent the mentally ill and those on the federal terror watchlist from obtaining a gun, and a law preventing adults under the age of 21 from buying rifles.

A Delaware State Senator, Brian Pettyjohn even had the courage to place the blame for mass shootings where they belong: at the feet of those evil people who committed the crimes. Anti-gunner politicians were, no doubt, appalled at this logic.


Of course, an anti-gunner State Senator, Bryan Townsend, thinks that government should somehow prevent problems with solutions that don’t prevent problems. In other words, Townsend thinks that gun control will work when it never has in the past. He and another anti-gun politician were booed at the town hall meeting.

Crookston also wrote, “On Saturday, hundreds had also joined to rally in support of the Second Amendment in the state capital of Dover.”

In other words, at least in Delaware, there are people who understand liberty and the importance of keeping their gun rights. Good for them.



    • The stock and trade of the anti gun types is essentially as follows. Facts are worthy of attention when convenient and only then. As for the rest of the time, make it up as seems convenient is their Modus Operandi. Best we do not go down that road.

  1. I agree 100% with the sentiment in the article. Unfortunately, I live in the CT part of New England and not the Delaware part. Oh wait…….There isn’t a Delaware part of New England when I last checked :). Me thinks bad choice of title for the article.

  2. Wow! Just think this is in liberal Delaware, and it says NEW ENGLAND to! See patriots if they are doing this in those states we in the hell better step up in other states,especially in conservative states. We need people with good organizational and leadership skills to bring us together like if any of you remember the I believe million or so at the tea party in DC back several years. Remember the patriotism, crowds then? It can be done and brought back again pray and work for it let’s do it, never surrender!

  3. Maybe I’m using liberal too much, because I told there’s liberals that support gun rights too, so let me refraize that to anti gun states, and people.

  4. Delaware is not in New England…. just saying. It’s about 300 miles South of the region generally considered to represent New England.

  5. Its true that not all liberals are gun haters. Personally know one liberal who spouts all the democrats talking points, how great obama, hillary, reed ( giad that he’s gone), nancy + chuck are, etc.. He is a Trump hater, hates anything that moderates + people to the right think. He beats the demos drum about how great obama care was (he’s on medicare) how great it was that the illegal immigrants were over running the boarder under the last Pres., food stamps and other free handouts are o.k., etc..But he will not tell his few liberal buddies that he is an NRA life member and has been for over 20 yrs. But while he talks to people about how great the anti-gun policies of the demos. are, he does so with a pistol in his pocket! Have seen his monthly NRA magazines. To hide the fact that he is a gun owner, he buys several additional gun mags at the market at much greater prices so that his liberal friends will not see address labels on them if they visit his home. He used to go to the shooting range with us weekly, but would not tell his liberal pals! He isnt around to much any more as the other people in the small group of “deplorables” would comment on his political views. It amazes me just how hypocritical the anti-Trump left leaning liberals can be.Not making any of this up, its the real deal!

  6. Can you explain to me what “Your comment is awaiting moderation” means? It is posted above my comment that I just attempted to post. It does not contain foul language, threats, siurs, racial or religious comments. I have not seen this type of comment anywhere before. Please advise.

  7. There are 6 New England states Maine New Hampshire Vermont Massachusetts Connecticut and Rhode Island

  8. I can not understand how 18 year olds can join the armed forces, be intrusted with defending our country and be prevented from purchasing a rifle, my dad gave my first rifle for my 12th Christmas, WTF

  9. it not so much what state it takes place in , but the attitudes of the people that is important . we need more people in this country to stand up and tell the talking puppets in congress to insert their gun control into the appropriate orifice of their bodies.

  10. I agree STRONGLY with J. R.! Far too much emphasis is placed at the state level. The only boundaries worthy of consideration in these conversations are the ones that define our country, not our individual states. I can attest to the fact that no matter where I travel, I experience passionate attitudes (logical as well as moronic) on both sides of the issue. As proud NRA members, our most immediate obligation is to make our voices heard in the May 15th Primary Elections! That’s the only way we have of asserting any level of control of the “Puppets” J. R. referred to… Get out and vote for our NRA-PVF endorsed politicians!

  11. i dont know who said this but here goes, “everytime you let the gov’t do something for you that used to do for yourself you forge another link in the chain that they use to enslave you. ” so it is with gun control laws . their excuse is it is to protect us and children ,but it is really about controlling us . this goes all the way to the u.n. , george soros, and they n.w.o.

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