10 Reasons Why Anti-Gunners Hate You


Anti-gunners (at least those in the media and in Washington) seem to have no end of rage and loathing for anyone who has a level-headed viewpoint about guns. They scream and screech and treat anyone who disagrees with them with the type of sympathy and understanding that Stalin had when he had people executed for disagreeing with him.

The interesting thing is, despite blaming mass shootings on the NRA and legal gun owners, as Stephen Kruiser puts it,

Of course, none of America’s mass shooters have been NRA members. The NRA doesn’t, as many liberals erroneously claim, provide weapons to people.

And, to add to what Kruiser said, mass shooters often don’t get their weapons through legal means either.


So, Kruiser, in a recent article, set out to explain why anti-gunners hate the NRA.  Here are his reasons along with our commentary as to why anti-gunners hate all gun owners whether they are NRA members or note:

  1. “They’re Rage-Filled and Projecting” – Anti-gunners froth at the mouth. They riot. They espouse violence against legal, peaceful gun owners. Who is actually threatening violence here? Typically, it’s anti-gunners, but, like most people in that part of the political spectrum, they blame others for their character weaknesses instead of dealing with it themselves.
  2. “They’re Not Really Fans of History” – If they were, they would know that gun control is the realm of totalitarian governments and racists who want to control and kill people. Who are the bad guys here? Not gun owners.
  3. “They Eschew Logic” – Anti-gunners make knee-jerk emotional decisions. If they’re not being logical, how can they come up with logical solutions? They can’t.
  4. “They’re Horribly Misinformed” – They buy into the mainstream media’s anti-gun narrative hook, line, and sinker without any critical analysis, and they think that nonsense is the truth. And, like most misinformed people, they fight violently against ideas that they don’t already agree with.
  5. “They’re a Hive Mind” – Just like The Borg in Star Trek, anti-gunners don’t think for themselves. It’s just an endless repeating of illogical talking points.
  6. “They Live in Bubbles” – Anti-gunners don’t live in the real world. They’ve never met a gun owner, and they have the hive mind idea that all gun owners are just waiting for an opportunity to take someone out. It’s both pathetic and sad.
  7. “They’re Horrible at Identifying Real Enemies” – They think the enemy is us when the enemy is their ignorance and those that control them in the media and politics.
  8. “They’re Euro Fetishists” – There is a reason that so many anti-gunners want to always have the image of having Ikea furniture and drinking craft beers. They also often worship socialism and other European ideas. Of course, we’d be okay with all of these anti-gun nutcases moving to Europe. I just don’t think that Europe wants them either.
  9. “Liberals Hate the Constitution” – In other words, anti-gunners hate the Constitution. Enough said.
  10. “Deep Down, They Know We’re Better People Than They Are” – As Kruiser says, anti-gunners are angry because they openly advocate killing pro-gun people, but they know (no matter what they say) that we are the sane and self-controlled ones who won’t shoot them for saying something they disagree with. Don’t you just hate it when you envy someone for being a better person than you? Yes, that’s another reason anti-gunners hate you, too.

So, there you have it: a nice summation of why anti-gunners hate you and me, and why we must stand strong in our positions. Because, if people of the character of anti-gunners (as discussed above) become the majority, it will be a sorry nation that we leave our children.



  1. Amen, dear sensitive and knowledgeable person, who seems to speak from my heart as well as your own. Beautiful words of truth and wisdom. Thank you for sharing. I’m not being sarcastic, I’m just an older woman who loves and appreciates hearing the truth spoken.

  2. You forgot on e major thing , , , , my guns are big , , , REAL BIG ! ! ! ! ™®👍😸😎😼😈☺😏😀

  3. If the anti gunners win – my question is – how are the mothers and dads going to feel when we are at war and their children get drafted and sent out to the front lines to fight for their country knowing that their children DO NOT know one end of a fire arm from the other?? As it is a long time in the making of a marksman and only 8 weeks of basic training. that covers ALL they are taught at being a soldier. WOW can I get in on the tee shirt sales with bulls eye’s on them, I know the enemy would like that (easy targets that do not know how to shoot back. (insert sarcasm any ware in my comment you would like!!!!

    • Anti-gunners can’t win, and I’ll tell you why. Of the 50 or so combat Marines in my command, many can strip down or build up a weapon within a minute. That is unimportant though. Most have gone through gunsmithing school, it just came naturally to me, sort of like when I welded my bike. Say they come for my guns. Don’t you think I’ll simply make copies? Little different copies though, these will be more aggressive and deadly. We do have the technology, we have for at least twenty years. Why haven’t we done anything then? We have invented many new twists on older ideas. Because you have a gun doesn’t mean you’ll fire it. They are the last resort and the weapons we come up with aren’t always guns.
      Lol “Go back and finish school.” That is the biggest waste of time and money I can think of. Kids are taught revisionist history, the boys how to wear makeup. We don’t really have schools anymore, we just have indoctrination or propaganda centers.

  4. The anti-gun crowd is great at screaming hysterically, and threatening to kill lawful gun owners, but just how do they plan to do that, when we have all the guns? Do they think that we will allow them to try and murder us, and that we will not shoot back? Their shit better be in order, because they will meet Jesus, if they try.

  5. It isn’t so much that they’re uninformed as it is that they are completely ignorant. Most of them have never fired, held, or even seen a gun.
    They only know what they see on fictitious TV dramas or in the movies with gangsters blazing away indiscriminately with automatic weapons.
    They don’t know that there have been only a handful of automatic weapon crimes committed during the last 75-years or that the last one on record occurred in 1997. Unfortunately, if they did know they wouldn’t care since most of them are willing to submit to government servitude.

  6. I am amazed at people who think they can make the world better by being against something. If England is now seeking to banish knives, what is next? I’m waiting……………………………

    • England already made it difficult to buy Kitchen cutlery, and other types of working knives, and scissors, too. The Government knows what is better for everyone, and they will say so, in public, or on the Television screen.

      The Brits have been totally eviscerated, and don’t seem to have what it takes to push back against everything done to them. They will have to learn to cut their meat with a spoon.

      This is a direct result of unregulated, and seemingly unstoppable, Third World Immigration from the most backward, and violent places on earth. But, thank GOD that they defeated the Germans in two World Wars. At least, they still pretend that is the case.

  7. These libtards, left wing fruit cakes,are the more dangerous than terrorist, every gun owner,and everyone who loves our constitution and our free rights, better stand together strong, I for one will fight back,and I know most of you will,,these attacks are only going to get worse,pray to God we never get another asshole Obama or killary Clinton in power ever again!!

    • I believe your statement is the one we Americans need to keep at the front of our minds. Nothing is wrong if it brings about what these fanatics want. Of course, if they knew their history, the leaders of the rebellion against democratic republics are the first ones dealt with. Ignorance … wow.

  8. What the anti-gunners don’t realise is, if those of us with guns were as dangerous as the anti-gunners thought (and claimed), wouldn’t we have shot them all by now?

    • If they (the left) think their marches are attended, wait to see those that happen if they try to take our guns away. We will march with guns in hand. We forget how people reacted to confiscation of Gold way back when. We simply did not comply as a society. So, who cares what politicians say, the people of the United States will do whats right. Those in power are few and we are so many and so well armed (450,000,000+ guns in the USA)! Come and get you some, Politicians first!

  9. anti – gun folks are mostly ,i think, liberals who think they know what is the best way for us to live. but not for them. with liberals (and anti gun people),its always do as i say not as i do.

  10. i am always amused by people who want to take away our rights. they think they have the right to do this to us , but we should not have the right to resist. amazing.

      • God given rights, natural rights of man that our founding fathers put into our constitution. Try and look back to 8th grade U.S. history. Any one who doesn’t like it here has the freedom to leave. Oh yeah, that freedom comes from the Constitution,. Bill of rights, our founding fathers and most importantly the brave men and women who have fought and died defending those freedoms and rights you enjoy. With guns no less. I think you just want to cause arguments, tensions and just plain old seeing how many people you can piss off.

    • The Liberals only have the power, and right to take your Second Amendment away, if you give them that power. Otherwise, these limp wristed pussies will have a temper tantrum, and storm away, like a spoiled child.

      I keep wondering, just how many kicks in the face that you people, and other Conservatives, Libertarians, and Independents out there have to take before you all say,”Enough!” and take the party to the Liberals in the State Houses, and remind them, en masse, of the Oaths that they all took, and swore to, prior to taking Public Office? If they want to break that oath, especially in public, then they need to be immediately removed from their Office, for violating that Oath. The next step is that they face Prison time for doing so.

      Once a few of these former Politicians are introduced to the Prison System, see how many others will be willing to play fast and loose with our Constitutional rights, and violate their Oaths of Office.

  11. Maybe it’s a good thing that they are anti-gun considering the hate and hysteria they have in their hearts for if they owned guns we would have even a greater problem in this country with all those nuts possessing firearms.

    • Every single mass shooter was a Left Wing lunatic, from Columbine, to Las Vegas, Parkland, to the maniac who tried to kill the Republican Congressmen at their Baseball game, where Congressman Scalise was shot. So, I guess what we should be saying is that no Left Wing fruit loop, of any Radical stripe, can own guns, because they are all out of their damned minds.

  12. I dont know why you gun lovers would have sent me this email. I never heard “gun haters” before but i guess i am. Although its not really the guns i hate. It’s a lot easier to hate the people who posted the above, uneducated, crap then it is to hate guns. Guns can’t hate back. Only people who write and believe your list know how to hate.

  13. The plot of the Socialist Communist Liberal Racist Nazi Hate God and Freedom Democrat Party is also to take full control of America the following must be done: 1) take over the education system, remove God from school and our society, Accomplished. 2) Indoctrinate the American people that guns kill and the NRA is at fault. They are out their killing people. Use the entertainment Industry to make movies, tv shows and video games to promote and encourage people to murder, rape, mass killing, riots, Racism and to condemn anyone who disagrees with Socialism and Communism. ( very effective and succeeding) 3) Disarm the American people reason safety and security for your family and children. (Getting closer all the time) Once this is done the Socialist Communist Liberal Racist Hate God and Freedom Democrat Party will succeed where Stalin and Hitler failed, but their tactics are working. Americans will give up their Freedom for false security and safety but the criminals will always have the guns. One World Government doesn’t worry about the criminals as long as the people are disarmed.

  14. The anti gun folks fall into two groups,1: those that want to distro y America as it is now hoping that they will be in the delete to take up the ruling class. 2: those to stupid to understand what is happenings around them.I will address the first because ” You Can’t Cure STUPIDITY. The second AMMENDMENT was included into our constitution to stop the common practice of revolutionary leaders that as soon as the revolution is over the leaders disarm the people and impose the same depressive rule that the revolution was faught to end. We have just been protected from this in that Obama showed all the signs that without the 2nd he would have declared martial law and made himself President for life.but the peop,e are stronger than the personal at y he had amassed. Proof is in the fact he purchased more ammo for this force than was procured for the Armed For es engaged in two wars.

  15. dear mr. markowitz , i am college educated , and come from a line of educated people. i am also an endowment life member of the n.r.a. most gun owners (there are always exceptions ), want nothing more than to be left alone to exercise their rights . yes mr. markowitz those granted by the “bill of rights”. i guess maybe you have never heard of it. if you have not , may i suggest a remedial u.s. history class, assuming you can read of course.

    • Me too. Pretty please capitalize God as just a nice favor for me! Thanks I appreciate. God bless.

  16. I believe in God I believe in what this country has stood for I believe in the Constitution of these United States I’m tired of people who don’t understand what the rich, the elite, the celebrities who think they know everything and want us to do what the say I do what’s right what my father and what Hod has instilled in me. Yes I’m a Christian and proud of it. People can’t handle what the rest of us knew and that was this country needs to change and the people voted for it. They are pissed they didn’t get there way so let’s make it pure hell for the rest of us. Does anyone realize that anytime the president wants to do something they take him to court but always in California where you find your celebrities and the ones who think they are better than you and me They get away with everything because they think they are something I carry a gun most of the time not because I’m scared but because I can I would lay down my life for anyone if need be even you people that don’t believe, and it will probably be your type that will get me killed But because I believe in God I know nothing here can ever hurt me I know and that’s what this country has forgotten God is in control not you not the rich not the almighty celebrities or spots heroes but hey they kneel to protest the flag the country that gave them what they have our servicemen and women and every God fearing person You anti gunners are the pethetic ones If everyone who should have done their jobs half these shootings wouldn’t happen Yes I’m one of the deplorable Yes I’m a Christian Yes I’m a gun owner Yes I’m an NRA member proud of all of them

  17. I am the NRA, annual member since 1968 the year I started fighting for my Second Amendment Rights and at 77 still a member. Following the evolution of the “Anti-Gun crowd to today and the hate on this is a thousand times more severe than the period following Kennedy assignation & 1968 Gun bill. The NRA has always been respected and the oldest civil rights organization in the USA with many millions of member from 1871 to date. NRA is not a big secret powerful organization it’s power is members from all different walks of US citizenship. The difference over my many years is the level of hate, resentment and a intolarence of other beliefs.

  18. I wonder if Markowitz has a problem with the Jews in Israel being armed, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, everywhere they go? It seems that the Left Wing is loaded with Socialists, and Communists, many of which are Jews, that scream about gun control here in the U.S., and every other Western Nation, yet they are the first ones to defend the Israeli citizens right to own, and use, all types of firearms, in defense of themselves, their families, and homes, including all public places such as Movie Theaters, Schools, and Restaurants from any possible Criminal act, or Terrorist attack.

    Most American Jews hold duel Citizenship with Israel, and a good portion of the Jews living here, served in the Israeli Defense Forces, but never served one day in the American Military. Why the disparity? Why can’t they serve in the Military, in the Country where they live? And why, with their weapons training, and knowledge of firearms, are they willing to see American Citizens disarmed, even calling for it in the Cities, States, and Federal Legislatures that they were elected to serve in, but yet, continue to insist that the Israeli citizens keep their firearms for their self protection, and self preservation? Apparently, only Israeli lives are worth defending from hostile, and deranged killers, while everyone else remains defenseless.

  19. These anti-gun pussies are the typical ignorant stupid people that get all their im formation from the bought and paid for mainstream news media which are owned by the very same rich elite that want to take our guns and also the ones that really run the government through the Council of Foreign Relations because the politicians are all bought and paid for. How many people actually know that most of these shootings are staged false flag events designed for the sole purpose of taking our guns away and just like in many,many other countries that did the same thing right before a tyrannical dictatorship was set up and these dumb son-of-bitches that fall for this shit and don’t take the time to do a little research and find out the truth about what’s really going on but then if they do that the news media and the other misinformed idiots will call you a conspiracy nut because they can’t fight the truth with facts so they resort to name calling,so America it’s time to wake up and get yourself and friends and family and get imformed about what’s really going on in this world or wake up some day soon and see your city streets swarming with cops and military coming to relocate you. You can laugh now but none are more enslaved than those who believe they’re free

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