This Velociraptor Is Not A Dinosaur But It Can Still Take A Bite Out Of Things

Photo courtesy Aklys Defense

If you’ve watched Jurassic Park, then you know that a velociraptor was a particularly nasty dinosaur, fast and vicious. Not something that you want to meet in a dark alley or anywhere else.

But, because you are a gun person (you’re reading this site, after all) there is a type of velociraptor that you may want to encounter.

Aklys Defense is a manufacturer out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana who is developing an integrally suppressed AK rifle which they are calling the Velociraptor. Their particular method of suppression has some nice features. From their website:


The Velociraptor utilizes the standard AK self-regulating gas system but captures all gasses including chamber gas and expels it out the front (note the pictured “snout” and gas dumps) and away from the shooter in a controlled manner. You will get no cloud of gas in the your face like you will experience with other suppressed platforms and suppressed AK pattern rifles. The recoil on the AKSV is the lightest impulse you’ll ever feel due to the gas regulation and braking effect of the suppressor.

And if all of that weren’t interesting enough, the size of this firearm makes it appealing, too. Chris Eager writes, “The planned two-stamp Kalash is a suppressed short barreled rifle that is small enough to fit in a backpack with the stock folded[.]” Aklys is also saying that this firearm is 6 ounces lighter than a standard AK at 7 lbs, 15 oz, and the overall length is 32″.

All-in-all, as you can see in the picture above, this is an interesting weapon worth keeping an eye on, though, with a current price tag of $4285, this isn’t something that everyone will be able to take advantage of immediately.

Still, if you’re looking forĀ a relatively small rifle to work with, this firearm could be a good next choice for you.



  1. Cool? Yes. Ridiculously over priced? Abso-friggin-lutely! Even if I had the money I would never spend that much on this gun. They obviously aren’t looking to sell very many.

  2. Great looking rifle….but Holy Shit!!! Nearly forty-three hundred dollars is a chunk to pay for it, although I like the described technology.

  3. The “Anti-Freedom/Anti-Firearms Folks”, are insane & do not a reason, just another flimsy excuse.
    To come after us.
    With a good market for this firearm, the prise should come down.

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