Publix Says No Way To David Hogg’s Attempt At Extortion


Publix, one of the largest grocery store chains in the U.S. had a simple response to David Hogg’s attempt to extort money from them: No.

Maybe you heard about Hogg’s publicity stunt in a Publix parking lot recently when he led a “Die-In” to try to publicly humiliate Publix for donating to the campaign fund of Florida gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam who has a positive rating from the NRA. Well, thanks to Hogg’s efforts to try to shame Publix into complying with his idiotic ideas, Publix CEO Todd Jones said that he will not pay what Hogg wanted, and that Jones will also not meet with the families of victims of the Parkland shooting.

Specifically, Jones said that Hogg’s die-in politicized the situation to the extent that Jones would not participate.


The irony is that Hogg might have gotten what he wanted if he hadn’t tried to publicly shame Publix. Kristinn Taylor writes,

Just before the start of the die-ins Friday afternoon Publix announce it was suspending political donations for a period of review. A Publix customer service representative told this writer Friday evening Publix had taken no decision at that point on Hogg’s million dollar demand. The die-ins reportedly only took place at two stores in Parkland and one in Orlando. Publix has hundreds of stores throughout Florida and has expanded into the Southeast.

Fred Guttenberg, whose 14-year-old daughter Jaime Guttenberg was killed in the massacre, wrote on Twitter about the phone calls he had with Jones and how Jones told him Tuesday the die-in had politicized the situation such that he would not come to Parkland to meet with the victims and families, nor would Publix make a donation to the student fund.

Basically, Hogg’s tactics backfired on him as he requested a ridiculous amount of money from a corporation who, frankly, probably donated money to a candidate for reasons completely unconnected with guns.

And Publix had the right response: Hogg isn’t worth talking with or talking to. He’s a bully, and he needs to be shamed into silence for his foolishness.



  1. Good for Publix. Hogg needs more companies to say “No”. I am sure some of the parents who lost kids would have been consoled by a conversation with Mr. Jones.

    Publix has a log history of giving back to their communities. Most of it is never known. It speaks highly of a company when it does not use charitable work & money for advertising.

    Sounds like to me, Hogg is taking lessons from Al Sharpton.

    • Agree totally Audie !! so hoggy boy has now actually hurt people since Publix will now not donate . Maybe somebody in Parkland needs to quiet that stupid lying kid..

    • Recommendation, at future “die-ins”, just walk on the bodies. Dead bodies can feel no pain, so there should be no problems if a body is in your way. If in a store where customers may need shopping carts, it might be a bit bumpy, but, these are dead bodies, so they should feel no pain.

  2. I knew there were more reasons to love Publix than great service, great prices, and great products…
    Keep up the good work, Publix!!
    You should have had somebody spank this little punk while he was in your parking lot… I would have volunteered.

  3. Has Publix referred Hogg’s demands, demands that read as extortionate to me, to the appropriate authorities, assuming that they can be gotten out of the nearest donut shop?

  4. When this kind of activity gets publicized, it can give weight towards an idiotic claim such as what this opportunistic individual has been attempting and I feel Publix should pursue possible legal action against the tiny human (I will not print his name, so I quote the Incredible Hulk, ’cause that’s how silly this truly has become!!!) when will the true media call this idiot on capitalizing on such a tragic event, COME ON I DARE YOU!!!

  5. It’s high time Publix stood it’s ground against these little thugs. If they come around again and lie down in the floor call the fire dept. and the police and have them arrested and removed. by them laying on the floor they are a fire hazard. If something happened you could not get out easy. This kind of childish behavior must not be allowed ever. It’s stupid stuff like this that gets people killed.

    • Publix needs to instruct their employees that if that SCUM shows up on the floor of the store they are to get buckets of HOT soapy ammonia water and mop that crap up and out the door then let Little Wannabe HITLER and his DIKE Mousseline Gonzales try and EXTORT money they should be JAILED for the attempt

    • I agree very well said let their mommy come get them out of jail great job publix about time you stand up Hogg he is a disgrace to America

  6. Somebody needs to put this loud mouthed liberal axxhole in his place…in the back of school bus! He is not smart, he is not novel, he is just a gun grabbing mob’s voice because of his CNN mom!

  7. If this were poor kids then it would never gave gone this far, HE WAS ONE.OF THE MAJOR BULLIES at that school. Why he is not in jail for extortion is the same reason, daddy protects him at night. I want to send him to EU for a month then come back with a whole new idea of what WE ARE ABOUT,AND IT ISNT LAYING DOWN WHILE OUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS ARE IN DANGER. He could be in jail like TOMMY ROBINSON FOR NOTHING, that’s what giving up rights gets you.

  8. The Publix decision is correct in my humble opinion. Capitulating to extortion orchestrated by the Leftists through young Mr. Hogg would have been nothing but more blackmail in the future.

    • And then sue the shit out of them for obstructing your travel and injuring your knee and back in the process. But why aren’t there any charges being filed? Back in the day in Chicago if you even tried that shit for a benign stunt/joke in a public business the cops would be called and you immediately get put in the squad car handcuffed get taken into the station and arrested for disorderly conduct and misdemeanor criminal damage to property if you knocked anything down. These tyrannists are intentionally conspiring to cause monetary damage and potential great bodily harm which should be a 4 o4 5 level felony?

  9. YAY, PUBLIX!! It is so heartening to see someone stand up to the “politically correct” bullying . Makes me believe there is still hope for America. Next time somebody pulls that “die in” crap in a parking lot, I’d love to see somebody walk through the lot, stepping over (ON would be better!!) the demonstrators…..Oh, yeah, while chanting “MY RIGHTS DO NOT END WHERE YOUR FEELINGS BEGIN”

  10. Hogg is a child that wants to impose his will onto others and infringe on their rights. I say lets impose on his rights and make him shut up and see how he feels about it. Hogg has no right trying to be the poster boy for what happened in Parkland because he was not even there when it happened. Truth be known it was a very sad day for Florida and all of America. This is not a gun problem this is a generational problem, this is a generation that has been raised without discipline and without respect to themselves or human life in general, or without God. It amazes me that guns have been in this country for over two hundred years and things like this never happened. God, Country and prayer need to be put back into our public school systems.

    • Thank you Bryan, you said it all put God back in our schools, teach this children to show respect for our FLAG and for our COUNTRY.

  11. Finally someone has shown Hogg that he is wrong,it’s wrong to take away any freedoms from the people. Our freedoms come from God not those like Hogg or Obama,that same kid was incensed when the school told all students to use see through backpacks. He had the nerve to complain about losing a freedom he had yet he has no care about taking freedoms away from the gun owners. The guns aren’t the problem,it’s the drugs schools are told to give the kids. They have been tellin a lot of them they have that problem with short attention span.

  12. Why hasnt this little ass been arrested for attempted extortion? Oh I forgot his mamas a loud mouth news reporter and daddies former FBI..That says it all.

  13. Go Public If you had stores in Pa I would shop there You said something that intrigued me I And a lot of people probably doesn’t know his mommy works for CNN now it makes a lot of sense that they get all that publicity
    You know we never heard much about the shooting at the You Tube offices and hardly anything on news about the Texas Sante Fe shooting even the day after and its only because neither of those two did the perpetrators use assault weapons
    See it’s not actually the shootings they want the assault weapons they want that’s all So Mr Hogg go away

    • His mommy works for Ted Turkey and “Hanoi Jane” so he is in training to start kissing their butts to make a name for himself the only channels he is on are owned by the “Communist News Network” (CNN) so go figure

    • I want to know why these Dim Lefties have the right to pull stuff like this without any recourse from the Police…The fire dept. needs to be involved and drench these animals until they leave, seems this bunch of Traitors have more rights than the tax-paying public…..

  14. Way to go Publix!!!!
    I will resume shopping at Publix with gusto. I was disheartened when I first learned Publix caved in b/c it is a very nice store. In this part of So. Carolina the main grocers appear to be Harris Teeter and Publix. Both are good but I prefer Publix.
    Again, thank-you Publix for putting this ignoram-ass in his place. Do NOT deal with him. Call the police if he does anything to jeprodize customers.

    • Actually his stunt backfire soundly. It gave name recognition to Putnam here in Florida and Publix cut off all political groups most of which were liberal organizations.

    • If the police don’t act — sue the police chief — if he don’t act –sue the mayor– on up the ladder until you get some satisfaction.
      You might even try to sue Hogg and his cronies or even the school.
      Someone is financing these communists — sue him/them.

  15. At last a business that refuses to be bullied by mislead adolescents performing an act of frenzy endangering themselves and others. Shame on the folks that encourage this type of foolishness. Wake up Kroger, Dicks, New York Banks, and others.

  16. Keep in mind ‘Camera’ Hogg’s daddy is a retired FBI agent (under Eric Holder and Obama) and daddy probably wants everyone ELSE dis-armed so he can play the Spetznaz part :-))

    • You can bet this animal is being paid to do the things he does and says by the MSM and Killery. THOSE TWO are the ones we need to get rid of, the most Hated Traitors on earth…..

  17. Excellent comments & response from Publix. As I commented when asked about the “die in”, I’ve never seen a Publix with so much trash on the floor. Turns out I was more right than I thought.

  18. poor little (ADOLPH HITLER) HOGG did not get his way actually little HOGGY got what he deserved not a DAMN THING. HOGGY needs to close his IDIOTIC PIE HOLE and crawl back into his MOMMY’S BASEMENT and suck on his binky until he grows up.

  19. I can see why he is having trouble getting into a college or university. What school would want someone like this in their school only to have the trouble he is causing along with the girl who is also promoting this kind of mixed up information trying to get rid of opposing or conservative opinions.

  20. If David Hogg had any balls at all, he would be taking his “bold anti gun message” directly to MS-13, the Crips, Bloods, the Aryan Nations, the Hells Angels, and the hundreds of other violent, heavily armed criminal gangs. Ya know, criminals who actually shoot other people every day of the year. He doesn’t because he is a gutless coward and a lying hypocrite. So instead, he harasses decent law abiding people who haven’t done anything wrong. Come try that bullshit in a Publix in South Carolina, you rat faced communist fucktard, and see what happens next

  21. ROFLMAO……..I agree with all of you and don’t need to anything about punk Hogg except his old man needs a backhand for raising such a punk.

  22. Where the Hell does this immature little cup cake get off? He is nothing but a spoiled brat whose Mommy failed to instill into her son the importance of being humble. I think she paid little attention to him as he grew up and his efforts are solely to attract attention to himself. He should join Jesse Jackson and “Reverend” Sharpton who are experts at extorting millions of dollars from companies. One must ask how much he would have ended up with for his own personal use had Publix given in. It is time to dump the democrats and their children from Hell which is what this pansy is.

  23. The die in was inside the store where shoppers tried to do their shopping stepping over the bodies of these delusional kids. Shame on their parents and teachers for allowing it.

  24. I think he (the hogg boy) should be arrested for attempted extortion. That should put an end to his “over the top” activism!!! and maybe he could go back to school and learn SOMETHING!!! Then he will probably stay in there for a while… who will pay his bail….Boo-Hoo!!!!

  25. What a phony, snot nose punk. I think people should all chip in to buy the
    kid a new suit, everytime you see him, he has that same suit on. I wonder
    if also wore it to graduation? Maybe they should have a Hogg roast.
    Remember his father was an FBI agent, I hope he wasn’t one of the
    rogue agents that tried to overthrow our great President Trump. Those
    agents should be tried for treason. If convicted, then they should be
    executed. They did it to the Rosenbergs. This includes the Democrats
    Chuck U Shummer, Dick “Head” Durbin, Nancy Polosi, Ovimit Hussian,
    Steney Hoyer, Chris “the coon” Coons, Pocahontas Warren. Let’s not forget
    Comey, McCabe, Stroak, Lisa Page, Rod Rosenstein, Mueller ” the scum bag”
    Also some of the swamp, John “Chipmunk Tratior ” McCain and the rest of
    the Rhinos. Remember, it’s the Democrats that don’t want the wall, so they
    can let all the people in hoping they’ll vote Democrat even though it’s
    against the law but that don’t mean shit to the Democrats. You can help
    President Trump, voting for the Republican candidates in November. Don’t
    forget!!!!!! If you like this economy and everything that is going great,go

  26. Someone needs to tell the little Hogg that it’s impossible to eradicate murder because you can’t change the nature of man. Cain killed Abel shortly after their parents were kicked out of Eden for disobeying God and the pattern has continued for millennia. The NRA has nothing to do with it. If schools were still educating children Hogg would know that an estimated 266 Million unarmed subjects were slaughtered by their own governments during the 20th century, and that the armed citizen is the only truly free human being.

  27. Little Hitler is now shown to be nothing but an operative of Soros and the party of satanism, socialism and sodomy. Gun confiscation is just one of his democrat talking points, and it has been proven that he is in fact California actor Golden Bachelder, a graduate of the Orange County School of the Arts who was hired by Soros more than a month before the FBI and the democrat apparatchik sheriff arranged the “shooting”, contrived to maximize the death toll, delivered Wasserman Schultz to the massacre scene for a campaign rally among the corpses and let loose Antifa, communists and Black Muslims as well as the usual anti-Trump wierdos and beardos for the subsequent demonstrations and riots.

  28. We the people SUPPORT Publix and Mr. Jones. That little Scumbag hogg is Losing all his Support from the from the CROOKED CORRUPT Media and the liberal lowlifes.

  29. Hogg would need to consult a dictionary for a definition of the word “No.” I’m looking forward to the day this little turd’s life prematurely ends.

  30. Last night I saw remnants of the Parkland Punks’ National Tour, in TV, Marching thru Chicago. I could
    not see any real difference between the Gang Bangers & Hogg’s Extortionists.
    Be Prepared they will be investing other areas, where they will Out Politicians, who dared to accept NRA Funding. This is Brazen Extortion, but apparently the Bus Tour is Democrat Approved.

  31. David Hogg wants to take guns away from decent, honest citizens. The criminals will still have their guns!

  32. Why must we continue to ask the same question? Why is this illiterate youngster allowed to share with the rest of us the fact that he is so ignorant and needy.
    He claims to have been ‘right there’ as the ‘Millennial Killer’went about unchallenged while an armed officer stayed outside where he was safe, just waiting to retire and take his $100,000 per year and let so many innocents die. Yes, there were so many cowards present that day and they remain so to this day.
    So it seems that there are so many here wanting, No demanding that they desire to be looked upon as heroes, yet the rest of us see them as cowards. This David Hog is the worst of them all, he ran to the media, clung to their microphones and cameras like they were his mommies tit. He ran to the nearest book publisher so that he and his little sister could…would benefit from the deaths of so many of his classmates.

    So it seems that the officer will gain a great deal from the deaths of so many, just as David Hog will benefit each and everyday from these senseless deaths…yet he will quickly cash those checks. In the days ahead he will rush, no he will run towards those cameras and he will continue to profit as only cowards do. I ask this of you…Is there any difference, the cowardly officer or the coward who would use the senseless deaths of his fellow classmates so as to reap a monetary benefit?
    So before you hitch your wagon to either of these cowards, stop and look at their actions then and now are they to be followed, be revered, or should they be casted out as for the cowards that they are.
    You know the answer, the only thing that is left to you is…are you a Patriot or a coward, I think we have seen enough of the latter. I leave you to decide. A Fellow Patriot

  33. The next time hogg pulls a die in within Publix stores the employees should be told to get a hose and the mop bucket and start cleaning the floors, use the hose to squirt water on the idiots laying on the floor and then come at them with a big floppy mop loaded with pine sol detergent, I guarantee they will come off the floor fast and get out the door, that’s the way to stop a temper tantrum from a toddler, when he falls down on the floor pour ice water on them or just drench them with cold water, worked for me only had to do it one time to teach him that tantrums were not acceptable

  34. I believe that his name is HOG-G the second G is for grunt, with his snout in the ground, to find shit to eat!
    It’s apparent, his parent’s never taught him anything when he was a little piece of crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I did not spend 22 years in the MILITARY support idiots like him.

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