Professor Says Charlottesville Will Help Anti-Gunners in 2018 Elections


When it comes to projections about political outcomes, people can come up with all kinds of crazy conclusions, especially, it seems, if those people prefer to deal with fantasy instead of reality.

Case in point, a University of Kansas professor named Don Patrick Haider-Markel thinks that the recent conflict in Charlottesville, Virginia will, somehow, give Democrats an edge in the 2018 Congressional election. Haider-Markel was taking part in a round table discussion which began with a discussion of the violence in Charlottesville, when the moderator of the discussion brought up the NRA’s lobbying efforts. AWR Hawkins writes,

A consensus position was voiced–that “incumbent Republicans don’t feel any pressure to moderate on guns in general elections”–then Haider-Markel interjected, “This is where Democrats have some opportunity. One place to start is with taking a stand on open carry at legal protests. Open carry is a recent phenomenon for the NRA and there are plenty of gun owners that think the NRA goes too far [in supporting open carry].”

Read that again. Haider-Markel is implying that the NRA’s advocacy of open carry is recent and is thus suggesting that open carry is a recent phenomenon. Apparently, he hasn’t read his history. I don’t know how anyone can characterize people carrying firearms with them at any time as anything other than open carry. Haider-Markel said:


If the Dems want those [anti-2nd Amendment] voters they have to find ways to acknowledge their fears about gun control while also appealing to their level judgement about open displays of weapons during public demonstrations.

In this way, Haider-Markel gets even more ridiculous by showing that he doesn’t even know what the Charlottesville demonstrations were about or what caused the injuries in that city. The demonstrations had nothing to do with 2nd Amendment rights, and there is no indication that open carry of firearms did anything to make the situation worse. Additionally, the injuries that I have heard about were caused by a someone driving a car into a crowd of people. I don’t see Haider-Markel saying that we should ban cars and suggesting that this will be (or should be) bad for car manufacturers.

It’s just another example of an anti-gunner twisting facts and history to support an ideological position which the facts don’t support. It’s just ludicrous. Whenever you hear an anti-gunner make statements like this, we must set people straight about the facts. Charlottesville wasn’t about guns, and guns weren’t the problem. We can’t let people lie by associating Charlottesville with gun violence.



  1. professors seem to getting more unhinged by the year. I”m surprised they can remember how to find their offices!
    If they were paid what they are worth, it would be minimum wage. The technical folks need to get off of the university system and set up their own schools with professional societies like IEEE, ASME, AICHE, etc and forget teaching the liberal propaganda. You could probably cut the cost considerably and get a professional degree in 5 semesters and wouldn’t have to put up with the fascism found on all university or college campuses.

    • Dave,
      Well stated our schools are not higher place of learning, they are propaganda camps. Your right about these teachers, they can not even teach these kids to have any knowledge about what they are protesting!!! SAD

  2. How the hell can a professor make statements that he himself says he doesn’t know anything about. The real story is that the violence is caused by radical PAID members of BLM, Ault-left, etc… financed by Soros. He would nothing better than to see America loose it’s constitution and become under a one world government where the rich call all the shots. Do you really think that he is looking out for the lemmings that follow his tyrannical BS? NO! They are just pawns in his EVIL game upon the American people. Better wake up and smell the boot-heels.

  3. Given that there was no gun fire, correction if needed, how does the professor’s theory work out. I believe he needs to explain, in detail.

    • There was supposedly a single shot fired at one of the antifa bunch by one of the demonstrators. No one was hit and I question there actually being a shot fired since it has not gotten any major media attention. There is a video showing a person firing one shot that was supposedly taken at the C’ville demonstration.

      • Contrary to the crap trying to be peddled, no firearms were used in Charlottesville. Just loons trying to gin up more controversial issues then there actually were. You and I both know if it were to have happened the msm would have lost their collective minds with glee…

  4. A very misinformed snowflake, brainwashing his “lowing herd”. If he is so against the second amendment , why isn’t he against the “antifa” group for using LOCKS on the end of ropes and using them as as a “crude mace”?
    Why, because he is so brainwashed and in a delusional state. Why isn’t he against “antifa” for all the “sucker punches” they inflict on people who are being distracted , therefore making them easy to hit?
    Cowards,brainwashed fools.

  5. Why would anyone (other than students)
    Give a shite what some liberal F tard of a
    Prof. has to say?

  6. Nice try, but I seriously doubt your prediction. If anything, Antifa showed people why there is a need for guns and conceal-open carry.


  8. Typical of the demon-communist-cRATS: call losing winning. The DNC even to the end said Hil-liar-y was winning. Now they are being sore losers.

  9. This man is delirious. Even Democrats own guns. 190 million gun owners are not all Republican or conservative. There is a vast mixture of all political persuasions that own guns.

  10. Then the lies that are coming.out of the liberals should be made known to all who respect the second amendment.We.must.take both houses for the Republicans to move.the predidents programs forward.This also means that due a little research on the cadidate to make sure he is upholding your values.Don’t just hit the know because you like him or he us a nice guy.

  11. Let’s see now…… No guns. ANTIFA people were the only ones to use force and weapons except for the Nazi who drove into the lady. Who aggravated the Nazis/KKK? Strictly a dumb liberal tactic. No one in their right minds does such dumb things.

  12. Anti fa, Humph. My ass folks should just call ththose violent scum what they are! NEO-STALS SHORT FOR NEO-STALINISTS!! AND We All know what a Murderous piece of pigshit that punk really was! Made Hitler look like an a mature when it came to numbers of murders Little Joey was responsible for! Something like thirty million victims!!!!!!!

  13. how stupid can you get if the good guys had of had their guns then the jackass lovers would have been dead and if the governor had of let the cops do their job no one would have been hurt seems like the more education you have the stupider you get

  14. “Open display of weapons”? The items being carried by Antifa weren’t lollypops, Patrick. And they aren’t going to listen to your objections to their being armed, so suggesting that the other side of the discussion disarm is to suggest to them that they be the victims.

  15. Who gives a damn what some dillweed
    Prof. has to say with his liberal opinions?
    It will be adults at the ballot box not a bunch of brainwashed liberal punks, the adults will show in force to drive the final
    nails in the Democratic coffin and send the traitorous scum straight to HELL !

  16. Wouldn’t be easier to just ban democrats and liberal loons like this “professor “?…

    • Probably a damned fire-cracker !like I always say! Every Totalitarian Dick-Tater Controlled No Guns Allowed Nation has the word Democrat/Democratic in their name! ie. The People’s Democratic Republic of China!

    • No conservative speakers, Robert E. Lee statues or privately owned guns in North Korea!

  17. The First Step in a Nation’s Hostile Take-Over, is the Patriots must be dis-armed! Past History will affirm this statement! BTW AntiFa is the Very Definition of a Fascist Organization! They use the same tactics as Adolph Hitler’s Brown Shirts Benito Mussolini’s Goon Squads, and Josef Stalin’s Bolshevics! Fascists ALL!Their very name is a LIE! I’ll bet 75+% of them are collecting Damned Welfare Checks, Food Stamps and all other Govt.Benefits!

  18. Death to AntiFa and Georgi Soros, [The Rex Judarum]! Let ’em all eat Sheite, an’ Bark at the MOON!

  19. This educated idiot proves liberalism is a mental illness. First off if anyone has even a modicum of political knowledge they would know gun control lies at the bedrock of the Democrat policy platform. Second if they were going to keep things on context they would be going after the auto manufactures since the weapon of choice in this incident was a motor vehicle. Maybe we need to have universal background checks to buy motor vehicles and legislation to prevent convicted felons and mentally impaired individuals from buying them.

  20. Advocacy of gun control is a losing issue. Most people are neutral on this it. But among those who care about gun policy the vast majority are pro-Second Amendment not pro-gun control. Far more people are going to be mobilized to vote against a gun control candidate than for them. The infamous Clinton gun ban of 1994 was a major factor in handing control of Congress to the Republicans later that year. Al Gore’s gun control stance was one of several “but for’s” any of which could have changed the result in the super close 2000 presidential race. While 2016 was not the squeaker that 2000 was pro-gun voters in states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania were more than numerous enough to have caused Hillary to lose those “firewall” states.

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