Andrew Cuomo Goes After Gun Rights. Again.


New York State governor Andrew Cuomo has a gun fetish. The guy can’t seem to keep his mind off of guns, so much so that he simply wants the State of New York to be able to come and take them at will.

Because he’s got to have more guns. Well, specifically, your guns.

On June 13, 2018, the New York Assembly approved a bill that will, basically, allow just about anyone to get an order against just about anyone else for minuscule to non-existent reasons which would prevent that second person from being able to buy a gun.


Of course, it’s been sold to us as a way to prevent people from committing suicide. That’s all nice and admirable. But there are problems with this bill.  The first problem is described by Jacob Sullum:

The New York bill, which still needs to be approved by the state Senate, allows a wide range of people to seek GVROs [gun violence restraining orders], including police officers, prosecutors, family or household members, and school employees such as guidance counselors, teachers, coaches, and administrators. It allows a judge to issue a temporary GVRO if he determines there is “probable cause to believe the respondent is likely to engage in conduct that would result in serious harm” to himself or others. That is a low threshold.

That’s right. Just about anyone who conceivably interacts with you will be able to get an GVRO issued against you.

And then there is the second problem: it’s unclear as to what exact point would allow the government to take away your Second Amendment rights. What is the threshold at which government has a right to interfere with your rights?

Historically, if there is no clear limit, then some government official will take it upon themselves to abuse any assumed (by those passing the bill) limitation. It’s the nature of politics and power.

Frankly, if New York State gun owners want to keep their gun rights, then they need to fight hard against this bill.



  1. Andrew Cuomo wants decent, honest citizens to be defenseless against the criminals and crazies that are allowed to run loose in modern America. Look at Chicago! Andrew Cuomo is pro-criminal!

    • Andrew Cuomo is an idiot and a shadow of even his father. He is doing all of this to raise his national news profile because he wants to run for President in 2020.

      What people really need to look at are his corrupt political activities and payoffs. Many, many of his aides and employees are under prosecution at this moment. He is wanting us all to believe that he is a pearl that has been found among a large pile of cow turds!

  2. Andrew Cuomo is going to need all of those illegal alien’s convicted felons,and voting dead to get back into office.The only governor who went into a die in > IN NYC WITH TWO ARMED BODY GUARDS.AIN’T THAT THE HEIGHT OF LIBERAL HYPROCRICY.

  3. DO YOU KNOW , The gov. that wants to take your guns (ANDREW CUOMO) Has a Carry Permit to protect himself (along with his bodyguards) You(JOHN Q PUBLIC)can’t get one (only a sportsman’s permit) that allows you to carry to and from a range but NO place else. The sportsman’s PERMIT can take up to 18 months to get. I think it’s time to VOTE and remove him (and the rest of his ding-bats) from office.

    • Rich,
      To set the record straight, in most County’s in NY, after you have your ” sportsman’s ” permit for a year or more, you can write a letter to the sheriff’s dept. in your County and request a new unrestricted license.

      I’m in Washington Co. and six of my friends have done it.
      The letter should state two or three reasons why you want the restriction removed. Good luck

      • Hi Fred,

        I will stipulkate that everything you have said are the plain facts if in turn you will admit that

        A) A YEAR is a ridiculously long time to wait. Violent criminals have gotten less jail time than that for punching people in the face and putting them in the hospital

        B) YOUR LIFE should NEVER be in the hands of some government official. Remember, it was a member of the broward county sheriff’s department who hid outside like a coward when that madman was killing all those kids in Florida

        Seriously, if I had to live in the blue state gulag known as New York, I would ARM MYSELF, SAY NOTHING TO ANYONE and the law could kiss my ass.

        But then again, that’s one of the many reasons I have chosen to live in one of the Free States. Please, come and join us; you will be welcomed!

      • That is untrue, because you said most counties…. untrue. Most rural counties do that, but most counties with a city in them do not!

    • But of course. And his police state department has full automatic Ar’s in their public assault squad cars. Why would you expect anything else in this rocket sled rise of totalitarian enslavement these days?

  4. You can bet that this will be used against minorities first, making white liberals(and many conservatives) feel a little safer when they actually see more than one minority person at a time. This will work against the hip-hop kids that may dress like gang bangers, but not the real gang bangers.
    Some of the middle/upper middle class will be fooled by this, by the time they realize the violence rate has not gone down, they will not be able to protect themselves. They will be trapped in their buildings/neighborhoods and work areas being forced to pay for armed guards 24/7. They are making their own prisons.

  5. I am a veteran with a PTSD diagnosis and live in this dummycrat controlled state. At the present time the va is not supposed to be sharing this information with the state government, though that may have changed. Naturally I am going to be one of their first targets for taking my firearms. We have already been ordered by the state to register our ‘assault weapons’ and any high capacity magazines. I refused to do so and also refuse to put a mag lock or calif button on a rifle as well as the other ‘ugly gun’ mods. These are all unconstitutional infringements on the second amendment. Just about every large city here is a ‘sanctuary city’s where illegal occupants are safe but the citizenry is not. I want coumo gone as well as the rest of the dummycrats but the sheeple who lock themselves in at night are IMHO totally nuts and will continue to vote for democratic socialist party candidates to somehow have everything free no cost free money. We have a big fight on our hands and a new civil war coming

    • Bobbi Sue, GOOD FOR YOU! Thank you for your service both in and out of uniform.

      btw, I am glad to see I am not the only person using the term Dummycrats… it describes them perfectly 🙂

  6. Someone a New York resident should file a complaint against Mr. Cuomo and make him jump through the hoops he is creating for other gun lovers!

  7. Shouldn’t his body guards be disarmed also?
    Being there should not be guns in NY as coumo believes.
    Wonder if the bad guys will comply?

  8. Please remove Cuomo from office or we will only have outlaws with guns. How stupid can you get!

  9. Cuomo is a Soros lackey and he needs to go. New York should wake up and vote him out of office! I’m sure his security team carries weapons and working with him is enough to make anyone crazy – maybe someone should file GVROS against his body guards, every one of them.

  10. if it passes then individuals need to tie the courts up with GVRO’s against the governor and any government official including police and private security guards. Will not be too long before some judge says no to the law. Maybe the voters should get together and request a mental health exam for Cuomo.

  11. Hey Andrew lose the bodyguards! America doesn’t believe you need protection! As a matter of fact wouldn’t that be considered as like slavery! Do you gotta have people for your own personal needs? You’re not someone who should have protection! You’re just a governor! So that would lead me to believe that you just have these men for your personal needs! You know like slavery! Lose them Andrew! Take care of your own self!

  12. Until we can better agree medically on eh human mind and its total function, we are stuck with no serious final means of dealing with people with certain mental issues to be denied their rights under the Second Amendment, we have no legal stance on such an issue. Until there is, the only protection that the average person has is the rights of the Second Amendment to stand on. But we are still working on some answers medically. That leaves us with one valuable tool and that is the Constitution.

    • We used to lock up violent nutcases. Which made that “easy access to guns” a moot problem. In the pysch wards, the only person they can threaten is their invisible friend Colonel Swatz.

      I say, if you can’t be bothered to prove that this needs to happen to a person, then that person’s rights shouldn’t be infringed.

  13. No! It’s not ‘unclear’ as to what extend the government can go to abuse their authority and infringe upon the 2nd/A. It’s very clear and serious as a firing squad. It says “Shall NOT Be Infringed” not for any reason, qualification, exception or other government oversight. PERIOD.

    In fact, it is a criminal felony to do any of that. IT IS A PROSECUTABLE CRIME TO VIOLATE THE CONSTITUTION! What part of that is always blocked out in all these useless comments? What kind of mind control do they have over us? Why isn’t this tyrannist governor NOT being led away in cuffs and leg irons under arrest for violating 18 USCC 241-242? Why isn’t the NRA filing a federal action lawsuit against the State’s attorneys office for not performing its duties against blatant criminal acts? Why are not all these Constitutional action groups all focusing on filing a mass citizen criminal complaint against these totalitarian criminals and demanding their arrest?

  14. There is already a law of the land re guarding gun ownership it is the Second Amendment.
    I’m still trying to figure out how the States & Cities hijacked it. Own a gun legally in PA cross the Delaware River into NJ an you are a criminal.

    • If I lived anywhere near either of those Slave States, I would carry a gun in on purpose so as to post a challenge to their bullshit laws. I would pursue it all the way to SCOTUS if need be. Those sick evil laws need to be flushed back into the cesspool they were spawned in.

  15. Exactly what the Founding Fathers were MOSTLY AFRAID OF (TYRANNICAL RULE) (and the reason for the 2nd Amendment) IS NOW UPON US AND EACH DAY WE MOVE EVER SO CLOSER TO THE END OF THE REPUBLIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. When Andrew Cuomo bans all guns in New York state, then only Andrew Cuomo will have guns. A true dictators dream.

  17. If I thought for one minute that it would keep criminals from shooting innocent people I would be all for it, it really looks like he’s trying to make honest citizens look like criminals and well on the way for full confiscation. !!

  18. The governor has been elected to office multiple times. With that in mind, the following observation seems all to appropriate. People pretty much get the kind of government they do not vote against.

  19. Comrade Cuomo and the entire politburo in Albany need to be voted O U T. Cynthia Nixon will be worse. The Conservative #2a candidate should be out there yelling from the mountain top that there is a conservative #2A candidate. I live in NY and I don’t know if there is one. Therein lies the problem when you are in a heavily Dimocratic/socialist state. But if the Comrade cannot pass the legislation he will go after ammo both in-store and online. THEY ALL NEED TO GO.

  20. Andrew. Conor. Has. To go. Get. Him out of office. The real meaning that all those. Fools want is to take all the guns away from us if their. Ever was a situation. To defend. Our selves against what government. We would have nothing. To. defend. Our. Selves with. Go by thomas Jefferson. The. Government. Takes. Your guns. Away you have nothing.

  21. The plan the left is pushing is to have only millionaires, their police, and private armed forces with weapons!
    FYI, there are more millionaire Dems than Rep in the USA. God bless America!

  22. What do one expect from this IDIOT BORN INTO an idiot Family like his FATHER AND GRAND FATHER both GONENOURS of N Y STATE OVER THE YEARS that did nothing worth while there in office!

  23. I would challenge anyone who wants to deprive the citizens of our right to own, build, borrow, buy carry and use guns to protect themselves to walk thru their city and then thru other cities and towns that are affected by their gun bans and prove to us “gun nuts” that the police will be able to keep us safe.

    I dare them to go out without a contingent of armed guards and personal protections specialists glues to heir sides, many of which were United States Marines, Navy SEALS, Army Rangers and so on. They can carry a stun gun or pepper spray at most and can’t use an armor plated car. And they are limited to no more than 2 bodyguards. Otherwise they have to rely on making a 911 call and waiting…….. until the regular police can get to them. See how many will do this. And if they do, you can bet they will have undercover officers and snipers on top of buildings to provide over watch and deadly force….. with guns we are not allowed to own.

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