You Would Think This Is A Gun Group That Leftists Would Support


It’s a strange hierarchy that anti-gunners have about what they consider to be right and wrong. Apparently, some subjects are “more wrong” or “more right” than others. Normally this doesn’t seem to be an issue for them as they typically disagree with pro-gun people on nearly every other topic, too.

But where it gets really strange is when their gun control agenda conflicts with their other agendas. Take, for example, when support for gun control conflicts with calls to protect homosexuals from assault. You may think that these two subjects don’t ever cross paths, but, if that’s the case, then you haven’t heard about Pink Pistols. James Barrett writes,

Pink Pistols, nicknamed the “gay NRA,” has become one of the fastest growing gun groups in the U.S., its growing membership, now numbering some 10,000, increasingly rubbing elbows with the more traditionally conservative gun rights crowd — a development that’s raising eyebrows on the Left.

In a report highlighted by the New York Post, Australian journalist Patrick Abboud traveled to the U.S. to find out why LGBT people, who generally align with leftist political positions, are increasingly embracing the Second Amendment.

“I would never have thought I’d see the LGBTI community siding with incredibly conservative, right-wing, pro-gun advocates that have been publicly homophobic and transphobic — that didn’t make any sense,” Abboud told in a sweeping smear of the diverse American gun community.

So, what happened when the homosexual community went looking for ways to defend themselves from violent attacks? As a writer going by Miguel.GFZ put it,


[I]t was only when they dared to seek help with the Evil “White & Racist” gun owners that they encountered a word they were not expecting: Welcome.

They encountered people of all colors, religions and even (gasp) sexual orientations that not only guided them in the basic of firearms but encouraged them to become responsible gun owners.

This really isn’t an issue about sexual orientation or gender ideas. This really comes down to the very human right that every person has to defend themselves from violence and from the potential to be murdered. Like every other human being, members of the Pink Pistols want to not be harmed, and that ability to defend oneself is an essential part of what the Second Amendment is designed to do.



  1. The whole point here is that many gun owners are NOT “incredibly conservative”, nor are they “the evil white & racist” gun owners that the gun grabbers are trying to characterize gun owners. The truth here is that the average gun owner is a normal American citizen. Many have been raised with firearms just as you would expect. People who were raised with RVs and outdoor sports are more liable to continue those activities.

    Just because you own a firearm and have some training, does NOT mean you are into shooting sports or even do so more than once a year. It might be a good idea, but just owning a firearm that is kept up in working condition makes a person feel a little safer in our society. This is what gun ownership is all about, being able to choose if you want the safety and responsibility to protect yourself and household.

  2. The gun grabbers in this country do not want anyone to own a firearm it makes them Uncomfortable
    Again most of us are normal everyday people who work eight hours a day or more to just survive
    We are not the rich or celebrities we are truly the middle class we are Christians believe in God and the freedoms our founding fathers bestowed upon us
    I could care less if you are LGTB and whatever letters go after that
    I just get tired of them always saying I have to conform to what they think and believe and my beliefs don’t matter
    My daughter has friends that are gay and has had them over we have gone out with them and you know what?
    I love those girls as if they were my own kids and would do anything for them or to protect them even lay down my life for them if need be
    They don’t push their thinking on to me like a lot do in fact it was after about three months of knowing them they ask my daughter if I knew they were gay because I was so cool with them and never treated them any different like some of their other friends parents
    She told them that we did it’s that they respected what we thought and felt
    My point they are no different to me the LGTB community as long as they aren’t insisting that I owe them or have to treat them special because they are we can all get along just make anyone feel they have to
    I’m glad they realize the second amendment protects them and they need it just as much as I or we do

  3. “… one’s right to defend themselves …”
    Pronoun-antecedent disagreement …

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