Hero Gun Owner Saves Pregnant Woman


Unfortunately, you don’t hear stories like this every day. Not because they don’t happen but because they don’t fit the mainstream media’s anti-gun narrative.

But the fact of the matter is that the story that you’re about to read is the type of story that happens all the time. And how do we know that they happen all the time? Because the overwhelming majority of gun owners in America are good decent people who look out for both their own families and for other people. Benjamin Brown tells us about this latest positive gun owner story:

A pregnant pizza driver was being beaten with a rifle by two teens in southwest Atlanta on Wednesday night when a nearby resident, who owned a gun, saw the incident and sprang into action, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Dennis Madaris told the station he pulled out his weapon and told the suspects, “Drop the gun or I’ll drop you,” according to the station.

That’s when Madaris said the teens ditched the weapon and took off running.

It’s so good to actually see a news story that gives people an indication of what gun owners in America are really like.


Gun owners aren’t like those two punk kids beating up a pregnant woman (how much of a coward do you have to be to beat up a woman that’s pregnant?). No, gun owners are like Madaris who went out of his way to help this lady and may have saved both her life and the life of her unborn child.

You would think that, if the mainstream media were interested in the truth, they would make Madaris out to be the hero that he is. But they don’t want that. They don’t want the truth. No, they just want to paint us as the bad guys even though we’re often the very people that save other people’s lives. All because we had the foresight and backbone to be ready to do the unpleasant thing if it needs to be done to save lives.

That’s real courage, and that’s a real hero. We applaud Dennis Madaris.



  1. Yes, This is the false narrative the illicit fake news mainstream media perpetuates to promote their police state disarmament program for their totalitarian enslavement, and eventual dissident pogrom agenda. They try to create the perception that all gun usage is criminally related by marketing only the criminal cases and censoring the numerous good self-defense incidents like this one. Where a good man here actually prevented a likely murder!

    Sadly, because of unconstitutional illegal anti-gun laws if this were in Kalifornia or New York, this hero might have been charged with a contrived crime of brandishing a weapon in public or some such police state nonsense. We, in the alternate media must continue to tell the good stories, which as the article said, are far more than the bad ones, to fight back against the politically corrupted MSM that is using mass brainwashing techniques to help the dark state control us. Thanks for the article Caleb, keep them coming.

  2. The only problem I see with this article is calling the news media “mainstream” the largest percentage of media is no longer mainstream, but the political views of some liberal off the wall idiot that has agreed to become a pawn of the leftist that want to disarm America so that the socialist leaning wimps can have their, better red than dead, agenda pushed down the throats of patriots. Those that would give up their freedom for peace, deserve neither.

    • What they don’t understand is there is no peace, once you have given up freedom. There is only domination and control.

    • Well, they call it ‘Mainstream Media’ because it’s all the big names other than Fox News, which seems to promote a healthier pro-gun ideology. But all the big ones, CNN, MS-13NBC, CBS, ABC, and of course, BET and Spike no doubt, all doing the double-down on idiotic bs that comes out of the idiotic power-hungry morons on the socialist (commie-light) side of the aisle. They are all left wing shills. Hanoi-Hanna all over our airwaves. So it’s ‘MSM’ because it IS the vast majority, even if at least 1/3 of Americans know what it is and don’t watch it, the majority do, and that’s where the problem comes in. And it’s what the majority of Americans who don’t watch news regularly still see on a regular, because they don’t realize that all the shows on their time-slots are also Hollywood leftist shows. Doling out an all-day, every-day subtle (or not so much) indoctrination into their no-brain, group-think, victim-generating helping of propaganda to the American public.

  3. This incident is exactly why I have a CPL and carry my handgun from the time I put my pants on until I take them off for bed at night. A person never knows when or where the gun maybe necessary to save a life either yours or the life of another innocent person.!!

  4. He should of just capped both of the punks and Dropped them right then and there and for saving at least TWO lives or more some one should buy that man a Beer and a Cigar

  5. Do what I do I don’t even watch any kind of news except the local weather so I know when I can go fishing or shooting , everything is political. I just try to read my little constitution book and it gets me through, it’s like my bible. See I consider myself a conservative and I don’t see many of them in congress or whitehouse. But about this article it is great to hear stories like this and there aren’t to many places you find stories like this. So Caleb you are the man.

  6. I agree with Cowboy Randy. We have to start the cleanse. Any opportunity we can rid society of garbage, we should take advantage of the situation.

  7. If the punks stopped their beating of the pregnant woman and started running away the hero that stopped the beating would now be in jail IF he shot at the fleeing punks, let alone hit them. Once the threat of great bodily harm and/or death is no longer present, neither is the legality of a non-law enforcement officer shooting their weapon at all.

  8. If the suspects are no longer a threat, chances are you will spend time if you shoot them. Always try to have somebody video taping the crime with a cell phone. This way if the suspects still try to do harm to another, you will have the proof, no questions asked!

  9. The punks were not in legal possession of the gun to begin with, PROVING that gun CONTROL laws do not work.

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