This Legal Ruling May Be A Breakthrough For 2nd Amendment Supporters


As you know, anti-gunners have been “gunning” (pun intended) for your firearms, looking for any way that they can to prevent you from being able to buy more or from even putting your hands on your own weapons.

And gun control supporters have had some success in their efforts over the years with background checks and other anti-gun efforts in many states.

But a former law student from Texas, Cody Wilson, managed to fight the Department of Justice to a standstill. And in the process, it looks like he has made 3D printed guns legal for everyone to get their hands on. Andy Greenberg gives us details:


The Department of Justice’s surprising settlement [in wilson’s lawsuit against them], confirmed in court documents earlier this month, essentially surrenders to that argument. It promises to change the export control rules surrounding any firearm below .50 caliber—with a few exceptions like fully automatic weapons and rare gun designs that use caseless ammunition—and move their regulation to the Commerce Department, which won’t try to police technical data about the guns posted on the public internet. In the meantime, it gives Wilson a unique license to publish data about those weapons anywhere he chooses.

“I consider it a truly grand thing,” Wilson says. “It will be an irrevocable part of political life that guns are downloadable, and we helped to do that.”

To put this into everyday language, Wilson argued that he is allowed to make 3D gun plans freely available online because it is protected under his 1st Amendment rights to free speech (the DOJ under the Obama administration had argued that having these gun plans available online was the same as illegally exporting guns). Now, the DOJ has ruled that 3D gun plans are not weapons and are, therefore, not subject to restriction or regulation by the Department of Justice.

In other words, if you have a 3D printer, you can go ahead and download all the gun plans that you want without the Federal government caring (so long as you’re not downloading plans for the few exceptions such as fully automatic firearms).

This is a huge victory for gun rights, especially since it makes it so much more difficult for anti-gunners to track firearms since firearms are now so much easier to build at home.

I guess it’s time to go shopping for a 3D printer.



  1. This guy Cody is true American Patriot Hero! This is what we need more of. Fighting back. Fighting Fire with Fire. Like demanding our local State/District attorneys office arrest anybody, including corrupted disarmament agenda biased legislators, who deliberately commit the felony of violating 18 USCC 241-242 which prohibits any act of deprivation of our 2nd/A rights, Including trying to make your own illegal municipal or government statutes and Fiat gun control laws. In other words Any and ALL gun control is illegal and punishable by fines and prison sentences. And there is plenty of serious follow up SCOTUS case law to back this up?

    But they’ve brainwashed us into believing that a state or municipality –like the recent Washington and Illinois state laws restricting gun rights, are ‘allowable’. But THEY ARE NOT! They cannot make laws contrary to the Constitution, which clearly states and mandates that gun ownership and use “SHALL NOT BE infringed”. For any reason.

    They get away with it simply because of their police state bully pulpit and authoritarian enforcement ability. Which the people have a right, and duty, to challenge and abolish. We’ve got to form PAC groups and legal challenge organizations to stop this now, before its too late. Confiscations are already planned as soon as next year if the leftist tyrannists get control of the House or Senate!

    I also beg to take issue with the statement in the above article that “it’s okay now to download info on making firearms as long as they’re not plans for automatic weapons” Why would that make any difference? They’re still just plans. There are literally thousands of books and tech manuals and videos of greatly detailed mechanics of automatic weapons constructions. And virtually any existing semi-auto firearm can be relatively easily converted with rudimentary tools.

    The criminal statues (Constitutionally illegal, by the way) refer only to possession of an actual physical example of the prohibited weapons. Books and Construction info were always just “for informational purposes only” and not subject to censure in a Free Society?

    Are you sure this ruling was interpreted correctly with that statement in the article???
    If it was, then their are millions of people currently in possession of “illegal” knowledge and information according to Fiat law? A very bad totalitarian slippery slope to be ice-skating on?


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