Kyle Rittenhouse Just Got A Small Bit Of Good News


It’s about time that Kyle Rittenhouse caught a break after the chaos and violence in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and it looks like he finally has received at last a small bit of good news.

Now, if you don’t remember Rittenhouse, he’s the seventeen year old kid who was arrested for shooting three rioters in self-defense. Note that, at the time of this writing, none of the people who were chasing Rittenhouse looking for blood have been arrested, just the kid (Rittenhouse) who saved his own life through the use of a firearm. That should tell you all that you need to know about the bias in how this situation is being handled by the District Attorney in Kenosha.

But, on to the small bit of good news for Rittenhouse (hat tip to here for the lead). Sam Borcia writes,


Lake County [Illinois, where Rittenhouse resides,] prosecutors said that the gun Kyle Rittenhouse used in the Kenosha shooting was bought, stored and used in Wisconsin. No charges will be filed against him in Lake County.

Rittenhouse, 17, of Antioch, is facing charges in Wisconsin of first-degree intentional homicide, two counts of first-degree recklessly endangering safety, first-degree reckless homicide, attempted first-degree intentional homicide and possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under 18.

The Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office announced Tuesday that an extensive investigation was conducted by the Antioch Police Department.

The investigation revealed the gun used in the Kenosha shooting was purchased, stored and used in Wisconsin.

The Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office reviewed the investigation and determined no crimes were committed in Lake County.

Prosecutors said there is no evidence the gun was ever physically possessed by Rittenhouse in Illinois.

Now, understand, Rittenhouse still has huge obstacles to overcome in defending is freedom from a clearly biased prosecution attempt in Wisconsin, but this is, at least, one less thing for Rittenhouse to be concerned about in this legal nightmare.



  1. This whole website is a fucking joke.. “self defense” “saved his own life”….
    You have a twisted sense of reality and need to get some fucking help… Maybe have your guns taken away as you will likely shoot an innocent person.

    • Take up a gun and have someone try to bash you over the head and let’s see if you will let them do what they want or if you will actually use that gun to defend yourself. Leftists don’t seem to live by common sense these days. TRUMP 2020!!!

  2. “Self defense”? Against what? A plastic bag?

    “people who were chasing Rittenhouse looking for blood”
    ….are you daft? NOBODY was chasing him “looking for blood”.

    He MURDERED someone, THEN a crowd chased after him.

    If someone kills somebody else in a crowd, I would hope people in the crowd would try to stop the killer.

    Kyle wanted to know what it is like to kill someone. Now he knows. He deserves life in prison, if not the death penalty.

    If Kyle wasn’t walking around brandishing an assault rife, nobody would have even noticed him and he would still have a happy life to look forward to.

    You gun nuts are seriously deluded and dishonest. You all seem to have the same fantasy of killing people. Let Kyle Rittenhouse be a lesson to you, that if you DO kill someone, you WILL face consequences!

    “Self defense” does not apply when you walk into a protest or riot armed with an assault rifle and a will to kill.

    Kyle got exactly what Kyle wanted. His imprisonment will be sweet justice for the rest of us who value life.

    • What exactly do you think Rosenbaum was doing? Do you think he was just shot at random? Do you believe he was chasing Rittenhouse and lunging for his med kit? Do you believe Rittenhouse should have surrendered his firearm to a suicidal arsonist?

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