The Scary Information About The Jacksonville Shooter That No One Is Talking About


You may have heard news reports about the shooting that happened in Jacksonville, Florida. If you haven’t heard about it, David Katz, a twenty-four year old gamer at a competition, lost during the competition and decided to open fire. Sadly he killed two people and injured ten people before taking his own life.

Of course, anti-gunners immediately started screaming for more gun control (never mind that he supported anti-gun candidates politically). All this even though the latest reports indicate that Katz purchased his firearm legally.

But the really scary information is something that the mainstream media isn’t talking about. Fortunately, Matt Agorist has the details for us:


Now, we have learned that Katz had been on the types of psychiatric medications known to cause violent thoughts and that are linked to many of the worst mass shootings in recent history.

According to family divorce records, Katz had been in and out of treatment for psychiatric issues since as early as the age of 12. According to a 2006 letter from the father’s attorney, as reported by CNN, Katz was prescribed a number of psychiatric medications, including an antipsychotic, and saw “a succession of psychiatrists.”

What’s more, a separate 2006 court filing states that a therapist said he had experienced a “psychiatric crisis” while prescribed these medications.

On top of the psychiatric crisis and the reported drug cocktail, CNN also obtained police records that show 26 calls for service to the police from the Katz family home in Columbia, Maryland, from 1993 to 2009, for issues ranging from “mental illness” to domestic disputes. At least two of those calls involved Katz arguing with his mother, though none of the reports provided to CNN show any physical violence. The Howard County Police Department declined to release the reports from a number of the incidents, citing statutory restrictions.

David Katz’ past is eerily similar to that of Nikolas Cruz, except that his parents were both feds.

This shooting is disturbing enough, especially since Katz had a history of confrontations, but what no one is talking about is that he was on psychiatric medications which, unfortunately, have been linked with other incidents of violence.

So, while anti-gunners want to shout for more gun control, you have to ask yourself why they aren’t shouting to take medications off of the market which are repeatedly linked to violence and killing.

Maybe if anti-gunners really wanted to make the world safer, they would focus on what causes the violence and not the tool that so many people use to defend themselves.




    • Big Pharma is who should be prosecuted in this case. Instead of getting to the root of this man’s problem, his doctors just prescribe some of Big Pharma’s new “miracle drugs” (which, by the way, seem to cause more health problems than the condition they are supposed to be treating), and send him on his merry way with no or minimal supervision. This “lethe cocktail” is being found in more violent offenders than ever nowadays and needs to stop!

      • Hey dumb ass don’t blame the drugs
        But the doctors who don’t follow up throughout treatment. Without those medications there are a lot of people who’s lives would be a nightmare. Always
        Screaming. Big pharma is bullshit and irresponsible.

  2. He should have been reported to nick’s so he couldn’t have gotten the gun. They need a law for shrinks to report them when they are taking these dangerous drugs.

    • When is anybody and everybody going to wake up and understand that just because you are on an illegal anti-Constitutional registration data base like NCIC does not mean this willstop anybody from getting a gun, if they really want to use one in their crime? It only stops you from buying one from a federally licensed gun dealer. And not always even then, considering the ease at which some can ‘fall through the cracks’ in the flawed to begin with system?

      Is it so hard to grasp that the only reason for background check/registrations is to catalogue a target focus tactic for mass confiscations facilitated by illegal gun control laws if there is ever an ‘enough is enough’ response to growing new world order totalitarianism that precipitates a decision by a Constitutionally moved citizenry threatening armed resistance and remedy to the Tyranny as prescribed and demanded of our Constitution?

      No. We are all too fucking brainwashed to see that.
      Are we all THAT brainwashed and programmed by the Deep State?

      No, Ken. We do not need yet another gun control law. They have more than they need to disarm us. What we need is a repeal of all gun laws. Because ‘shall not be Infringed means there should NOT be ANY fucking gun ‘control’ laws. Which have absolutely nothing to do with crime and punishment. Gun Control laws are only there for one, aforementioned, purpose.

      But it looks like ‘They’ are winning with the brainwashing agenda.

      • I concur. Its just like the heroin epidemic that was caused by the crackdown on Drs prescribing pain medication, making it easier and cheaper to go the street route. The more problems they fix, the worse it gets.
        Consider this wrt the above. If guns are banned or made more difficult to get legally, one may be forced to purchase the gun they desire illegally. Now you have an illegal gun, and if of unsound mind, may perhaps more readily commit an illegal act. The fact you were forced to purchase an unregistered gun may allow one to think they can get away with something they would not have considered with a registered gun.
        I think all citizens of sound mind sound own and practice using a firearm. Don’t make it a sin the register it, so everyone registers.

  3. Antidepressants were on every school shootings and the navy shootings the psychological institution agreed with me on that

  4. The left or MSM will never tell all the facts about this case or any of the others that are in direct opposition to their anti-gun agenda. They would have you believe the gun is the culprit and not ultimately the person who uses the gun. Since big pharma owns many on the left, they’re not about to slam these drugs that turn a disturbed person into a monster, a monster that kills. In this case, one who kills because he lost a pathetic game.

  5. As usual, the Constitution trashing freedom haters will be running their mouths for more gun control. They will want to punish decent, honest citizens for the actions of the criminals and crazies who are allowed to run loose in modern America! Lock up the criminals and crazies, problem solved. That’s the way it used to be many years ago! It can be that way again!

  6. When Obama gave control of the FDA to big pharmacy he gave them permission to use Americans as guinea pigs.
    He said he did it to git the drugs to the people faster without leanghy waiting periods.
    However what he did was equal to handing over the DEA over to meth manufacturers.
    Big pharmacy and meth manufacturers have the same goal.
    Making money

    • Obama did not give control of the FDA to big pharma. Big pharma has controlled to one degree or another the FDA for a LONG time. Under obama it just became more open.

  7. That’s the problem. The anti gun crowd don’t want to make anything safer. As a matter of fact, they relish these shootings. This just gives them more reason to go after your guns. The first step of a dictator is to disarm the Citzens. The 2nd step is to control the media.

  8. As I have often said, we have a people problem, not a weapons problem. If the guy had that many conflicts with he law, why was he not on the list of people blocked from being able to purchase a firearm? The Florida shooter was also known to be dangerous the same way but thinks to his mother intervening, he got a firearm legally anyway. So wast the Connecticut shooter. In other words, our gun laws are often useless.

    • It’s NOT the gun laws!!! After the Cruz shooting, Florida IMMEDIATELY passed the “Red Flag” law! IF a person is reported to have issues, guns are IMMEDIATELY taken( temporarily, like a Domestic Violence case) and the person is gotten help, REAL help.

  9. If you just look at the available photos of him, supposedly when he was happy, he looked like he had one foot in hell. Here are the most pics of him I could find on one site:
    Anybody selling a weapon to somebody who had that far off dead pan gaze, that Katz seemed to have all the time, is not doing a service to the 2nd amendment of the community. If you get a creepy feeling about someone buying a weapon, you should make an effort to investigate that gut feeling with, maybe the police in the town that he lives in. Just because NCIC’s says its OK, you can’t just wash your hands. I’ve sold many guns at gun shows here in New York, and on one, we got a story that didn’t make sense and refused to sell a man a shotgun. Turns out NCIC’s was wrong, and he couldn’t own a long gun. Their info hadn’t updated to his current issue’s. Just saying, most times your gut is correct.

  10. BS! Banning drugs is assinine as banning guns! News flash: IT’S NOT THE GUNS AND IT’S NOT THE DRUGS!!! The problem is the human element- authorities continually dropping the ball! In this case and the Cruz case, the Psychs, and PD, etc. failed them and society! STOP THE MADNESS!!!! Enact Red Flag laws and enforce them!

  11. I have to say, I really don’t agree with this placement of blame. Look at this person’s track record; the police have been called to his home multiple times over many years in several locations. This IS a dangerous person with mental illness. To blame the largely effective but certainly imperfect medications that good people are using treat this disturbed person is no better than blaming guns for the bad decisions of people who use them. I am rarely in favor of any infringment of ANYONE’S rights, but this is a tough area, and the problem is not guns in the hands of average people or the pharmaceutical industry, who has created many of our successful medical advances.

  12. This is BS of the first order! OF COURSE he experienced a “psychiatric emergency” while taking antipsychotic medication-what the hell do you think we prescribe it for, headaches?! When someone with a psychiatric disorder does something”crazy,” we blame the disorder, but if he seeks treatment, suddenly we blame the treatment/medication-talk about crazy! It’s like blaming their insulin injections when someone dies from Diabetes.
    At any given moment upwards of 4 Million folks are taking these drugs, which keeps them functional enough to stay out of psychiatric hospitals. How many of those millions have become mass shooters?
    The drugs are typically given to patients who are at increased risk of suicide or other problematic behavior. OF COURSE they are associated with those behaviors! The same reasoning would blame fatal heart attacks on cardiac meds. OF COURSE they are associated with heart attacks, we only give them to folks with heart disease.
    If antipsychotic drugs caused mass shootings or suicides, there would be MILLIONS of them annually.

  13. The anti gun types, no matter their claims, are interested in one thing and one thing only, that one thing being CONTROL.

  14. Of particular interest might be or are the names of the specific drugs/medications Katz was prescribed.

  15. Md just passed a red flag law.
    It actually means that anyone who wants to cause gun owners trouble can complain and get the firearms
    Oh, but the police are going to store your guns for you, until you are able to get them back.
    Good luck with that!
    None of these laws are of any practical use in stopping a lunatic drug induced psycho bent on
    killing others and themselves.
    When will the public come to realize that politicians, activists, law makers, and bleeding heart liberals,
    don’t have a clue as what to do?

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