This Guy Chose The Wrong Convenience Store To Rob, Gets Shot By Literally Every Customer Inside


Even with the mass media’s attempts to virtually black out all mentions in the news of positive uses for guns, occasionally, you will still hear about someone using a gun to stop a crime.

Sometimes what makes it newsworthy, in spite of the story’s support of gun ownership, is the people involved or something unusual about the whole situation. Still, chances are that you haven’t heard of this strange incidence of defensive gun usage that took place in Brazil in 2017. gives us the details:

A hapless thug picked the wrong convenience store to rob in Brazil recently. Inside the store were four off-duty plain clothes police officers carrying concealed weapons.

Surveillance footage from inside the store shows the criminal was shot multiple times during the robbery on May 31st.

The footage shows the suspect, wearing a white shirt and a motorcycle helmet, enter the store and produce a handgun.

One of the cops took cover behind a display shelf and drew his service revolver. A 2nd camera angle shows the same officer fire 2-3 shots at the robber who dropped his gun on the floor. As the wounded suspect went for his gun he was shot by the other officers.

The suspect collapsed on the floor where he lay motionless.

We don’t know from this news story if the would-be robber survived the shooting.


Regardless, we all know that this guy had an incredibly bad bit of bad luck that day. After all, how often does it happen that, when you go into a store, every single other person in the store is an armed police officer? Not terribly likely. No, not likely at all.

One thing is clear, though, if he survived, it’s likely that this attempted robber will think twice before robbing a convenience store (or, at least, that one).



  1. While I applaud the officers for their actions if it had been only civilians in the store there would have been no armed resistance.

  2. whenever I see a store w/ no concealed carry in the window, I ask the manager how many thieves would consider robbing his store if he had a sign that said 5% discount for concealed carry?

  3. Who says no armed resistance if ,only civilians in the store. We had a man in my home town 30 years ago shoot his ex-wife numerous times. Customers drove him out of the store by throwing cans at him. Unfortunately she died. Man spent rest of his life in prison.

  4. I’m sorry the officers weren’t in Birmingham, Alabama. We have plenty of targets that need shot. Good work guys. Come see us.

  5. Dumb is as dumb does….didn’t his mama ever teach him God’s law of “Thou shalt not steal”? Of course, this and other cases just like this, are the results of taking the Ten Commandments out of our schools, and out of our society.

  6. A similar incident occurred back in the mid 70’s at a well know donut shop in Los Angeles County. Evidently, the would-be robber was in an extreme hurry and didn’t case out the place before attempting to rob it. The donut shop sat on a corner where three local cities borders met and it was routinely occupied by law enforcement from all three cities, the county sheriffs, and local private security officers changing shift. Late at night, the robber ran in the front door, pulled a pistol and demanded cash. He must not have noticed that the rear parking lot was full of law enforcement vehicles! He heard the sound of people behind him so he turned around and looked at a room full of uniformed officers facing him with pistols drawn! He quietly laid down his weapon, was handcuffed and led away!

  7. It depends on the court. Most times a 2d shot is allowed. After the FIRST shot it may be considered murder in some cases. Deadly force should be secondary, but most times a person has to make the split-second decision to fire and center of mass between the shoulders and about 8 inches below the chin is enough. (2d button down from the collar button )

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