Unlike David Hogg, This Gun Manufacturer Is Doing Its Part To Reduce School Shootings


If you’re a regular reader of this site, then it’s likely that you agree with me that David Hogg is a complete blowhard who is wasting everyone’s time with his foolish gun control rhetoric. Unfortunately, however, there are people out there who actually think that Hogg’s nonsense will actually do some good to keep students safer while at school.

Fortunately, though, at least some people are trying to make a difference in school safety. Of course, as you’ve probably already guessed, these people aren’t associated with David Hogg. Quite the opposite, in fact. Chris Eger writes,

The Iowa-based firearms supplier [Brownells] recently made a donation to a North Dakota police department to better equip the agency’s school resource officers.

Brownells donated nine AR-15 rifles to the Bismarck Police Department after news reached them that the agency was looking for funds to purchase such equipment, as reported by The Bismarck Tribune. The officers, spread across both public and private high schools in the area, are currently only armed with handguns.

Besides the rifles, valued at $520 each, Brownells also contributed custom parts and a $1,800 armorer’s kit to the agency.

“We have made donations to police departments around the country, if we hear that they’re in need and we have the opportunity to help,” Ryan Repp, head of Brownells’ communications team, told the Tribune.

That’s right, while Hogg and other anti-gunners want to keep everyday Americans from being able to keep their families safe in the name of keeping people safe, a gun manufacturer is actually doing something to make people safer. It appears pretty clear that Brownells understands what David Hogg doesn’t understand: The way to minimize the number of deaths in schools due to gun violence is to have law-abiding people on campus who have more and better firearms with which to shoot back.


Because, when it comes down to it, guns are not and have never been the cause of gun violence. People are, and the only way to protect against people is with other similarly armed people.



  1. In addition to the above generosity, what about supplying each school with a varied complement of these tools?
    Bullet-proof Desks https://youtu.be/RpMPqI9Qk-E

    Bullet-proof Tables https://youtu.be/haQ23eozmHQ

    Bullet-proof chairs https://youtu.be/5leGhJfTjVs

    Bullet-proof folding Kevlar shield https://youtu.be/P_ezsOeX5mQ

    These items are not necessarily only for Schools but, could be used in offices, Bars, Restaurants, outside caffe’s etc… In an emergency, one could tip over a desk, table or chair and use it as a shield until help arrives.
    The Folding Kevlar Shield’s could be positioned next to every hallway Fire Alarm & in stairwells.

  2. Sounds good to me another thing would help keep children at School safer is do away with the ridiculous gun free safe zone and allow Adults with a concealed carry license to be armed while in school buildings and on School grounds. ALL THE GUN FREE SAFE ZONE SIGN DOES IS TELL A NUTCASE THAT THERE ARE NO GUNS THERE TO PREVENT HIM OR HER FROM KILLING MANY UNPROTECTED CHILDREN BEFORE AN ARMED PERSON ARRIVES TO STOP THE KILLING.!!

  3. What gets me is that back in the 50’s, 60]s, and early 70’s when we went to school we never had to worry about school shootings. WHY? Because, then we were being brought up our parent had the right to smack our rear ends take a belt to us and we learned respect, Oh but then around the mid 70’s they came out with this law that the kids could have you arrested for child abuse and that is totally when everything started. After the 70’s the kids have had no respect for anyone. I mean if we cused at our parents back in the old days you got your mouth washed out with soap and you got your rear end swatted with a paddle, today you do that and your going to spend time in jail. .

    • Yes, I went to a country school and all of us boys and probably some girls had guns and were taught to use them safely and responsibly. If we were going squirrel hunting after school we would bring our .22’s to school and no one gave it a second thought. My, how things have changed.

    • You are absolutely correct. But try getting a lefty to see that fact, and your called a monster, racist, Nazi, fascist, pig. Yep. They are the party of inclusion, alright.

  4. Davidhogg111 is nothing but a useless ignorant crying lying POS. A bully (him and the other two stooges are just as responsible as the Coward of the Coward County, the school board and the FBI. As out of the mouth of Gonzalez came the words we bullied the shooter since grade school. The only reasonable voice is the father of Meadow Pollack. Some one is going to knock that smug look off piglets face. Maybe the same person who made sure he would go to no University in Florida.

  5. I agree with you George Kehl, I’m a baby boomer and was brought up with two parents that taught respect and politeness. Of course we didn’t have video games or cell phone in those days, but I might be “grounded” if I was a smart aleck and banned from watching Bugs Bunny cartoons, now THAT was punishment! Nowadays the kids don’t have any respect to other people much less than their own parents. To me Facebook and other social media is a cancer on our society, everyone knows what you are doing or going to do, giving very bad advice, of course it doesn’t help that President Trump uses twitter all of the time and haranguing people to get his point across. I wish that he would quit tweeting, but it is what it is, or IIWII for short. Now lets go and smack some bottoms folks, when it is deserved.

  6. Such news is valuable in that we have a lot of reasons to deny Democrats to regain control of any part of our government. They have become so radical they are fatal to our constitution. We, the people, best be aware of that at the polls. We cannot afford to crash our constitution or our way of life.

  7. Thanks ! Great article !
    About our sweet little “Davy-Boy”:
    It would be best not to mention his name, since he is thirsting for importance and fame. I know it takes more time and space, but I think it would be better to refer to him as TPNLP. …. Or, “The Pencil Necked Little Puke”.
    Don’t mean to be offensive. Just correctly observing.

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