Not Worried About Socialism? If You Value Your Guns, Your Should Be


In my studies of history, some trends keep coming up over and over and over.

Of course, the scary trends are often tied with some kind of Utopian idea that a group of people thinks will solve all of the world’s problems, and they believe this with a cult-like religious fervor without any evidence to support their beliefs.

One of the worst of these offending Utopian ideologies is socialism.


Now, if you’re someone who thinks that changing the economic system in America to a (more) socialist economy won’t effect your gun ownership, Pete Diaz has an unpleasant reality check for you. Diaz, who was born in Cuba and witnessed Castro’s ascent to power there, writes,

The first order of business in Castro’s revolution was to disarm the citizens. People ask me, “Why haven’t the Cubans overthrown the Castros?” How can you beat an army of Russian-backed murderers with sticks and stones? The Cuban constitution, similar to that of the United States, was deemed outdated and was replaced by Castro.

This didn’t happen overnight—it started with leftist propaganda, especially in the universities. Cuban youth were indoctrinated into hating capitalist America and brainwashed into thinking that equal pay for everyone, free healthcare and education would make Cuba a utopia. I cringe every time someone tells me that Cuba has a great healthcare system that is free for all. These ignorant people don’t know how scarce even aspirin is in Cuba.

Now, understand, Cuba isn’t unique in this. Socialists always disarm their citizens. Why? Because an armed citizenry can resist government oppression, and if there is one thing that socialists can’t stand, it’s an opposing opinion. Don’t believe me? Just look at cancel culture in America and the censoring of opinions on social media and elsewhere.

Understand that the Second Amendment in the U.S. wasn’t primarily put into place so that people can protect themselves from criminals (though that is a big benefit). No, the Second Amendment was put into place so that the citizens of the United States could resist their government when that government became tyrannical.

I’m not suggesting that we’re at a point in the United States where an armed revolution is called for or necessary, but I am saying that we need to retain the right to bear arms so that when that does happen (and history says that it will eventually happen), our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and so on can protect their life, liberty, and property from socialists and other Utopians who want to control everyone’s lives and are willing to kill to do so.



  1. This is exactly why we need to keep them clean, loaded & handy. So we can demonstrate them to Beto or whatever Leftist US Constitution violating fool shows up!

  2. Yeah, Beato is just one of the liberal jerks who want to disarm the country. I also checked to buy a handgun, but I was shocked to find out that even if you managed to buy a handgun, there was no ammunition available for sale.

    Lawrence Keen
    Pearland, Texas

  3. There is also another great reminder: Venezuela. Once one of the richest in South America – it has more oil than Saudi Atabia – it was first victimized by Hugo Chavez and then by Maduro; the government stole all the money. And yes, they conned the people into giving up their guns. Now look at it! It’s a bloody catastrophe!

  4. In October 1916 V.I. Lenin wrote:
    In every class society, whether based on slavery, serfdom, or, as at present, on wage-labour, the oppressor class is always armed. Not only the modern standing army, but even the modern militia—and even in the most democratic bourgeois republics, Switzerland, for instance—represent the bourgeoisie armed against the proletariat. That is such an elementary truth that it is hardly necessary to dwell upon it. Suffice it to recall that in all capitalist countries without exception troops (including the republican-democratic militia) are used against strikers. A bourgeoisie armed against the proletariat is one of the biggest, fundamental and cardinal facts of modern capitalist society.
    And in face of this fact, revolutionary Social-Democrats are urged to “demand” “disarmament”! That is tantamount to complete abandonment of the class-struggle point of view, to renunciation of all thought of revolution. Our slogan must be: arming of the proletariat to defeat, expropriate and disarm the bourgeoisie. These are the only tactics possible for a revolutionary class, tactics that follow logically from, and are dictated by, the whole objective development of capitalist militarism. Only after the proletariat has disarmed the bourgeoisie will it be able, without betraying its world-historic mission, to consign all armaments to the scrap-heap. And the proletariat will undoubtedly do this, but only when this condition has been fulfilled, certainly not before.

    So there you have it, once that you can afford a Firearm, the proletariat will come and take it!

    • How can anyone fall for the “everything free” tenet of Socialism? Where does the money come from? The Government has NO money. Money to pay for everything comes from taxes the people pay. When they figure out the people who Don’t work get the same benefits as those people who Do work and pay the taxes . The workers will soon decide; why should I work and carry the nonworkers when I can be a non worker and get everything the non tax payers do ! So you can see a Major fallacy of a basic of Socialism tenet.

  5. I think our biggest problems is voter ignorance.
    Too many people don’t know what they don’t know.

  6. It’s just like Marx said: ” Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary.”

    Wait, did Marx actually say something sensible for once? Help I think I might be a Marxist now.

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