Stupid Gun Question Of The Day


Have you ever heard a stupid question? Of course you have. Those are the kinds of questions that, when you hear them, you think to yourself that the answer to the question is so obvious, why would anyone need to ask? It’s silly.

But, then you come across people who have so many of these kinds of questions that you have to wonder how they don’t drown when it rains because they look to the sky with their mouth wide open in awe every time that a downpour happens.

And it’s usually this last group of people who seem to have a stupid question of the day every day. Well, for your amusement, a writer going the name of Jerry The Geek tells of a question that he’s being hearing a lot:


Quora Question:What does it feel like to be shot with a .22 caliber firearm?

Strange as it may seem, there are still people out there who deliberately coax people to shoot them … just to see what it feels like.

Have you ever had your curiosity overwhelm your good sense?

Well, of course you have.  So have I.  But chances are, neither of us have taken it to this degree of inanity.   I’ve seen people get shot, and I have no doubt that it hurts.  More-over, it typically results in a degree of leakage of “Precious Bodily Fluids”.

Usually the leakage is blood, but I’ve seen grown men piss themselves after being shot too …  I’m not sure which is the most embarrassing, but apparently when you’re bleeding a lot you don’t care much about being “embarrassed”.

Here’s my advice about being shot:   Avoid it.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that Jerry’s advice is good advice, and, frankly, the world would probably be a better place if people had the simple common sense to figure out the answer to this question themselves.

But to those who are still unsure, let me just say, “If you can at all avoid it, definitely avoid getting shot. Avoid it every time.”



  1. I’m wondering where this quora web site gets it’s questions from??? These guys are not from America, because there knowledge of fire arms is next to zilch and nil??? The moronic questions they ask also bring to question ???WHO is sponsoring this web site???

    • Many who want all the gun control or gun confiscation fall under the category of “knowledge of fire arms is next to zilch and nil???” and they cannot understand why people don’t pay a whole lot of attention to them.

  2. I know, it’s like daaaam. Getting shot hurts wow, that is revealing information. Probably little kids looking for attention.

  3. Moderation, really, it’s about as soft of a response possible. My guess, you ridiculous, over sensitive, under educated, closed eyed, not willing to listen or hear. I can go on and on ( democrats).

  4. It is sad when we read about questions of this nature, specially when WE HUMANS are suppose to be the most intelligent of all ANIMALS in this planet. However I am a great believer that somewhere, somehow we are loosing that place, that number one position in the animal kingdom, we are loosing that edge that makes us HUMANS. When a person starts to wonder about something like that question? Then there is something definitely wrong in their psychic, that means they are loosing the main component of the human race, which is PRESERVATION of life. However I wonder if when you get to that point, would you be better of doing it and making room for someone else in this world with more brains? But then again that should be another good question for another chapter.

    • Dawin told us this problem would eliminate itself but he failed to account for liberal democrats who teach our young.

  5. I forget who it was who said it, but it’s one of the eternal truths: “Never underestimate the intelligence of the average American” The question? I’ll believe it. it’s on a par, after all, with “Bread goes in, toast comes out….but where does the bread go?”

  6. Conceal carry person here. Stopped by Hwy Patel Officer for exiting on closed exit, bad signag. When informed him I had a weapon and was lisecened conceal carry permit holder. “Why do you carry gun.?” I thought that was a stupid question especially living in Los Angeles.

    • So, funny story…

      Taking Tom Given’s class (highly recommended) and he asks the class “why do you carry a gun? What’s the point?” …

      After going through all the “classic” and “correct” answers that most everyone gives…

      – “to protect yourself and people you love” NO
      – “for safety” NO
      – “to exercise a fundamental right” NO

      He speaks it plainly.

      “The point of carrying a gun, is in case you have to shoot somebody. That’s the only reason.”

      LOL, I love that man. So simple and to the point.

      To the Highway Patrol Officer that pulled you over, the more “appropriate” response might have been, “Well Officer, I suppose I carry a gun for the same reason you do, in case I need to use it.”

      • In Tennessee, I got a Carry Permit as a reference. Most places do a background check before hiring. MY BG check has been done.

  7. My favorite (from when i was a Border Patrol Agent) was always :”is it loaded”? They were referring to my 4″ barreled stainless steel Dan Wesson .357 magnum that I used when in uniform. (I love my Dan Wesson because I can swap out the 4″ barrel with a snub nose barrel for plain clothes use.) I have no idea how many morons asked me that same stupid question. My answer was always the same. “What good is an empty pistol?”

  8. I`ve been shot with a .25 raven. Hurt like a S.O.B. Yes I was screaming and crying like a bitch. Came close to being paralyze, but I was shot by a jeleasous husband aiming for the guy next to me in a bar.IT`s a bullet its suppose to hurt or kill you. Dumbasses asking this question should be answered with ‘WOULD IT HURT YOU IF I KICKED YOUR BALLS UP TO YOU THROAT.’ How has Darwin allowed this piece to live?

  9. I’ve got a funny for you… in the last 5 years, I’ve worked at perfecting my shooting accuracy. The one thing I’ve yet to perfect is a moving target. I mean, it’s pretty easy to shoot a free standing target but it’s totally different to shoot a moving one. As an intended joke, I said to my instructor…. I have an idea. How about you hold the target and run as you would if trying to avoid a direct hit. I will then shoot at the target as you are running, just make sure you hold the target at arms length in front of you. He had a strange look on our his face before he realized i was kidding! Thing is, my fav gun is my AR loaded with 223’s. One miss on my part and he easily could have died. Just thought I would share since dealing with stupid questions!! Me, I have no desire to feel the pain of being shot.

    • Thought about moving targets = Try practice on moving targets like “Sporting Clays” at a shotgun range. THOUGHT = don’t hit the body of the flying duck – aim for the head. OR tie helium balloons (3 foot string) to a rock at the range and pop them when there is a slight breeze, about 30 yards away.

  10. I just read that President Trump wants to raise the age to own a gun to 21 years. My Grandson turned 18 two months ago. He is an excellent shot. He’s old enough to join the Military but not old enough to own a gun? Why does President Trump want to punish my Grandson for the actions of the criminals and crazies that are allowed to run loose in modern America. Lock up the criminals and crazies, problem solved. That’s how it used to be done in America! By the way, I voted for Trump!

  11. When I was in eight years old Joey Nickles and I were out in the woods exploring when he exclaimed, look at your leg, it’s bleeding. Sure, enough it was, I thought It was from a stick polking me. It did not hurt, well not much. I just went on with my life and it healed quickly. Several years later that spot started bothering me with soreness and itching I could see something dark under my skin. It took a while but eventually, I dug a 22 cal round out. I at the time never realized I had been hit by a stray round. Does a 22 hurt? I guess it depends on the circumstances.

  12. The first thing my dad taught me about shooting was that if the target is hit in a vital place, the target is permanently finished in an instant and never changes. Death is instant and permanent.

  13. I agree with this author who said to AVOID GETTING SHOT.
    I have seen surgeries to patch up a gunshot wound. The bullet leaves a “missile track” when it travels thru a body. Adjacent to the missile track is dead flesh, which was killed by the bullet. This dead flesh has to be removed, or else gangrene sets in. The process to remove the dead flesh is called “Debridement”. From what i have seen, debridement is not an exact science. Some surgeons do it good; some not so good. And in a combat zone, U don’t get much choice as to who patches U up.
    A few years ago, it cost $100,000 to patch up ONE bullet wound. I don’t want ANYONE to get shot. And i admit that there ARE scum bags around who won’t give U any choice BUT to shoot them. It happens. But, still, i try to avoid ANYONE getting shot if there is any way i can, while still protecting life, which IS the most important factor.

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