[Video] Here’s A Commercial To Put Gun Owners In The Christmas Spirit


The Christmas season is a time of the year when most Americans are shopping for gifts for others and looking for ways to show kinds and appreciation to others.

Unfortunately, though, gun owners too often get the short end of the stick when it comes to appreciation. That’s why we appreciate a video put out by Black Rifle Coffee Company last year (2017) which is not only amusing but makes clear that this company appreciates gun owners (as if their name didn’t make that clear). Watch the video below:


Now, if watching that video doesn’t get you humming Christmas songs, I don’t know what will warm your Grinch-like heart.

On a serious note, though, most people aren’t going to see ads for or even think about guns as gifts during the holidays, but shouldn’t we really be considering this?

Realistically, if we have an elderly or physically weaker friend or relative, shouldn’t we look for ways to get them quality firearm training so that they can get licensed (if necessary in their area) and have a firearm on hand for their own self-protection? Is there a truly more caring gift than the gift of self-protection and self-preservation?

Unfortunately, though, Americans are constantly bombarded with a false narrative which gives a negative impression of private firearm ownership and usage. It’s no wonder that they get terrified at the mere thought of being in the same room with a firearm. They have never seen one in person, much less handled one. How are they going to have a clear idea of what a firearm can and cannot do?

Fortunately, sharing the video above will give people the opportunity to see another side of gun ownership and gun usage besides the illegal ownership and illegal (often violent) usage of firearms that they usually see on their mainstream media news.

So, be a good neighbor and spread the good cheer, a few laughs, and a different perspective on gun ownership by sharing this article and sharing the video above.

Have a happy holiday season from all of us at preparedgunowners.com.



  1. As a serious gun owner and supporter of our constitution, with all of our rights. IMO this video will just add fuel to the fire for the anti-gun crowd. By holding up the image of these three MORONS! Wasting a bunch ammo, shooting up steel plates, and looking like three red neck overly tattooed, jerks. Without a complete set of brains between the three of them! What a great image! Now I find nothing wrong with Christmas Carols being played via gun fire. But this cast of characters I do not find humorous at all. Not the image of the responsible firearms owners I would project to a public filed with tongue in cheek humor. All this will do is give the antis out there one more example. To bolster their arguement for restricting our Second Amendment gun rights.

    • James Baum – A few questions for you: (1) What is the correct amount of tattoos? Or to put it another way, how many tattoos are required to be considered a jerk? (2) What constitutes a “waste of ammo”? That is what is the proper use of ammo, if not for entertainment and target practice? What would be the proper casting for a clip of “Christmas Carols being played via gun fire”?

  2. Sadly, I agree with Mr Baum. Take it down. Tom Hanks said it best; “stupid is as stupid does”

    • The stoopidest write the shortest comments. Who’s “Tom Hanks”?
      (It wasn’t “Tom Hanks”, ` it was Forrest Gump. You get a D- in mass-cultural awareness….)….
      MOLON LABE, Brother….

    • I am a native American trailer-trash redneck, and proud of it. What’s the problem?
      The 3 guys in the video clearly are NOT “trailer-trash rednecks.”
      Rob, they’re ALMOST HIPSTERS!
      Internet much?

  3. Well…. while there is some truth to the other comments, I wanted to say that with a few serious narrations or comments, it could be pointed out that these people are demonstrating that such shooting would take a lot of skill therefore the idea of referring to firearms as weapons of mass destruction and portraying them as equivalent to a phaser on Star Trek or Luke Skywalker’s Lightsabre is an extreme comparison. It’s downright ridiculous.

    The second point, which may also be lost on the ignorant or anti-gun crowd is that these guys are shooting targets with no mention or indication they wish to kill anything or anyone human or otherwise. Not even zombies or extra terrestrials are suggested. Most good people who own guns shoot targets. Even most police officers (Same for some military personel) never fire their pistols or other weapons, in their entire career. The notion of the bloodthirsty, trigger happy gun owner is just left wing propaganda.

  4. It was one of the best pro-2nd Amendment videos I’ve seen. OK, it was more “pro-gun”, than purely
    “pro-2nd Amendment”, but same difference….

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