Northam Spouts B.S. About Passing Gun Control Bills


Sometimes you have to wonder if gun control advocates are simply clueless or if they are willfully ignorant. I’ve certainly met a number of non-politician gun control advocates who simply don’t know the truth about the history of gun control and its lack of positive impact on gun violence.

But then you think about someone who has been in politics, working in government, for years. These people have access to data that your average, everyday person may not have readily available or may not know where to find (after all, your average America, sadly, probably only have access to CNN or MSNBC and may not know about this site). But political office holders, who have access to the data showing the overall picture about gun violence, are either willfully ignorant or they know the truth and simply don’t care.

Either is inexcusable. And, in the case of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, I suspect that it’s the latter situation which is the truth.


So, after he and his Bloomberg-funded cronies passed several gun control bills in Virginia, Northam’s office released the following statement (hat tip to here for the lead):

“This is an historic day in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

“Every year we lose more than one thousand Virginians to gun violence. Thirty-two lost at Virginia Tech. Twelve people shot and killed at their workplace in Virginia Beach. A nine-year-old girl shot and killed at a cookout. A three-year-old shot and killed right outside his home. And many more Virginians lost every day to tragedies that do not make headlines, but devastate families and communities, nonetheless.

“Today, this year, Virginia has said enough is enough. The emergency of gun violence must end. This legislation will help get us there. 

“Thank you to the many gun violence prevention advocates, some of you still grieving over the loss or injury of a loved one, who have fought for years for today. 

“And thank you to the legislators who finally listened to the voices of Virginians and voted to pass commonsense gun safety legislation. 

“These bills will save lives.”

What a load of crap.

Oh, it’s historic in massively pro-gun Virginia to pass these idiotic gun control bills, but it won’t save any lives. No, history shows over and over that gun control causes more deaths overall.

So, members of the #VAGunRightsRebellion, you have some work to do. Better start setting up the legal challenges to these gun control laws. It’s your freedom and safety that are on the line.



  1. You need a bigger wheelbarrow for the load of crap gun control freaks dish out. Perhaps a 10 ton dump truck?

  2. Lets see now we have Kennesaw, GA. that hasnt had any gun violence in the last couple decades verses the democrat cities that have non stop gun violence. The difference is one is all about gun control ( democrat cities for the uninformed) and Kennesaw made a law stating all head of house holds will have a firearm (if you have one there it is up to you). They did ask the criminals in surrounding jails where would be the place you wouldnt want to try to commit a crime and the same answer came back City of Kennesaw. The reason why they answered there was they knew the law of firearms and didnt know who had them and afraid of getting shot in the process of committing a crime. They did have one gun crime which was shot lived and it was from some one out of the area that attempted it. Not bad one gun crime in over 20 years and crime rate over all close to next to nothing.

  3. These anti gun politicians should never be allowed to carry or own a gun and their armed protective services should be taken away. Perhaps they would better understand what being unable to have any self protection feels like.

    • I absolutely agree!! Personal defense is a God-given right that no man should attempt to remove; only at his or her peril.

  4. Northam’s “gun control” laws don’t seem to mention the criminals and how these measures will keep any guns out of criminal hands. That is so weird if you really think about it. Northam’s measures seem only to cause an impact on law abiding citizens. Why is that? These measures actually go against the Bill of Rights under the Constitution, therefore they are illegal. The God given rights, protected under the Constitution are specifically documented for the sole purpose of protecting United States citizens from tyranny of the government. Northam and his cronies have violated the law, not only of the Constitution, but also those of God. All of these rights are not to be infringed, for we are free men and women and no one may take them from us.

  5. When the elections come, you have to throw the BUM legislators out of office. Vote pro 2nd amendment Republicans in office and get rid of your SICK governor.

  6. He’s a BIG LIRE
    There’s only 2 laws that had any real merit
    The Red Flag Law and the Universal Back ground check , the real important laws ( bans ) were shut down by his own Democrats
    The People of Va. won the 2A battle of confiscation

    • Socialist , Fascists and Communists have relentlessly attacked our Constitution and Bill Of Rights for over 100 years , I figured anyone that has ever read the Constitution and their Bill Of Rights would know that a Red Flag Law is not a Law , It is pretended legislation and violates the Second ,Fourth , Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments of the Constitution , Some would argue that this illegal Unconstitutional Socialist Gun Confiscation Scheme also violates the Sixth Amendment , Universal Background Checks is code talk for a National Gun Registry which is already illegal , But if You read the legislation they found a clever way of circumventing Federal Law

    • How the hell does a red flag law have any Merit?. They’re already being abused by the anti-gunners and anti-gun Physicians. Before you back a law read about it first.

  7. The last time I looked a gun, knife, bow & arrow, sling & a rock, car & the list goes on, those entities never did anything till a human picked them up or drove them–DRUNK. As an ex gun dealer I have heard all of this crap, no one I sold to or know of ever had a damn gun go out & do mayhem & come back & clean it’s self & get back in it’s place of safe keeping. People with twisted minds who want to go out & cause trouble, are the ones that do this crap. We lock them up & they turn them loose again, wake the hell up, dumb politicians, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

  8. “It’s the deed, not the device.”
    Frying pans, baseball bats, and wine bottles can kill one just as dead… when wielded with bad intent.
    On the other hand, when confronted with that bad intent, nothing beats a gun for defense.
    Oh, I know…”Guns can kill multiple people at once.” Ever seen the results of a Molotov Cocktail?

  9. the 2 amd. was for the protection of the citizen from the government . they cannot forces use to do what they WANT until they get our guns

  10. Did Prohibition stop alcoholism?? Did it eliminate booze?? Did the 55 MPH speed limit prevent speeding or traffic deaths?? NO!! I suggest Virginians continue to possess firearms and ammunition as they always have in obedience to their Second Amendment rights and elect officials who will repeal these unconstitutional regulations. Do what the criminals and those who are intent on violence, do; ignore the law and go about your business. I live in an open carry/shall issue state and we have very few gun-related crimes as compared to our population. Remember this; an armed society is a polite society. Northam and his ilk will pay the piper for ignoring the will of the people. ‘Nuff said.

  11. WE must stop using the term “gun violence” . That is a brain washing tool to make you think that an inanimate object is capable of anything on its own. You need someone to operate it. We should use “criminal violence” or “savage behavior” instead. Using their terms gives credence to their argument! Don’t let them fool you, your gun is the only thing standing in the way of tyranny.

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