Just Another Example Of The Fact That Gun Control Only Applies To ‘The Little People’


It never ceases to amaze me how many people in America think that laws are actually applied to everyone in the same way. Yes, they should be applied equally regardless of who we are talking about applying them to, but in practice? No, they aren’t applied the same.

And, guess what, gun control laws are the same as any other law in this regard. Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross give us the frustrating details of a real situation in an anti-gun stronghold state:

A former senior investigator says he was fired for blowing the whistle on his boss, San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón, who he alleged carried a gun while flying — in violation of federal law.

Gascón reacted with a “pattern of retaliation and harassment” that culminated in the termination of senior investigator Henry G. McKenzie on Oct. 30, 2017, according to the suit filed in U.S. District Court in San Francisco.

In the Nov. 24 filing, McKenzie says that Gascón — who is also the city’s former police chief — took a gun on board commercial flights repeatedly after becoming D.A. in January 2012.

According to the suit, members of the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office Investigators Association, which included McKenzie, discussed the “need to blow the whistle” on Gascón’s potential criminal violations in early 2017.

Sometime that spring, an investigator in the district attorney’s office contacted the Transportation Security Administration to report Gascón’s alleged unlawful travel with a firearm.

“The issue is flying armed while not being a peace officer, and flying armed when there was no need to” for law enforcement purposes, McKenzie’s attorney, Fulvio Cajina, told us.

Under federal law, peace officers who are armed while traveling are required to state that they are doing so for good reason — a reason related to their work — under penalty of perjury. The investigators believed that, as district attorney, Gascón was no longer an active peace officer and had no need to travel with a gun.

In the months after the TSA was notified, five of the Investigators Association’s seven-member governing body were either terminated or reprimanded. In all, according to the suit, “nearly half of the district attorney’s investigative department — or about 14 staff members — “were either terminated or forced to resign under intense pressure within a five-month span,” the suit said.

So much for equal treatment under the law.


Kind of reminds me of how anti-gunners want to believe that gun control will protect everyone from being shot. But gun control laws won’t be followed by criminals or those in power as this story shows.

This is just a reminder that we need to continue to work to protect our Second Amendment rights because the high and mighty won’t follow the rules and won’t protect us.



  1. Just another case of governmental ” don’t do as I do, do as I say”! When our nation’s lawmakers don’t obey the laws they enact, it’s a clear case of double standard elitism! But, since the violator is the primary prosecutor, his investigatory team has been shredded in a retaliatory manner to ensure his job security! Maybe the Feds should look into this matter since the TSA seemed to only notify the D.A. someone blew the whistle on him!

    • The police do not carry firearms to protect us. They never did. The bad guys want to shoot at the police so that they won’t stop them. The police shoot back to make the bad guys stop shooting at them.
      If you ever need a firearm to stop a bad guy I hope a policeman is nearby.
      Something to think about…Last year, the FLU killed about 80,000 people. Firearms killed about 33,000.
      What should our politicians be working on? FLU CONTROL?

      • Something else for you to think about. “DOCTOR PRESCRIBED PRESCRIPTIONS” kill over a “HALF MILLION PEOPLE YEARLY” and “HAVE BEEN KILLING” them for “DECADES!” What should our politicians be working on?

    • He is no longer a law enforcement officer and therfore, by law, not permitted to carry a firearm on a commercial flight! Change the law if you want a prosecutor to be able to carry a firearm on a commercial flight!

    • Not on a plane, according to NSA. The law, no matter how restrictive, must be obeyed by prosecutors, judges, and attorneys. If they don’t obey it, why should anyone else?

    • Jerry, you confuse “need” and “right.” We may all, at any time, come under attack by the criminal element or by a deranged lunatic. Instances are in the news on a daily basis. We all “need” to be armed but government decrees that we do not have the “right” to be armed. That law applies to Gascón, also. Why does he need to be armed? Because laws do not stop criminals from being criminals.

  2. Hypocrite bully asshole. Sheriff’s and DA’s carry a lot of power and weight with the secrets they are privy to.
    I would love to have a subordinate break his elbow or jaw. Unfortunately while possibly being silently lauded and praised, employment opportunities shrivel. I hope the Feds get tough with that guy.

  3. They only get them one way when they pry them out of my cold dead hands. The ass hole liberal whinnie democrats best start learning their limitations because the rest of us are going to show them what its like to have real lead up their ass!!! No law passed by any liberal ass hole changes the 2nd ammendment. I no longer have to obey the rules of engagenent, i took a oath to protect this country and no one EVER revoked that nor will they ever. You will pay whinner like it or not!! Ill give you a red flag right up your ass!

  4. Yes, some police officers and officers of the court need personal protection from the scum they deal with regularly. Missing from this case was the former DA’s statement to TSA that he had a valid reason to carry a concealed weapon. That valid reason is based on credible terroristic threats made by the defendants they have dealt with. Failing to secure prior approval is a FAILURE.

    “Reasonable cause” has been used to deny ordinary people the right to sojourn while armed. Night managers who make night deposits have not been granted personal protection. Battered spouses have not been granted this essential Constitutional right. They simply don’t hold the status of the elites who take it for granted.


  6. More of the “elitist” do as I say not as I do because I’m more important than you and above the law. When are the minions going to grow up and realize they really are nothing but cattle to these narcissistic asses.

  7. Maybe when we start locking them up for illegal fire arms possession on aircraft and in GUN FREE ZONES??? >>They must be made to obey there own laws regarding fire arms or suffer the consequences like every one of the lower class peoples<<<AHHH the normal working class people.

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