Can Anyone Explain Why This Government Agency Needs Guns?


Many people understand why law enforcement officers need firearms. After all, law enforcement officers chase criminals all day and work to protect innocent law-abiding citizens.

But there are a few government agencies which carry firearms, and you have to wonder why. One particularly bizarre example is the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Vicki Batts gives us details:

A recent report led by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has revealed that government groups like the IRS and the FDA are armed to teeth. All told, 20 federal agencies managed to spend at least $1.5 billion on munitions in just seven years. Now, many are wondering what the federal government plans on using all this artillery for — or perhaps more correctly, who they plan on using their weapons against.

Despite claims that these organizations exist to serve the people of the United States, the excessive armament of federal agencies is further proof that the administrative arm of the central government is growing too big for its britches. There are plenty of other red flags surrounding the continuously expanding power of federal agencies. Most notably, the “fourth branch” of government has been designed to operate outside the confines of the Constitution.

So, in addition to being heavily armed, federal agencies like the FDA have no one to answer to and no one to balance their assumed power. What could go wrong?

As the new report by GAO shows, the FDA is currently in possession of 390 pistols, 122 shotguns and roughly 200,000 rounds of ammunition.

That’s a lot of munitions for an agency that’s tasked with regulating food and drugs. As the FDA’s website explains, the agency’s primary mission is to ensure product safety, whether it be food, drugs, cosmetics or other products that fall under their umbrella. The agency is also responsible for their roles in promoting public health and safety.

Perhaps a bulletproof vest might be necessary if you plan on taking down a dirty olive oil kingpin or something — but even at that, there are questions as to if the FDA and similar agencies should even have the authority to arrest people themselves. Some pro-liberty experts have posited that regulatory agencies and the like shouldn’t even be performing their own arrests — especially if that kind of firepower is necessary.

Now, Batts and I can’t be the only people who see this as strange and worthy of concern. In fact, it’s downright scary. I mean, if FDA employees were simply carrying a firearm for personal protection, it would be a non-issue to me, but, with the purchase of these firearms and ammunition by the FDA, it sounds like the FDA is expecting to need this to enforce their rules.


Which, if you think about it, is a scary form of tyranny that none of us should have to live under. Maybe it’s time to contact our representatives in Congress and have them get the FDA out of the law enforcement business and into the business of actually efficiently using taxpayer money to help us.



  1. They are not there to “SERVE” the people but they are there to “ROB and “ENSLAVE” the people. That is why they need firearms. They are there to take our money and property at GUNPOINT!

    • No, they are there to take tons of money from drug companies, allow them do do their own tests on their own drugs, proclaim the safety of their own products and go on to take more money from more drug companies. They also pay big bucks for doctors to get continuing education so doctors will prescribe more and more dangerous drugs.


    • from My view this was Obama’s doing, he was thinking that in order to get his full Socialist plan working there would be resistance and by arming Every Govt employee he would have his own private army to fight the Citizens of the USA. Hell no Most of the Fed Agencies that have firearms DO NOT need them and I’ll bet that 99% of the people that were/are required to carry them are scared of them and 95% of those people couldn’t hit the barn wall while standing inside it.

    • Socialism and Communism at work. They got that much money, let them buy them. They just want the guns of the citizens of the USA.

      • I wish we could they are true traitors to 🇺🇸 We the people have no levarge against them I think they call it above the law

  2. Love him or hate him Roger Stones arrest should be a wake up call on gov. over step. Liberals and conservatives should be very concerned over Obama having armed these agencies to the teeth.

  3. This fits in with Obama’s plans to plan to make all federal agencies into law enforcement. He wanted a way to enforce federal rules that some states might not agree. This is an end run around state’s rights. Having so many armed federal agencies means tighter federal control.

  4. State’s rights are a laugh. The only rights (powers) the state governments have left are the power to abuse their citizens, taking away the rights of their residents.
    The “Civil War” abolished any vestige of national sovereignty of the states, reducing them to provinces of the United State much like provinces of Canada.

    • When we took the oath when we entered the Armed Forces we swore to “defend the CONSTITUTION from all enemies foreign and domestic.” I don’t recall ever being released from that oath so it is still in force.

  5. The Demoncrat Politicians are outlawing guns for American citizens. The Demoncrat Politicians are giving more and more guns to Government employees. Isn’t that what happened in Nazi Germany?

    • Sure is. Not only the FDA but why would the EPA need to be armed? To ram their orthodoxy down our throats?

  6. The day is nearing when wwe will have to take arms like or not. The government knows that the very reason they want to disarm us! Thank God the founders knew this would happen eventually.

  7. MAYBE just as good a question would be WHY hasn’t President Trump done anything about this ?? ??

    • Maybe that info has been kept from him. Its possible that he doesn’t know that the agencies are armed to the teeth. We do know that each agency head views his agency as his own kingdom and he must defend it. So that info would be hide by the bureaucrats, the ones that actually run the government, to prevent the appointed heads from doing something about the arms and ammo. Haven’t you noticed that no matter which party is in power, nothing changes? That’s because the bureaucrats are the ones actually running the government and making and enforcing all rules, regulations and laws. If all the “federal workers” above the grade GS-9 level were removed from office, then changes could be made. Until then, we must prepare to survive a civil war, because its coming, soon.

  8. Be nice to know what other agencies are armed, for no obvious reason. One that I know of is the Department of Education. Apparently they even have their own SWAT team, as I read about them “going in” after a guy who was behind on his college loans a few years ago.

  9. I too will defend the Constitution of this United States …. The “TREE OF LIBERTY” MUST BE NOURISHED and SOON

  10. Why are these agencies outfitting a small army. Either the plan is against the American people are we are fixing to be attacked by someone in large numbers! My question is which?

    • The plan was, that hillary clinton was to be elected and finish the job obama started of turning this country into a dictatorship in prep for the new world order. The military could not be relied upon to do her bidding in enforcing her laws. So obama put together a force just as well equipment and trained as the military. The main problem is these people are willing to enforce these laws against the American people. They aren’t as well trained nor are they as dedicated to the Constitution as the military is. The bureaucrats don’t like what Trump is doing and will start something, if the democrats fail in their attempt to remove Trump from office. Then We the People will rise up and overthrow the bureaucrats and other tyrants to regain control of this country.

  11. The Fish and Game now look like Swat team material you can’t tell them apart anymore. You ask why, well I think its simple they are now a deep state police sect. Them against us when the time comes. Obama changed America alright, eight years to plant leftist into the government process and as we see from the Stone indictment and arrest for a simple accusation of lying to congress this isn’t the way blind justice works.

    Hillary is a known criminal proven beyond a reasonable doubt that she committed crimes against America having more than likely allowed national security to be breached and thwarted law enforcement by destroying emails and destroying evidence that was subpoenaed by congressional committee’s a felony. These and other acts throughout her tenure as Secretary of State has been ignored, protected by the deep state. The Law is being ignored and the principle of fairness has been destroyed by the FBI, DOJ, State Department. America is under attack and hopefully we can get back the integrity of all those departments if they bring Hillary and all the left’s criminals who have been running roughshod over us.

  12. The arming of the federal agencies is part of the obama policy of having a force just as strong, just as well trained, just as armed as the armed forces. Why? Well he couldn’t depend upon the military to enforce his and hillery’s new rules of dictatorship and the destruction of the Constitution. After all, obama brought us to the edge of the cliff by destroying or absorbing as much power from Congress as he could. Both repugs and demos helped him in his quest to destroy this country. Clinton was to push us over the cliff, and in the process, a civil war would have started. And the military could not be relied upon to enforce the rules of the dictatorship.

  13. 1984. Is Here. Total government control while the sick and elderly are being euthanized by insane healthcare increases. Millions of Diabetics are unable to afford insulin , that has gone up in cost by insane proportions. Cancer treatment denied to patients without Cadillac insurance, and people in dire need of orthopaedic surgery denied if they don’t have Cadillac insurance. Millions who fought for This country or worked their entire careers now be8ng treated as useless. This is no better than what Hitler did. He euthanized those he saw as not useful, like disabled and retired, before he’d want after the people of Jewish faith.

  14. Objected when the Obama administration armed the FDA . When the FDA was armed was wondering if the agency was going to grocery stores and meat markets to shoot steaks , pork chops , chickens that were ready to be sold just to make sure said meat was actually dead ! There is absolutely no reason We the People should be paying for the gun and ammo being used by the FDA . If a FDA agent needs protection there are many law enforcement agencies the FDA can contact . Just as the EPA does not need to be armed the FDA does not to be armed .

  15. There are a number of agencies that don’t need gun, Dept. of Education for one, and yet they have them. Isn’t the purpose of the U.S. Marshals Service supposed to enforce the law for other agencies ? That is those that even need gun toting enforcement…

    • after they climb over the piles of Bodies that tried before them they will be to tired to think about it. 50+ Million well Armed Americans VS. 150,000 Govt Employees. I’m not really worried at all.

  16. You said cops catch bad guys and protect you, catch them in a criminal act and find out how swift they flip it on you and make you the criminal and you’ll find out that there in bed with the criminal, the ill steal your life steal your property and terrorise you and your family and animals into the ground in the name of there badge, and weaponize the courts against you and your family and shot your animals and bugaler your home using crooked civilians, and if you go to politicians you’ll get the finger because they
    Ere here to protect them not you ,then you dig a little bit and find out they are just as corrupt as the cops,then you realize the only way to fix it and take the country we once knew and was proud of is civil war period

  17. The National Defense Authorization Act ( NDAA) gives them the power to take you in captivation and hold you in detention for any time period they wish. For the rest of your life if they decide to. Without any due process! No attorney! No going before a judge! No hearing, no nothing. And its all legal under their guise of fighting Terrorism. No doubt in my mind they were the culprits of 9-11. You would have to be a complete idiot to believe the government tyrant whores who perpetrated the story. The United States Government is the Great Whore!

  18. Petition President Trump to take all arms and ammunition from agencies not involved in law enforcement.

    • Ill sign that petition, this government is way out of control really looking at the actions of so many,i dont know who is worse the gangs or so called police,like taking cash off of people and not giving it back, just way out of control and overly happy to be and damned it when is enough enough, its time for the president to reel them in and time for us good city to start voting with our heads,and stop fighting amongst ourselves and start fighting for our God given rights back.

  19. The FDA is shooting steaks, pork chops & chickens , to increase the level of LEAD found in them SO then the EPA can come in and REGULATE the industry and increase the price to JOHN Q PUBLIC.

  20. Remember back when Ob was buying up all those weapons and ammo I sure do and people couldn’t hardly get any. yeah I went for a few months and couldn’t
    get any sure burnt me up and then it was a limit on how much you could buy at one time 2 boxes if you could find any. had a picture of what Ob bought wish I ad kept it.

  21. We all should know why they are being armed!! The Department of Agriculture even has been armed! Mean while the Communist Democrats and a BUNCH of Turncoat Republicans are all lining up to make illegal and confiscate our firearms without due process with those damn UNCONSTITUTIONAL RED FLAG LAWS!! All better watch for these! Better be prepared to hide your firearms cause all they have to have is some unfounded complaint against you and they WILL raid your home and confiscate all of them! Be prepared ahead of time for this! All the Liberal states and Florida have these laws and Florida’s law was passed by Republicans.

  22. Another ironic government regulation is the military personal on our military bases are mostly unarmed . Guess those trained with the safe usage , knowledge of and a agency of our government that’s supposed to be armed can not be armed . All those agencies of our government that have no business being armed seems to be a tyrannical move that needs to be squelched by We the People . How to squelch the tyrannical move of armed agencies that have no business being armed contact your senators , representatives both state and federal . Further contact the president of the United States of America , yes this can be done via email , snail mail , fax , text and phones calls . These agencies ( FDA and others ) were armed by POTUS Obama .

  23. Please remember that the new Attorney General appointment William Barr is for the Red Flag laws and said he would have no trouble confiscating firearms from the public!!!!! He was also in one of the federal units when the Ruby Ridge fiasco happened to.

  24. The US Postal Service bought over a billion dollars worth of 5.56x45mm (M4/AR15) ammo during Obama’s last term. And it doesn’t stop there. The little known fact that EVERY federal agency has an armed enforcement division seems to be totally LOST on the average American. It is utterly frightening that our government is arming itself, not for defense against a foreign invasion, but for use against American citizens!

  25. Derial is absolutely right in saying the American public needs to be made aware of these non combatant agencies weapon and ammo disbursements! I am 64 years old, and until I read this article I had no idea of these agencies even being armed, let alone to the extent shown here. I will be certain to bring this matter up with my representatives in Congress at the earliest opportunity!

  26. Charlie is correct about the Military. They are not issued firearms while on duty except those assigned to actual combat in a war zone. My, My, how things have changed
    since Vietnam. I was an aircraft mechanic in the US AIR FORCE and when assigned to Vietnam I was issued an M16, a sidearm, and a toolbox during my tour of duty but all of it had to accounted for and turned in (under threat) the day before I left.

  27. Charlie is correct about the Military. They are not issued firearms while on duty except those assigned to actual combat in a war zone. My, My, how things have changed
    since Vietnam. I was an aircraft mechanic in the US AIR FORCE and when assigned to Vietnam I was issued an M16, a sidearm, and a toolbox during my tour of duty but all of it had to accounted for and turned in (under threat) the day before I left.

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