Gun Registration Battle Reveals Hidden Conflict That No One Is Talking About


Gun control advocates would have you believe that registering guns will somehow, magically, prevent guns from being used in acts of violence. But people who actually own guns can tell you that registering guns doesn’t do anything except waste money and give anti-gunners in government an easy target to blame (registered gun owners) for gun violence that will continue.

This conflict between those for gun registration and those who know that it’s a waste of time is playing out in Quebec, Canada, where gun registration has been a failure. What will surprise many people about this conflict is that the conflict seems to primarily be between urban anti-gunners and rural folks who actually own and use guns. A Presse Canadienne notes,

The urban-rural split over Quebec’s long gun registry is becoming more apparent, with a growing number of small municipalities passing resolutions that either denounce the registry or call outright for its abolition.

Just days after the Jan. 29 deadline to register, about 75 per cent of long guns estimated to be in the province have not been registered. And the Presse Canadienne confirmed on Wednesday that at least 15 municipalities have adopted resolution against the registry.

Philip Tétrault, mayor of Warden, a town of 400 inhabitants about 100 kilometres east of Montreal, said that the registry is pointless and will end up like its federal counterpart, which was abolished by the Conservative government in 2012 after major cost overruns.

“The register may be popular in Montreal and Quebec City,” Tétrault said in an interview. “But the majority of people in Warden are against it.” Tétrault says the tens of millions of dollars the government will spend on the registry would be better used improving the quality of mental health care available in the province.

Louise Quintin, spokesperson for the Quebec Public Security Ministry, said on Wednesday that almost 15,500 firearms had been registered on Jan. 29 alone. However the total number of entries in the registry stands at only 386,253, while figures in the federal registry showed there were about 1.6 million long guns in Quebec. The provincial registry is expected to cost about $20 million to establish and $5 million annually to maintain.

Long gun owners had a year to register free of charge online or by mail. Those who refuse to do so could face a fine of up to $5,000. Quintin noted, however, that registration requests received after the deadline will not be subject to any sanction.

And Quintin noted that it is up to police to enforce the law.

If you haven’t noticed in the battle over gun rights in the U.S., anti-gunners typically are gathered in urban areas and don’t use guns (and have often never even seen a gun in person, only on television or in movies). On the flip side, gun rights advocates are very often people living in more rural areas who actually own guns and use them for hunting and self-protection.


Whatever the reason for the urban-rural split on the gun control issue, it is still abundantly clear to anyone who pays attention that gun control doesn’t work.



  1. I vote no to any 2A rights being pushed through. No tax on Ammo. I am a registered voter, U.S Citizen, (Retired U.S ARMY 82ND ABN), (Retired DOD Contracting Officer, OSD Analyst Draw Down Cell Afganistan. 3rd Generation Military and Police Officers.
    There are more important issues to worry about. 29 years of Government Service this is the worst I have seen.

    v/r JRC

    • I’am with you Brother I did my 3 years as Did all the males in our FAMILY and I DEMMAD MY 2nd AMENDMENTS i’am Also a 100% Disabled Veteren that gave me all the guns any 17 year old could inmangen and The Government Not the Federal but the TOWN Government who the hell are they to take my RIGHT away from carrying a gun they are marking me a BIG BAD Criminal because I don’t have BODYGUARDS well I will always think for myself and FAMLEY and anybody else that becomes a VICTIM of THE POPLE WHO ARE LOWER then DIRT! I took an PLEGE to PROTECT my COUNTRY AND ITS PEOPLE and my PLEDGE HAS NO EXPIRATION DATE 🖕to local Governments and there Body Guards !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ban guns and only criminals will have guns did not work ln. Australia got more crime gun don’t kill just the makers have police protection so need guns for protection.

  3. As long as Politicians have body guards with guns and leave us to the will of the criminals we are supposed to wait until police to show up befor we or people and Children are shot or stabbed to DEATH waiting for Police to show up somebody will be DEAD not to blame the Police it’s the POLITICIANS that only care about them selfs and there FAMLEYS I ask where are my BODY GUARDS THEY SHOULD LEAVE OR 2nd AMENMENT ALONE WE THE PEOPLE WILL HAVE A BETTER CHANCE TO LIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. In my rural Texas area, I feel sorry for ANY idiots who show up to confiscate guns. We have a ‘call system’ in place that will have the idiots looking at far more guns in ten-minutes than they have.
    Majority rules, ya know?

  5. It is against the law to kill people and to steal but the only one that can do it is the corporate government that kills here in the united states of America.and other countries by sending man and woman to kill inocent man woman and children. And to still there property. We have corrupted politicians running this country since 1871 just look at congretional act of 1871.and you will see that congress committed treacion against we the people and made the government a corporation. They say that guns kill so is cars and any tool you can get your hands on. Cops kill people all the time why not make robot cops that way we won’t have corrupt cops

  6. Thank GOD for Texas folks. Hang in there. With your sperit and planning we shall service. I love
    Your idea about your telephone warning system is just what the doctor ordered. We must defeat
    All of the gun grabbers.

    I wonder what would happen if no one in our country could not hunt anymore. I would bet that every state would be overrun with game type animals. They would eat all of the farmers crops
    And the nation would go hungry.

  7. LOOKS LIKE THE COMMUNIST REVOLUTION HAS HIT THE UNTIED STATES.The dunocrats are trying to disarm US and we are standing there doing nothing???LOOK AT VENEZUELA??there army officers are on public TV begging the UNITED STATES FOR WEAPONS.

  8. This is not a “gun safety” issue, it is a gun registration issue! Why else would Form 4473 require the serial number of each firearm purchase be recorded if not creating a registry? If it was purely a “background check” as the Feds say, why would they require the S/N of purchased items to be recorded?

  9. I remember Sarah Brady trying to promote the Brady Bill (background checks), with her claims that “if it saves just one life, it’s worth it.” Now that the libs think they are at the gun confiscation stage, I wonder how many innocent lives will have to be LOST, before they admit that it was a STUPID law!

  10. We need our 2nd amendments rights to insure our government does not become tyrants over us. As they are trying to become now.

    Retired usaf and Viet nam vet. When the govt wants your guns they fear webbwill stand upnnforbbour constitunial rights. Be very afraid. Hitler did this before ww2

  11. I wonder if law-abiding citizens can get into legal hot water for making a pre-emptive strike against a criminal(s) whom they secretly catch committing, or just about to commit, a violent crime against a victim(s). The pre-emptive strike may be in general denounced as unethical, but it may also mean the difference between life and death. Shooting first and asking questions later is not always as cruel or irrational as it is often made out to be.

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