New England Legislators Are Trying To Ban Ghost Guns


If you haven’t been following the ghost gun controversy, regulating these guns has become a thorny situation all around. Why? Because ghost guns are guns that are off of the books. In other words, they aren’t registered because they weren’t purchased through a licensed firearms retailer which means that they can’t be tracked. And, in most areas of the United States, if you make one of these guns at your home for personal use and don’t sell it, this is completely legal.

Which drives anti-gunners crazy because they can’t keep track of these guns.

Of course, people who support the option of being able to build a ghost gun argue that ghost guns must remain legal because of both First and Second Amendment rights. In other words, your right to get the information on how to build ghost guns is protected by the First Amendment, and your right to have a firearm (yes, even a ghost gun) is protected by the Second Amendment.


But some lawmakers in Connecticut are trying to change that situation, at least in their city. AWR Hawkins writes,

City legislators Jeffrey Stella (D-9) and Rodney Pratt (D-9) in Stamford, Connecticut, are pushing an ordinance to empower police to confiscate homemade firearms from city residents.

Westport News quoted Stella saying:

How can it be OK for people to manufacture firearms without serial numbers? As a police officer and a city representative, I took oaths to serve and protect people. Anybody can make these untraceable guns. I feel that if more towns push to ban them, the people in Hartford will realize this is what the people want.

Pratt described the ban on such guns as “a good starting point toward more common-sense gun laws.” He said, “We don’t want to sit back and wait for the state.”

Notably, untraceable guns were banned federally in 1988, but Stella and Pratt want to ban them again at the city level.

Westport News reported that Stella and Pratt’s ordinance would empower police to seize homemade guns from city residents and destroy “unlawful” firearms.

So, two busybodies in Connecticut want to infringe on individual rights because they want to implement “commonsense gun control.” Never mind that common sense dictates that the more people who are able to carry guns, the less likely that someone is going to commit violence because they know that it’s much more likely that they’ll get shot.

But, then again, “commonsense” is incredibly uncommon (completely missing?) when it comes to arguments for gun control.

Side note: The Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988 is a Federal law that “makes it illegal to manufacture, import, sell, ship, deliver, possess, transfer, or receive any firearm that is not as detectable by walk-through metal detection […].” This law does not reference ghost guns which are firearms without serial numbers and has not application to ghost guns with the possible exception of 3D printed guns using ceramic or plastic materials. Which means that the quote from Westport News above is simply another example of (maybe intentional, maybe due to ignorance) the media simply not telling the truth about guns. Again.



  1. It’s a hobby as old as time, people building their very own firearms and/or customizing them to their particular tastes. It’s clearly stated that this is a legal practice and just because there’s no serial number, how does that make it “more dangerous”? I suppose you’d rather a criminal acquire a gun with a serial number, probably stolen, and the. Simply grind off the serial number. Because it would make it so much safer. The whole argument is just blood boiling to me, and I know that I’m not alone. The sole reason that any political group would want every firearm to be serialized and registered to an individual would be to have the ability to track down said individual and seize his or her firearms. Unconstitutional by long sight. It’s printed in black and white, not grey. And it’s the 2nd amendment! Not the 30th! They must’ve felt it was a fairly important addition to the constitution to add it second. Wouldn’t someone agree?

    • The 2nd Amendment is second only to the 1st, which is exactly where it should be.
      The first sentence of my enlistment oath is to protect the US Constitution from ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic. And the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments are routinely violated in the name of “gun control (really gun CONFISCATION, which is armed robbery done by governments)”.
      The most peaceful way to combat this is with Constitutional lawyers. I wonder if the USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association) has Constitutional lawyers who are willing to help defend the US Constitution. If they do, then that would make USCCA ($300/year membership fee) very attractive, even if i do not have a gun.
      Anyway, i think that Constitutional lawyers is the next step, and overdue at that.

    • “Instead of going after law abiding gun owners why don’t you go after the criminals?”

      For the same reason it’s easier to harass old women in fur coats than it is to harass bikers in leather.

  2. Id #’s weren’t federally required to be put on firearms by manufacturers until the late sixties by the feds anyway. Just more BS!!! Keep building your own guns and and stocking up on ammo, it’s coming and you better be ready!

  3. Why do you put the image of a firearm receiver with a full auto (machinegun) selector switch?
    What does this picture have to do with firearms with no serial numbers made at home?


  5. This AIN”T the New England I grew up in. Back then we – especially voters – were always bent on protecting our Liberties! Has Saul Alinsky completely infiltrated all the schools there? Fortunately I don’t live there now because the “Political Correctness” is unacceptable now. “Politically Correct” is a product of Lenin and Stalin ( the second bloodiest butcher in history – second to Mao; Hitler was third. What are those people thinking? We fought to protect our Liberties but too many people have chosen to give up civil rights for the nebulous “idea” of “safety.” Such “safety”is always temporary because once freedom goes down the tube then safety follows close behind.

  6. NOT SURPRISING. MARYLAND IS TAKING IT ONE STEP FURTHER: The Md. legislature is trying to become the THOUGHT POLICE. They want to make it illegal to get information off the Internet on HOW to build a gun, including use of a 3-D printer.
    You have to be really stupid to be a politician around here. The information is “out there,” folks.
    Tell me, how long have “we” been trying to ban prostitution? 100 years? 1,000 years? several Millennia? ——– Has it worked yet????

  7. I hope that the gun manufacturers leave every liberal left wing state , and that the gun dealers would make a rule that every law that the law makers make to us is how they will also sell to law enforcement. ie. if you can’t sell certain types of guns or accessories to the civilians , that they also wouldn’t sell those products to anyone. Period. I appreciate law enforcement they don’t get enough recognition how ever I say that the same laws that apply to all. Not just civilians. Of course the law makers would try to fix that but if all of the gun dealers came to that same consensus then the law makers ( and unfortunately law enforcement ) would be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

  8. I am a firm believer that you can make all the “laws” you want, but they are just words on paper in a book. If these laws are not enforced, on a daily basis, they remain just words. The only authority who can enforce all laws within a state, is the county Sheriff. As long as the Sheriff doesn’t try to enforce laws, in violation of the Constitution and/or Bill of Rights, he must not enforce them, due to the oath of office taken when assuming the office of high Sheriff. People have fashioned their own weapons as long as man has existed, that will never change. As long as the majority of America’s citizens resist socialism/communism we will remain free. We are already to encumbered by liberals, who think they know what is best for every man woman, and child.

    • Bwahahahhaha! If a law is on the books it eventually WILL be enforced. No matter how long it’s ignored. Someday a circumstance will come along that someone will see an advantage in doing so.

  9. Think of it this way: if a law like this passes, how are they going to identify the owners of Ghost guns? They can’t. So that means they will have to search every home and business in the USA looking for something they won’t find. BUT, it would be a way to initiate unlawful search and seizure methods, because every gun owner would be guilty until proven innocent. Then ex spouses could make an accusation of this sort and the police would have to use this new illegal law to conduct an unlawful search of anyone they don’t like. We could all do that, for anyone we don’t like. Seems to me the anti gun idiots are accusing us all of having Ghost guns and everyone will have to be searched. It’s time Democrats stopped trying to be Communists and Nazis, but they’re too dumb to know that!

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