One State Is Considering Lowering Concealed Carry Age To 18


Many parts of the country don’t allow people to drink under the age of 21. One state is considering raising the age at which people can buy cigarettes to 21.

No matter what you think about these laws, I think that you’ll agree that it seems ridiculous that we allow people to serve in the military at the age of 18 (in fact, all men in the U.S. have to register for selective service so they can be drafted if a draft is reinstated), but states won’t allow that same adult (who will be trained to fire an M16 in the military) to carry concealed.

Fortunately, one state agrees and is moving to lower the age for concealed carry to 18. Lara Korte writes,


The Kansas House on Tuesday moved to expand gun rights, passing a bill that would lower the age of concealed carry to 18 and allow Kansas to recognize similar licenses issued by other states.

The measure, hotly debated for almost two hours before passing by a voice vote, will likely receive a final passage on Wednesday.
Advocates rejected arguments that the bill could endanger lives.
“We’re not training people to go into combat and to kill people,” said Rep. Stephen Owens, R-Hesston. “We are training people for self-defense.”

Kansas law has what is called constitutional carry, or the right to carry a firearm in any capacity, for residents 21 and older. A concealed carry license, available to those who complete required training, allows the holder to carry in states that have reciprocal agreements with Kansas.

Under the new law, the minimum age for concealed carry training would drop to 18. Residents who don’t receive a license at 18 would still be allowed constitutional carry in the state at age 21.
Supporters said the bill said it’s about having protection when “crazy” happens.

“I happen to have a 19 year old daughter who wishes very much to have the opportunity to protect herself in her time of need,” Owens said.

Owens gets it, and it would appear that the state legislature in Kansas (overall) gets it, too.

Now, we need to campaign in our own states to have this kind of common sense gun legislation put into place. The life that you save when a crazy thing happens may be your own.



  1. makes perfectly good sense to me, if the young men and women can be forced to go to some shit hole country and get killed but can’t protect themselves in their own country something is VERY wrong.

  2. Well if at 18 yrs of age a person male or female are considered mentally competent enough to VOTE be in the MILITARY go to war and kill and risk being killed. That same person should be considered mentally competent enough to conceal carry a weapon for self defense. When does defending one’s self from rape, robbery, murder require being 21 years of age ? There doesn’t seem to be anything preventing these same things from happening to 18-21 yrs of age.!!

  3. It is truly astonishing that we as humans, being inherently and naturally good hearted people, are vilified and hung out to dry repeatedly by segments of our governments. You will always find some rotten fruit in any basket. That is the nature of life itself. We all collectively know this. Yet these parasitical individuals in office choose to ignore what is naturally the correct thing to do, what is the natural basic human instinct. More importantly they choose to ignore what truly works and has been statistically proven 100% of the time. When you do not know what you may encounter in any given situation, your basic instincts tell you to be careful and or retreat. Criminals are cut from the same human cloth. They choose however, to follow their own distorted righteous path. This is who we are, how we are created. But make no mistake about it, in a country where free carry and or concealed carry is allowed, criminals too, will think hard on weather to proceed with their nefarious deeds knowing very well that the ones they are targeting could very well have a bigger gun to fight back with than them. By forcing me to defend myself with mere harsh words is so ridiculously stupid, I just can’t find a strong enough word to describe it. Educated and trained people in any and all weaponry, makes for a safer law abiding nation. That is just plain reality.
    The only reason any of these firearms laws are constantly debated is because the corrupt governments and people within the government want complete and total control over us the people. They want complete disarmament. Disarmament in every facet of the word. They are starting with the greatest equalizer first, our firearms. They will systematically attack all of our freedoms one by one, if we let them. I for one will always stand up to the tyrannical treatment governments instill in both our countries, U.S. and Canada. We are going through the exact same scenarios in Canada as well. We must stand arm and arm together as one. We must remind these so called politicians who put them in office, who they work for, who they were intended to represent. Imagine a mountain lion raised in captivity and domesticated all of their life. Now, imagine releasing that lion into the harsh surrounding of their natural environment. How long will that lion last with no education or basic instinct on how to survive?? Take care all, your northern bro..

  4. While I appreciate the article, and I think Kansas is spot on, I do think the author (or the owner/manger/admin of the website) could have picked a better photo… someone pulling a weapon from a *pocket* with no protection whatsoever for the trigger. On top of that, with a *finger on the trigger* (or at least inside the trigger guard) before the weapon is even clear? This is exactly the sort of irresponsible “gun waving” that we are *all* often accused of, and, I’m pretty sure, rarely actually guilty of. Can we please get a photo that reflects responsible gun ownership?

  5. Bravo to the people in Kansas , it is perfectly logical , I’ve never heard of a attacker , robber or rapist finding out if they’re victim is of age.

  6. I agree. The Democrats are telling us that they think 16 year olds can vote. but they have an issue with 18 year olds owning weapons? The illogicalness of this is astounding.

  7. The State of Wyoming has no “age limit” for the “open carry” of a sidearm …… What the Hell is the difference if a weapon is carried openly, or concealed, it is STILL a weapon.

    And, consider that in the text of the Second Amendment you WILL NOT find the words, “until”, “unless”, or “except” ….. thus, ALL GUN LEGISLATION is in direct violation of the Constitution and it is an Act of Treason to war against the Constitution by attempting to enforce such legislation … after all, the supreme court did say that “ANY LEGISLATION ABHORRENT TO THE CONSTITUTION IS NOT LAW AND NEED NOT BE OBEYED”.

  8. Lame Bear makes total sense.
    Now all we have to do is drill it into the heads of the Dems.
    I’m not sure it will penetrate into their brains, as I don’t believe most of them have any. (Brains).
    They are more like robots.
    They’re all programmed to “repeat after me” when their leaders make assinine statements, so brains wouldn’t do them any good anyway.
    We must keep up the good fight. Before they take my weapons, they will have to take them off my cold,dead body.
    I just bought a new Ruger EC9 sub compact last Monday. It’s a lot slimmer and lighter than my full sized 9mm, and has no print at all when concealed.
    I’m not a small woman, 190 lbs and usually carry appendix, but this baby I can carry waistband and no imprint and no slippage.
    Stay safe and keep guard on that 2nd amendment.

  9. I live in Idaho. Governor just Signed to allow concealed carry for 18-20 year old to carry Concealed with CCW. At 21, no CCW is needed. BUT Idaho has CCW available for reciprocity with most other states.

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