Everytown Is Now Trying To Bog Down VA Gun Sanctuaries In Red Tape


You already knew that Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown For Gun Safety is a nutcase organization which is trying to shove gun control down everyone’s throats, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they aren’t happy that the majority of counties and independent cities in Virginia have already declared themselves gun sanctuaries.

Hey, if I spent $2.5 million to buy a state election so that I could circumvent the will of the people with my gun control agenda, I probably wouldn’t be happy either. And we shouldn’t be happy about their attempt to crush our Second Amendment rights.

So, what is Everytown’s newest tactic? Filing Freedom Of Information Act requests to try to bog down gun sanctuaries in bureaucratic red tape and in an attempt to find some technical way to invalid these sanctuary declarations. An article on 2nd Amendment Daily News gives us the details:


Case in point:  Virginia.   While their gun owners have woken up to find their gun rights under siege after years of sleeping at the wheel, the Left isn’t going to go down easy.

After all, Bloomberg paid good money for this election in November.  A few Second Amendment Sanctuaries won’t stop him.

That’s why he’s had his paid activists file Freedom of Information Act requests with dozens of counties in Virginia.  The same counties that have recently declared themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries.

The FOIA requests ask for any documents in or out of the office that have to do with the Second Amendment.  It’s clear they’re hoping to intimidate these local bodies or catch them in technical errors.

Now, from a strategic standpoint, this is a smart move on the part of Everytown, but let’s be real. If they are looking at this tactic for a long-term “solution” to the “gun problem” in Virginia, it means that Everytown is, in a way, admitting that they don’t have a direct route to stop the gun sanctuary movement. Which is good news for us because it means that the #VAGunRightsRebellion is working.



  1. Bloomberg is Anti American, Anti Constitution, Anti Freedom of Everything, so therefore, it makes him a conspirator and traitor to the United States of America and should be tried, as such, just like 98% of the Democrats (that which makes them Dinos, because of their Progressive Socialist affiliations!) should be arrested, tried, and imprisoned, and I don’t mean imprisoned in resort prisons, either. Or they should be exiled to their ever-loving Socialist countries! If these people do not like freedom, then get the hell out!

  2. Why shouldn’t we fight dirty at the left like the left does at the right? Can’t we bog immigrant sanctuaries down in red tape like their trying to do to gun sanctuaries? We should go right ahead and ‘stoop’ to their level. This is not competition. This is not politics, lobbying or pressure groups. Those are just camouflage for what it actually is, as recognized by the left. This is COMBAT, for keeps. We can’t afford to be nice guys. The left doesn’t try be be nice guys, and we shouldn’t either. We should be down and dirty with the left.

    • I was having similar thoughts. If this is tactic could be used to inundate Bloomberg, his companies, his organizations. MOMS Demand, Everytown, etc . with FOI requests, i would be more than happy to do a few every day…if millions of gun owners did this im sure it would gum up the works. But i dont know how this works, what FOI requests can target , etc. Maybe someone more knowledgeable than me on this would respond.

  3. The mass rally showed the emotion of how the public felt about what the democratic governor and legislature are doing with their anti 2nd amendment legislation. Declaring 2nd amendment sanctuary counties was a good first step. I encourage the county sheriffs to create organized militia along military lines complete with training for urban warfare. At the same time the counties need to organize themselves politcally and media wise to combat the governor and legislators in the political arena. Last but not least find experienced lawyers to file federal lawsuits against each and every law that is passed and hopefully push it up to the supreme court eventually. Report on FOX news periodically to keep your current news and events in the national public eye.

  4. You far right republican folks never cease to amaze me. You talk, but apparently you never bother to listen to what you are saying. In one breath you say what a freedom loving anti socialist you are, and in the next you say how anyone who disagrees with you should be locked up and have ALL THIER FREEDOM taken away. To me, that sounds like something a NORTH KOREAN dictator would say, not a “freedom loving American”
    I lean a lot farther left than right, and I still support the second. I do not, and never will support Trump or any of the Republican drones that blindly follow him. He has told more lies since he has been in office than I have IN MY WHOLE LIFE!! And he lies about things that have zero import, so how can anyone trust that he will not lie when it matters? Between his father and him, he has evaded most likely close to a billion dollars. And he is supposed to be the HEAD of the country?
    There is strong evidence that the Russian mob was and probably still is using property’s in the TRUMP towers to launder dirty money. Ask yourself WHY Russia should want Trump to get elected in the first place and then ask yourself if you would want a president in office that ANY OTHER country would try and influence us to elect. That is our job and I wonder why they would want that person in office.
    I will say that in this last election there WAS no good choice, but Trump and his ilk scare the hell out of me, and that is the main reason I will never give up my guns.
    The second is there so we the people can never again be ruled over by a tyrant, and Trump is well on his way to becoming just that!!!!

    • Talk about irony, you claim to “love, defend” the 2nd amendment, yet vote democrat. You do not have to dig or search for antigun, anti-2nd amendment candidates among the dems, just point your finger in the direction of any of them and you see it and hear it. Their boast of, “vote for me”, I will get rid of this type or that type of firearms is the primary platform. You keep swinging left and someday all you will have to swing with is a stick. I guess the poor state of our economy, the lowest unemployment rates in over 40 years, companies coming back to America, better trade deals, etc. are not from a president who cares about America First? If you’re going to swing left, then swing left, just stop trying to straddle the fence. The Democrats want either to turn us into socialist or subject’s, those are the two options. Strip our 2nd amendment rights, we become subjects, not citizens on a forced road to socialism.

    • One more thing, Dave, you speak about all us “freedom loving Republicans” screaming put everyone in jail who don’t agree with us. That in itself is an ignorant comment. I believe in diversity. If you or anyone else does not like or want firearms, then you should have the right to not own them. You shouldn’t be punished or stripped of rights for your convictions. Just as I should not have my constitutional rights trampled on, restricted or removed for choosing to exercise my rights. To the best of my knowledge, I do not recall any laws being proposed or instituted which labels you as anything other than an American when you choose to not own, dislike or disagree with gun ownership. Where on the other hand, every law or bill the so called freedom loving Democrats introduce, support, or pass, has to do with destroying the 2nd amendment and stripping my rights. Labeling me as dangerous, unstable. It’s real simple, any time someone who has power, wants to use that power to take away your freedoms, their agenda is clear. Their goal is to increase their power while limiting yours. Go back and look at history, the first thing people like Hitler did, was to disarm the public, exactly what your democratic party is and has been trying to do.

    • It’s funny that you refer to Trumps lies and the ‘right’ leaning opinions of punishment for those who would subvert or change the LAWS WE IN AMERICA HAVE IN PLACE already! Your references to Trumps lies and ties is quite subjective! First, do you believe the media’s counts or do you have a tally sheet? The media counts his ‘exaggerations’ like “our economy is the strongest ever” or “we will win so often, we’ll get tired of winning” as lying. If I look at your statements like that, I’d have to conclude YOU are a liar also.

  5. Good come back Boomer.
    Also, as a Nam era Marine, I have zero respect for some one who used his daddy’s money to get a Doctor to basically buy his way out of doing his duty and serving. Bone spurs indeed…..

    I bet if he hadden’t been born with silver spoon in his mouth, he would have grown up to be a serial killer. If you do your due diligence you will see he rates off the scale on the pycopithy chart. But then again, most big CEO’s ARE phsicopaths.
    Look into it, don’t take MY word for it. Of course that is yet another thing they never get into on FOX news….


  6. Every member of our Government including Governors, Mayors, Senators etc who tries to violate our 2nd Amendment rights should be arrested and charged with violating our Civil Rights. They should have to go to trial and when found guilty should spend not less than 20 years in prison and pay a fine after that 20 years has expired no less than $100,000.00.

  7. You make some good points Joe. I guess my main complaint about what I read on here it the overall hate expressed.
    It seems to me that the country is more divided right right now than it has been since the days of the war in south east asia. And it seems to me our commander in chief’s rhetoric fans the flame.
    Though I may not like the proposed gun bans that are at the base of so much of the hate spouted on here, I think most people must admit that however misguided the policies are, at their base they aren’t aimed at solely depriving us of our right to bear arms, but at stopping so much of the gun violence that seems to be happening these days. I don’t think gun ownership is the problem. Mental health, anger, and a feeling of being disenfranchised is in my opinion the real problem. I think many of the people that go off and do these things are looking for two things. They want to end thier lives, and, more importantly, they want to be “famous” or “infamous” even if only for a short time.
    In my opinion, one law that should be passed is a ” anonymity ” law. If someone goes off and commits a mass shooting, or killing of any sort, thier name should stay out of the news, once convicted they should stay isolated, and once executed thier body should be unceramoniusly dumped in the sea like Bin Laden was. Don’t give these people the day in the sun they want and I think much of this madness will stop.

  8. we all know who the money for” every town” comes from > MINI MIKE BLOOMBERG THATS WHO! so run them suck asses out of your state VA , and let them know who the real bosses are !! and while your at it, run michael bloomberg out as well. you’ll be doing your state a real justice . mini mike bloombreg has been promising the whole country that he is going to take your guns away , and he will stoop to unchartered levels to do it ! this has been going on for a few years now !! and he will spend what ever it takes of his billions of dollars to get it done . so the only thing we that don’t have that kind of cash laying around can do is vote every candidate, democrat and republican gun grabbers out of office and put gun lovers in office! its ours to win or loose !!! ( so which side are you on )

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