Gun Used To Protect 12yo Girl From Would-Be Rapist


There are some sick people in the world, people who would happily use you and abuse you to get their jollies. Sadly, these kind of people often prey upon those who are less able to defend themselves such as the elderly and children.

Fortunately, though, there are some people out there willing to do the right thing, and, sometimes, the right thing includes using a firearm to protect a twelve-year-old girl from a would-be rapist. Yes, I’m talking about a specific situation which happened in Louisville, Kentucky. Matt Agorist writes,

Every time we hear the argument about “how society doesn’t need guns to protect themselves” another example surfaces of a member of society protecting themselves with a gun. Recently, on NPR, a guest claimed that she didn’t understand why someone would need a gun because she had never heard of anyone preventing a crime or defending themselves with one. Obviously this is a complete farce, not true, and as the incident below illustrates, it happens quite often.

Tina Burton explained to WDRB this week that she was horrified when she woke up around 7 a.m. on April 14 to a text from her daughter saying that 38-year-old Donald Oliver was in her room — getting naked. He’d broken in, made his way to the 12-year-old’s bedroom and began stripping as if he was preparing to rape her.

“He got undressed in my daughter’s room,” Burton said. “Like, what was your intentions? … You are sick.”

Given Oliver’s history of sexual abuse, the threat was grave.

Fortunately, Burton’s daughter had the presence of mind to get a message to her mother by text and to get out of the room when she had the chance. But, even then, Oliver wouldn’t leave the home. Again, from Agorist:


Once the home invader was away from the kids, the family tried nonviolently persuading him to leave. Burton’s boyfriend, Ali Bracey said he made his way into the kitchen and yelled for Oliver to leave the house.

Oliver did not budge.

“I told him to get out, and he didn’t want to move. And he growled at me,” explained Bracey.

Again, the family tried to get Oliver out with the least amount of force possible, so Bracey grabbed a broom and began hitting the deranged home invader with it. But this proved to be ineffective as well.

At this point, Burton had retrieved a pistol from the back of the home and brought it to Bracey, who then opened fire on Oliver. Bracey said he fired six rounds into Oliver before he finally ran away.

“He ended up getting six shots, period,” Bracey said.

Oliver was apparently in some sort of psychotic state and was clearly not responding to the family’s attempts to get him to leave. Had Bracey not had a gun, who knows how things could’ve ended up.

Now, think about this. Had they not had a gun in the home and been willing to use it to protect their family, how would they have stopped Oliver? Even after that, it still took six shots to get Oliver to leave. Truly a deranged individual.

But anti-gunners would have you believe that you don’t need a gun, that you can wait on the police to protect you. If this family had waited for the police, their twelve-year-old daughter probably would have been raped and might be dead.

Never forget that the fight for gun rights is the fight to protect you and your family. It’s about your personal safety and not the personal safety of criminals and psychotics.



  1. Hi we all need our guns to keep our families safe just look at news where ever you live if the news is report it is scary to look at how much violence is happening around you in town just where ever you live

  2. This family was extremely Blessed (their Guardian Angel was working overtime) in spite of numerous mistakes things turned out alright. How did the man get in the house without anyone knowing. Don’t confront the psycho with a broom unless that is the only thing you have got. What they should have done was hole up in the most secure room or escape to the neighbors house and call the police.

    • Kirk, Your insite is astounding hole up in a Safe room ??????? why not just stick your head int he sand and pretend it’s not happening?????? what happens when this fool produces a weapon? the Police are still Many Minutes away and the danger is there NOW. Only Fools run and hide like scared Rats

        NOTIFY the POLICE who will be arriving , YOUR NAME, YOUR CLOTHING, DESCRIPTION, YOUR WEAPON , WHERE YOU WILL BE STANDING , and that your weapon will be placed aside ,OUT OF YOUR HAND.
        REMEMBER , BE ALERT, CIRCUMSTANCES MAY ALTER your plan ADJUST to changing situations.

      • Actually this is what one of the best use of force instructors, Massad Ayoob recommends from Lethal Force Institute. That you secure your family in a secured area with limited access and train ALL your firepower on that access if the perp persists then open fire. No jury in the world would convict you in that set of circumstances, your most important job is to protect your family. If a jury sees you as the aggressor pushing lethal force to satisfy your John Wayne wannabe attitude you might loose a civil or criminal trial (and your family could be on the streets or you could be cellmates with Bubba).
        And just so you know I have a police and military experience background.

        • My first comment I was trying to be brief and assuming that people reading this would understand the concept of a safe room and shaping the battlefield and making the enemy come to you across a ground where you have stacked the advantages in your favor. My mistake was assuming that these people got some competent instruction or made some serious study on the subject and not watched too much TV or played to many video games. BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO SAFEGUARD YOUR FAMILY!! NOT SATISFY YOUR PRIDEFUL ARROGANCE!! Leaving your family to confront the threat is just that selfish arrogance.

    • And just where in the average home is this “safe room”? Do you have a bomb shelter? Second point, I will NEVER run from my home for any slime ball that needs to be shot.

  3. Also it is best for everyone of responsible age to have a weapon aimed at the safe room door. If the bad guy tries to get in, everyone opens fire till he goes away or goes down. And against a psycho I want something with more punch than a handgun.

    • kirk, please go watch some more tv. what is your idea of a responsible age? do you wait until the creep tries to open the door? do you pause to id the creep or just shoot through the door? how about if the creep gets into the room?

    • My father-in-law was murdered at work. A .22 short rifle bullet entered his side and punctured both both pulmonary arteries and his aorta. He died before he could get where he could get help. The fact is that a small and slow bullet can do a lot of damage bouncing around in the chest or skull.

      • Actually shooting an unaware person (assassinating someone) is far different than trying to put down a psycho, methfreak, PCPfreak, or Cocaine-ethylene there are literally hundreds if not thousands of shootings where one of the above continued fighting after receiving a non-survivable wound. The most famous being the Miami FBI shootout back in the 90’s which caused massive changes in law enforcement. I prefer lots of big bullets delivered with accuracy to end the violence.

  4. You don’t hear about these incidents because the democrats propaganda machine media refuses to tell you. Try vital statistics in your state or town.

  5. The Democrat Party wants to make decent, honest citizens defenseless. The criminals will still have guns. A vote for a Democrat is a vote for criminals!

  6. FredK….To the dummy democrats mind, all guns are assault weapons. Self-defends is not in their vocabulary. The police is never near enough to protect you. The criminal will always have a gun, because the criminal disregards the law. So, how do anti-gun laws work? They don’t.

  7. To USA, the PC, Liberal Democrats want to take your Gun’s for one reason and one reason only to be able in implement Communist within America and the way they are doing it is more debts more illegals more Muslim less Job’s take over Health Care anything that takes away power from the People including the Rich. Wake before it’s to later Vote for Trump in 2020 and pry that America stays American because if it doesn’t we will experience a Civilian War within USA.

  8. First, NPR is biased, and seldom if ever, is on the side of law abiding citizens. as far as the guest they had on ( obviously liberal or democrook ) “never heard of someone defending another with a gun” listens to, or reads MSM so called news. They never cover stories that would benefit the masses with information that would contradict the lefts narrative that guns are dangerous, when in fact the person holding the weapon is TOTALLY responsible for what that weapon supposedly does say it another way, IT does nothing that the holder of such doesn’t make it do. the democrooks want to disarm America for the sole purpose of simplifying the control OF THE MASSES, AS ANY OTHER SOCIAlist country have and will continue to do.

  9. An armed society is a polite society. If you have a gun and the criminal knows that and is still posing a threat to someone, they need shooting, pure and simple.

  10. My father-in-law was murdered at work. A .22 short rifle bullet entered his side and punctured both both pulmonary arteries and his aorta. He died before he could get where he could get help. The fact is that a small and slow bullet can do a lot of damage bouncing around in the chest or skull.

  11. 1st. off, good for them for owning a firearm. It seems though that the shooter needs more training, as shot placement means everything, along with getting the 1st. shot before the other does. As a firearms Instructor, I see many times when my students miss their target even when it is only 7 feet away. I ask that anyone with firearms train when it is possible. I always train using scenario’s designed to create stress. as it makes a huge difference in results.

  12. Responsible age under 18 is going to be defined by the adults of the house. I have met children with more maturity and good judgment than some of the adults I worked with in the military regardless of rank. And as to shooting blindly through doors what if you shoot a policeman serving a warrant that the informant gave the wrong address or maybe the clerk typed it wrong, there has been actual cases involving just such incidents. Or what if you shoot a loved one that is trying to surprise you (a child that was staying over at a friends but came home, a mate that was away on a business trip and came home early, a college aged kid that came home) the one with the gun is the one who has to show the most restraint and good judgement. You always have to identify your target or at least make sure it is someone you shouldn’t shoot.
    As far as your TV comment it is probably you has been watching too much.

  13. I worked in a juvenile correctional facility that was the only one in the state where I live. The most complaints I heard in 16.5 years was when the “concealed carry” bill was passed in my state. The residents (criminals) were whining about it because now they had to be more careful picking their targets for robbery. Criminals flourish when they are the only ones with the weapons! They know Law Enforcement shows up “after the fact” normally. I laughed at the inmates telling them “I hope they pick the wrong targets!” These morons who believe we “don’t need guns” should have heard the terrible stories I heard. They would be afraid to leave their homes. The youth today have no regard for human life. As one inmate told me, “Why should I go out and get a job when I can take everything you worked for in the last one or two weeks in five minutes at gun point?” And by the way, he believed in “always eliminating the witness or witnesses!” So when you say, “we don’t need guns” all you are doing is empowering them to be more successful in committing their crimes!

  14. The oliver perv would have died in seconds had he been in my house. Trying to persuade a fiend is a waste of time, and not fair to the next young girl he rapes!

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