Chicago Proves Once Again That Governments Can’t Stop Possession Of Firearms


You’d think after so many embarrassing failures that anti-gunners would get the clue that governments can’t prevent possession of a firearm. It’s simply logic: if someone wants one bad enough and they aren’t concerned about breaking the law, then they are going to find a way to get their hands on a gun.

But, if you need further proof that governments can’t enforce gun control (even when they know where people are), here’s another perfect example from our favorite gun control “safe space:” Chicago. Mike Puccinelli writes,

When Illinois State Police revoke a FOID [Firearm Owners Identification] card, they send a notice to the license holder and to local police. The law requires anyone whose FOID card is revoked to surrender their license to local police within 48 hours, and complete a “firearm disposition record” form listing what they have done with each of their firearms.

Guns can either be transferred to another FOID card holder, or surrendered to police or the courts.

Police can’t seize guns from a person whose FOID card was revoked, unless the license holder fails to turn in a firearm disposition record. However, even when revoked FOID card holders don’t submit the form, police rarely seize their guns unless they’re arrested for some other reason.

Puccinelli continues,


Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart has said the state’s current system of keeping guns out of the hands of people with a revoked FOID card is ridiculous and broken, and has proposed raising FOID card fees to pay for county task forces to seize guns when licenses are revoked.

“The system is the honor system; literally, that’s it. There’s nothing else,” Dart said last month.

Illinois State Police said more than 10,000 FOID cards were revoked last year, but in more than 75 percent of cases, the license holders never told police they had surrendered their guns.

Now, keep in mind that this is Chicago, the Holy Grail of gun control in the United States. And law enforcement is admitting that gun control is simply not working because it works on the “honor system.”

If lawmakers seriously think that criminals are going to give up their guns on the honor system, then those lawmakers need to stop taking drugs before voting because that makes absolutely no sense.



  1. these FOID cards are ILLEGAL and amount to a GUN Registry total Bull Shit, Who in their right mind would EVER tell the Govt what guns they own?????????? Ignorance at it’s finest.

  2. Facts have always been irrelevant, they know there’s no way they’ll ever disarm the thugs. They would be ecstatic is they could just keep us from getting them. Sick, isnt it?

  3. Stupid part is if you don’t have you can’t defend youself. What do they expect you to do say hey wait a minute till I find and load my gun before you rob or rape me.
    And if you’re out walking dog at night in wooded area do you tell the wolf or coyote to wait till you go get your gun. Since the government is reintroducing large cats and wolves to rural areas. Of course they run away from people even when it’s a bad winter and low food supply. Stupid

  4. A far better solution to the problem is to eliminate the FOID cards altogether and respect the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution! Time and time again it has been proven that when the average citizen has access to being armed the crime level has decreased!
    An individual who is determined to commit a crime doesn’t” care about whether or not having a firearm is legal or not but what it provides for them, areas and places that are “GUN FREE Zones” are simply “TARGETS” and easy pickings!
    So for all of you who believe that gun control is the answer you might as well depend upon a UNICORN to get the job done!! IT ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN, FOLKS! WAKE UP!

  5. It seems that the whole Illinois system is broken not just Chicago …
    Not to mention its anti-2nd Amendment , NO GOVERNMENT PERMISSION IS NEEDED …

  6. My family left the south side of chicago because law enforcement there could not protect us. We had guns. Didn’t give a crap about no foid card. The guns were not stolen. A family member in Missouri gave us their gun until we could afford to move out of the butthole of America. It literally saved my life and my parents when a crack head broke into our house. He left without anything except a couple extra holes. Took the police 25 minutes to respond and identify his body. You don’t want to venture to Chicago without a firearm. It is so dangerous within the city limits. Growing up there sucked. I know there are thousands of guns in good people’s homes that are stuck living in those bad neighborhood’s of chicago.
    Yes. The foid cards are literally a registration/confiscation system. I’m retired leo from St Louis. I know several illinois troopers from my career and they have told me, that they can look up anyone and they often do to see what firearms a resident owns. I feel for the Southern Illinois residents who are penalized by the chicago corrupt politicians. The recent Supreme Court decisions of Heller and McDonald give gun owners a solid anchor. But we need to keep the fight going.

    THE WAY “GUN CONTROL” WORKS IS TO EXECUTE MANY PEOPLE FOR ONE “GUN CONTROL” VIOLATION. The two favorite methods are the hostage method and the family-responsibility method. Both work.
    HOSTAGE METHOD: In Poland, the Nazis filled the jails with hostages, who had NOT COMMITTED ANY CRIME. When, NOT IF, the Nazis SUSPECTED a gun-control violation, they would murder some 200 or 250 hostages. The beauty of this method is that the Nazis did not even have to look for a suspect. How efficient!
    FAMILY RESPONSIBILITY: This way YOUR ENTIRE EXTENDED FAMILY IS BEING HELD HOSTAGE: Brothers and sisters, Parents and children, Grandparents and grandchildren, Aunts and uncles, Nephews and nieces, and, of course, Cousins. Stalin dictated Family Responsibility sometime before 1933 (how else can you efficiently murder 40 million people?). All that was needed was one whispered accusation, and no evidence was needed (similar to Maryland’s Red Flag law today), let alone a trial.
    A partial defense was to destroy all family records and genealogies, and even to change their last names, in an effort to reduce the body count when AN ENTIRE FAMILY WAS MURDERED. That helped.
    When people started to resist, as during World War II, people would dig up a gun and ammunition, take a wartime alias, and travel hundreds of miles before they would be seen in public with guns. That turned out to be a good method.

  8. Should I state the obvious!?!? GUN CONTROL DOESN’T WORK!!! You take away the guns….you take away any means of defense. NOT the ability for some nut case to come after you. Unfortunately, the Second Amendment works for the criminal as it does for the law abiding citizens. But, GUESS WHAT LIBTARDS!?!?! THERE ARE MORE OF US THEN THERE ARE OF THEM!!!! And you JERKS want to take my rights away!?!?!?!

  9. If those nit-wit legislators think that the “honor system” will work with gun abusers, I have this wonderful bridge in Arizona to sell you.

  10. The aim of the World Bank, bankers and puppeteers is to take away the weapons of citizens so that they can easily enforce their New World Order and electronic concentration camp. This is the reason, besides wanting to take away the weapons, that we can not resist trying and canceling all paper money and leaving us only electronic ones.
    Where citizens are taken away, the weapon immediately jumps all crimes and armed robbery, because all the criminals are armed only with illegal weapons. Moreover, it is precisely in such countries that fascist laws and dictatorship are immediately imposed on bankers.
    The eu is now trying to take away the weapons of US citizens as they prepare to close all banks and exchanges for nine years. Their purpose is to have no weapon so that they can not resist this robbery and force us to self-indulge in food, water, and resources.
    And when we do not have weapons in our hands to defend ourselves, it is clear that those who will survive will not be honorable citizens and patriots, but the bands of partisans and the hordes of migrant MS 13 members and the cartels that invade Latin America!
    No step back. Unite to defend the Second Amendment in the Constitution and also the first to defend the right to tell the truth openly

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