Huh? Obama Cabinet Member Calls For Louder Guns


After watching anti-gunners spout off ridiculous suggestions as methods to reduce gun violence, it’s easy to think that you’ve finally heard it all and that it’s just a matter of getting it through those people’s thick heads why gun control never improves the situation.

But, then, something surprises you.

Take a recent opinion piece written by Juliette Kayyem, an assistant secretary of homeland security during the Obama administration. On June 1, 2019, Kayyem wrote,


What ends lives? Gunfire.

What saves lives? The sound of gunfire.

The Virginia Beach shooting on Friday, when an employee of the city government killed 12 people — 11 of whom were his co-workers — is notable only for its familiarity. Another mass shooting. In fact, it was the worst mass-casualty event anyone can remember since … November 2018, at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

But details of the rampage include one fact unique to the growing list of active-shooter cases: the assailant used a .45-caliber handgun with extended magazines and a barrel suppressor. This small detail — that the loaded gun was fitted with simple, and lawful, “silencing” equipment — threatens to upend how we understand and train for active-shooter cases in the future.

Kayyem goes on to say other things which simply aren’t true such as implying that semiautomatic firearms are multi-shot weapons (for those of you who are unfamiliar with types of firearms, they aren’t the same. Semiautomatic weapons only fire One. Shot. At. A. Time.).

But the most glaring issue with Kayyems op-ed piece is what she doesn’t talk about which really would have saved lives: the 2019 Virginia Beach shooting took place in gun free zones (we addressed that issue here).

So, by claiming that the real way to prevent gun violence deaths is by having louder guns (or banning silencers), which ignores the surprise shootings like drive-by shootings, etc., Kayyem is completely ignoring reality, and that reality is that law-abiding gun owners with their firearms on them (and can, thus, shoot back) are what stop mass shootings. We’ve seen it over and over and over again.

The good guy with a gun is the solution to gun violence.

Can it completely stop gun violence? No. Nothing can because you simply cannot predict when a person with evil intent will use that intent and ingenuity to get a gun and kill someone, but a good guy with a gun can make sure that the evil person doesn’t get to take a second shot and kill someone else.

That’s the reality, and I’ll take it over anti-gunners’ illusion of safety that leaves us all as sitting ducks in a country-wide gun free zone.



    • Congratulations Juliette Kayem! You qualify as Ding Bat of the Week. You know as much about firearms as the rest of us know about brain surgery!

  1. My husband was an over the road trucker. He was waiting to get unloaded early one morning. 2 men walked up to his truck pulled a gun on him…& THANK GOD, HE CARRIED HIS OWN GUN WITH HIM. Needless to say, he wasn’t shot, but one of the criminals was, the other.. ran away so fast, a bullet couldn’t have caught him. These were some VERY BAD people.

  2. I guess that means that we should not have to use hearing protection equipment when at the range.
    What a nutcase!!!

  3. People making comments like this are dangerous since there are idiots out there that believe such nonsense. Of course, if he had thought of it, he might have said the other benefit would be deaf gun fans. These jerks need to step off a cliff.

  4. well I don’t have a Suppressor on my 45 if I’m shooting it I want people to know where it’s coming from. and if I’m shooting at a bad guy he won’t be able to run IF he hears the Blast.

  5. Makes one wonder who elected these Demoncrat Idiots? She must be related to Ocasio. In the past 10 years I have not seen even ONE Liberal who showed any common sense, let alone high intelligence, they are all of one take as much as they can from the American people and not do a thing to help make our Country better. Let’s hope that Trump wipes them off the board and continues to MAGA! TRUMP 2020!!

  6. The situation is this: Imagine a large ‘circular firing squad” many pointing weapons! A group of fearful, unarmed ‘gun-control’ nuts are interspersed between those with guns. Some with the guns are INSANE, many are not. The gun-control nuts say, “This is dangerous! Every one lower your guns!”, the SANE do, the INSANE do NOT. The gun-control nuts now say, “Everybody drop those guns!”, and SOME of, the SANE do, but NOT ANY of the INSANE! Then one of the INSANE occasionally OPENS FIRE, killing indiscriminately. The gun-control nuts now scream at the SANE who didn’t drop their weapons, “SEE? I TOLD you to drop them, and then you DIDN’T! You SHOULDN’T be allowed to even HAVE one! It’s ALL. YOUR. FAULT!” Substitute “legitimate law-abiding owners” for “SANE”, and “criminals and, of course, insane” for “INSANE”, and you get Liberal Logic!

  7. Just another gum flapping ignorant lefty. Undortunately, we have a country full of them and too many breed.

  8. Liberal’s need to be fired and put in a asylum for the mentally disturbed. We don’t want Hitler or stalin running our country so fire them all

  9. The author of the article says it all, “An OBAMA Cabinet Member!”

    I enjoyed Neil’s description of a Liberal Circular Firing Squad! ROTFLMFAO!!!!

  10. Law-abiding gun owners are not the criminal element of our society. Until the left and some of the right are willing to acknowledge that , we will always have idiots, who know nothing of how a firearm works, not what usefulness it can be in a bad situation, the problem of mass shooting will continually be directed by the left toward non-criminals of our society. Remember the Coumo mantra that if you own a gun you must be a bad guy. How would he know?

  11. Yeah…’s hard to believe someone can be that stupid but he is, after all, a Dumbascrap and an Obozoite at that which says it all.

  12. To USA, Vote with Trump in 2020 if you want to keep out PC, Liberal Communist Democrats, out off the Senate and Congress it’s that simple truly Americans.

  13. Typical female demoncrap!! Doesn’t know a hill of beans what she is talking about. Let her have her loud sounding fake guns and I’ll keep my real ones. And yes, people are going to get shot up in places that advertise being gun free. Most mass shooters actually look for places like that. If places don’t want to have mass shootings then take down the gun free zone signs and leave them guessing as to who has a gun and who doesn’t.

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