It Didn’t Work In These Peaceful Countries. Why Do They Think Gun Control Will Work Here?


There is an old saying that those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. In case you’re not familiar with this saying, the basic idea is that history teaches us about human nature, about how people really are and really respond instead of how we wish they were.

If you think about it, studying history is vitally important because it can help you understand what simply will not work in the real world because human nature doesn’t change. This means, if you keep trying the same thing, then people will keep responding the same way, thus repeating history again and again and again.

With this in mind, you have to come to the conclusion that anti-gunners do not study history. Because, if they had studied history, they would know that gun control simply doesn’t work.


Want real world examples? Well, take the current situation in New Zealand (hat tip to here for the lead). A piece in the New Zealand Herald reads:

Figures released to Newstalk ZB by the New Zealand Police showed that, as of Sunday night, only 530 guns had been handed in since the ban on semi-automatic guns was finalised in early April.

There are around 250,000 licenced firearm holders in New Zealand and it’s estimated as many as 300,000 guns could now be illegal.

These statistics show that less than 1% of the firearms which the government is trying to confiscate in New Zealand have been successfully confiscated. Keep in mind that, with the exception of the horrific mass shooting in March 2019 carried out by a non-New Zealander, New Zealand is a peaceful country without a history of mass shootings. That being the case, how, exactly, is confiscating the guns of peaceful New Zealanders going to prevent another tragedy like that shooting?

But, in the minds of anti-gunners, rationality and an understanding of human nature don’t appear to be necessary. And, so, you have other situations such as in the gun control paradise of Australia (which, coincidentally, is where the New Zealand shooter was from). On June 4, 2019, another shooting took place. AAP gives us the sad details:

An alleged gunman who went on a rampage killing four men and injuring a woman while looking for a man named “Alex” on Tuesday night was released from jail only a month ago.

Darwin man Ben Hoffmann, 45, received a 14-day sentence for breaching his curfew after he had been paroled in January after serving four years in prison for bashing a man with a baseball bat.

Think about that. In the U.S., this guy wouldn’t have been able to legally get a gun. With even stricter gun control laws in Australia, I would expect that this is the same legal situation there, too. In fact, the AAP piece says, “Police had the serial number of a prohibited pump-action 12-gauge shotgun used in the shootings that might have been stolen, Mr Kershaw said.”

Oh, and the guy was wearing a parolee ankle bracelet, too. Lot of good that did to protect people.

Chalk this up to another gun control failure.

But, hey, maybe gun control will fix the violence problem here. After all, real gun control hasn’t been tried here, has it? Well, except in Baltimore, Chicago, and California.

Failure after failure after historical failure. Gun control never works to prevent people who wish to do evil from doing evil. It doesn’t even prevent them from getting guns. All gun control does is make the law-abiding population more vulnerable to criminals and to government control. That is simply not acceptable.



  1. Tell the gun control folks not to worry, I will not shoot them when someone is going to shoot them. Call the police who are only minutes away when seconds count.

  2. It seems to okay for the Anti gunners to have well protected homes by people have guns for their protection! Well the truth is they have No ideal of real truth and the reason we have or want to Protect our families! The time will come and then it will
    Be Too late!

  3. Let’s see. Baltimore, Chicago and California are crime ridden sewers. So what do Baltimore, Chicago and California do? They take guns away from decent, honest citizens. The criminals still have their guns. Blow hard politicians come up with more ways to punish decent, honest citizens by taking away their guns. The criminals still have their guns. What do the blow hard politicians do? They take guns away from more decent, honest citizens.
    The criminals still have their guns! What do do the politicians do? They come with more ideas to take guns away from decent, honest citizens. The criminals still have their guns. We are living in a damned lunatic asylum!

  4. the real reason for gun control is the Dems want ALL guns removed from the Citizen for easier control over all of us, they want total COMMUNIST control over our lives so they can enrich themselves and enslave the population.

    • You are obviously a raging, paranoid, alt.-conservative. Nobody is out to get you let alone your government… yea, right! Seriously, 90% of the citizenry isn’t aware of this fact and that’s the way the parties (R & D) want it. There is no ‘right and wrong’. Just two wrongs.

      • No Charles, he’s absolutely correct, except you can add so called “republicans” to his statement too. They’re just two sides of the same coin. Humans that have little to no power over themselves ALWAYS seek to dominate and control others, hence “government”. Those humans in power, being cowards, seek to maintain their power in the easiest way possible: Disarm the citizens and make any resistance to “government” control almost impossible. The “government” most certainly is “out to get us”, and if you don’t believe that then you’ve either got your head up your ass or you’re just a complete moron.

          • Why? Because he got it right?!? The Demonrats want to take away our guns!! They have said so. What do you think Gun Control means? Government wants to control us and take away our guns plain and simple. You need to pay attention more so Charles is paying attention very well.

    • Mark, a perfect example is Venezuela. First thing Chavez did, promise safety now give me your guns. Chavez learned from hitler, Stalin, Mao, pol pot, Castro, and a few others

  5. These people that want gun control or are against people holding guns are pitiful. If they are so against guns then the ones with body guards should disarm them and the police? Forget about calling them because they have guns. Take care of any problems that pop up without guns and see how far you get with that!! I would rather have a gun and not need it, that to need a gun and not have it.

  6. Looks like the New Zealanders are smart enough to think for themselves and not give up their guns.

  7. History, has taught US all, if People are willing to understand it, that Violence has been around since the Dawn of Man.
    We’ve been killing each other with Rocks, Clubs, Knives, Spears, Swords, or anything else that could be picked up.
    These Anti-gun Supporters, are acting Ignorant, and aren’t thinking about what happens next. I wonder what they would say or do when someone threatens their lives with a weapon(and I’m not implying a Gun), and it’s on a Parking Lot, or in their Homes? How will they Defend themselves?
    Tell the Attacker to hold on while they make a phone call? Or do they just lay down, at the Mercy of this Attacker, and hope they’ll go away? Several instances of lives saved by an individual, who was armed, and stopped the Attacker by shooting him/her.
    Having been in Law Enforcement, I’ve seen the Good, and I’ve seen the Bad, in People and the Bad will do anything, including killing, to get what they want. Is there an answer to stopping Violence? I don’t see one, but by making People Vulnerable to Violence, isn’t the answer.
    Being prepared, in the event of Protecting YOUR LIFE, and the Lives of your Loved ones, can only be the Correct course of action.
    Wake up America, for you never know when your Life will be in Danger, until it is right in front of you…….

  8. All the governments around the world want One World Order so they have total control of all of us you see this in socialist,communist, muslums, countries now they even kill people just because, even Canada look kill off elderly if sick very sick world we Here America have states that kill, and the Murder of Babies how disgusting people have become so inhuman, don’t understand what happened to us, but don’t like what we are becoming so selfish self centered not good not good at all.

  9. The final goal of gun controllers, is, Complete control over “You” Wake up, America.

  10. Right on, Alfred. All this hoopla is great as we all know the issue and the problem, but as long as the MSM is in cahoots with the socialist Democrats and RINO republicans, there will be no peace. Honest citizens must stand up to these tyrants and stand your ground when individually threatened by the evilness around us if we are to win anything. The evil tyrants have nothing but time on their hands and will wait it out until more of the less educated and ignorant people dominate the population; the rest of us will be long gone by then. The bible spells it all out in the Book of Revelation. If HE is not already Lord of your life, get Jesus in your heart. HE is our only hope. Evil will prevail in the long run. Praise the Lord! God will turn over the whole earth to Satan, and I certainly do not want to be here then. Do you?

    • Yeah Patrick, if you remember Jesus said to arm up, read luke 22:36 , as Jesus knew he would be leaving he wanted to make sure the brothern could have the means to defend themselves.
      If you don’t have a sword, sell your coat and buy one ! The best close combat weapon at that time, now its a hand gun.

  11. I have come to the conclusion that gun grabbers actually EMBRACE the violence as it gives them a soapbox to stand on while railing against gun violence. If they can convince enough inept people that if all guns are removed Govt will take care of them. There is plenty of history proving this to be a miserable existence. Ole’ Ben Franklin said it best, “those willing to give up their freedoms and liberty’s for safety and security will have neither”.

  12. The Democrats want to punish decent, honest citizens by confiscating their guns. Then they will be defenseless. The criminals will still have guns. The Democrats love criminals!

  13. We must “outlaw” those that are for disarming us all. Anytime there are “rules” as to how, when, and where we carry our weapons, it violates the 2nd Amendment. They are the ones that need incarceration or erradication, which ever is best.

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