Elizabeth Warren: If You Can’t Ban Guns, Tax ‘Em!


When it comes to source material for comedy, Democratic Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren is the gift that keeps on giving.

If you want someone who says stuff more absurd than Bernie Sanders and puts her foot in her mouth almost as consistently as Joe Biden (without being a creeper on women), then Warren is your lady. And, yes, she even says ridiculous things about guns, too! Now, she is spouting more stupidity about guns. John Boch writes,

Elizabeth Warren has proposed not only rolling back the popular Trump tax cuts, but she wants to levy new taxes on wealth and free speech. And, of course, on guns, too!

Yes, the same Elizabeth Warren who invented an American Indian heritage to get an unfair advantage in hiring and promotion earlier in her career. The same Elizabeth Warren who falsely claimed she was fired for becoming pregnant. And now, the same Elizabeth Warren who has arguably become the front-runner among the current candidates for the Democrat nomination for the 2020 presidential race.

She’s talking about a YUGE hike in taxes on guns and ammunition. She wants to triple the tax on guns to 30% to promote “gun safety” initiatives. And she wants to quintuple the tax on ammunition to 50% for…more of the same.

And she thinks that’s a winning platform. I didn’t know recreational marijuana had become legal in Massachusetts yet.

So, what kinds of tax hikes are we talking about? How about 10-30% on gun purchases and 50% on ammunition. Oh, and then there are the additional corporate taxes and an “excessive lobbying tax” that would tax 35% on firms that spend more than a half million dollars on lobbying, 60% when over $1 million is spent on lobbying, and 75% when over $5 million is spent (how much do you want to bet that Planned Parenthood would get an exception?).


Look, even if someone agrees with Warren on her other policy positions, her proposals to, basically, attempt to tax guns out of private ownership is unconstitutional and offensive. She basically wants to try to tax away your self-protection.

Warren has shown herself again and again to be a nutcase, and we cannot afford to allow this woman to become President of the United States.



  1. Lady why don’t you go crawl under a rock on some reservation, leave our GUNS alone
    TRUMP 2020

  2. Elisabeth Warren knows as much about firearms as the rest of us know about brain surgery !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Unconstitutional number one and you could also make the argument that it is racist as well. Afterall the majority of those living at or below the poverty level are minorities. Now the Democratic party certainly wouldn’t want to deny those poor minorities of their right to self defence would they?

  4. Hey, Pocahontas, you can not tax Constitutional and civil rights either, Now get back on your psychotropics ans sign yourself BACK into the Psychiatric ward! Oh my, that wasnt public knowledge, was it?

  5. By raising the tax %age isn’t going to reduce gun violence. You’d only be taxing the law biding people. Criminals don’t obey laws. They buy guns illegally so upping the tax amount will not have any affect on them. All you’re doing is denying lawful people the right to possibly own a gun. Not all people have money just sitting around doing nothing. Make the penalties for gun violence more harsh. It’s our constitutional right to bear arm without any interference. You get protection when you’re out in public at our expense. Why do you deny us our right to protection? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Wake up.

  6. What is just one tax to a democrat. If its good enough to tax once its good enough to tax repeatedly. She does not grasp the concept that a person needs to a gun to stay accurate,so let’s stop the amount of ammunition people can afford to buy.The result bad shots hit bad things. Who will be to blame for that and I’ll bet ,not be Warren.No she has no business in being in any elected office with all her lies and bad deeds in the past. She surely never needs to be anywhere close to the White House. Except ,maybe driving by on Pen.Ave.

  7. Fortunately, I don’t buy ammo, I reload all of mine. Nonetheless, Fauxcahontas is as full of feces as a Christmas turkey because the only people who these stupid taxes will affect are law-abiding hunters and recreational target shooters/plinkers (like the kid with his or her first .22). But, as a typical DemocRAT, she thinks that the problem is the guns and the ammunition, not the bad/evil people who are the REAL problem.

  8. You gotta wonder… What part of “SHALL NOT BE INRINGED”, do these Demonrats not understand?

  9. If we can’t ban ignorant clueless politicians from opening their mouths and spewing their rampant stupidity, let’s tax them. Sure as they are paid to govern, and are doing little to no governing … taxing their words and stupidity is just getting tax dollars back, that they will waste on more stupid endeavors …. but obvious ignorance could be taxed at say $1.00 per word. Not stopping with presidential candidates, pelosi, would quickly be living on the streets of san francisco in a tent. sanders would quickly be standing in a soup line, fauxcahontas would be back on the reservation …. in suburban Massachusetts. aoc would be half a million dollars in debt, and barack and michael, would have to go back to traditional clothing, barack wearing the dress, and michael in pants.

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