Now, Everytown Complains That Gun Sanctuaries Subvert The Democratic Process


We already knew that Everytown for Gun Safety has a lack of grasp on reality problem, but now we know that they have a literacy problem, too.

What literacy problem do I mean? Simply that they use the term “democratic,” as in “democratic process,” in a way that the word doesn’t mean.

For clarification, Mirriam-Webster defines the word “democratic” (after you get past talk of the two-party system) as “relating to, appealing to, or available to the broad masses of the people.” So, if “the broad masses of the people” in an area turn out to rally for gun sanctuaries (which is exactly what has happened in Virginia), then that would logically seem to be the democratic process in action.


But Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Control… er… Safety disagrees. Dave Workman writes,

The managing director of litigation and national enforcement policy at anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety complained Friday to WDBJ News that the rapidly expanding “Second Amendment Sanctuary” movement could “short-circuit the Democratic process.”

Everytown’s Eric Tirschwell expressed concern the Sanctuary movement in Virginia and elsewhere might result in genuine harm.

“These resolutions could have, and threaten to have, a chilling effect on people who might otherwise use, or take advantage of gun safety laws to try to prevent harm, like a suicide, a homicide or even a mass shooting,” Tirschwell said during an interview.

Translation: “It’s not fair that our $2.5 million spending on pushing gun control candidates in Virginia this last election won’t allow us to buy the policies that we want!”

Ironic that they seem to think that buying an election is the democratic process, but democratic action at a grass roots level isn’t the democratic process.

It’s this kind of arrogance from elitists like Bloomberg, Everytown, and other anti-gunners which frustrates the average everyday American, and that arrogance is the reason that we are seeing a #VAGunRightsRebellion now.



  1. We’re a republic, and every election in every state should/and suppose to be voting with a electoral way the republic way.
    Anyways the constitution/ 2nd amendment actually all guarante our god given rights.

  2. These same people support sanctuary cities for illegal aliens. They only worry about the attack on the Democratic process when it’s an issue they don’t agree with. The hypocrisy should be brought out into the open loud and clear.

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