Too Funny! Pathetic Turnout For Anti-NRA Rally


Hollywood, anti-gun politicians, and the mainstream media are trying desperately to make you believe that you are in the minority for supporting gun rights (as if being in the majority on an issue has anything to do with whether that position is right).

Why do they do this? Because people, very often, will follow someone else’s lead, especially if they think that lots of people are doing it. There seems to be something basic in human nature that thinks that the more people that do something, the more likely that it is to be the right thing to do.

Which isn’t true at all.


The thing is, those who want to shape your thinking are trying very hard to make their position look like they are in the majority even though the facts don’t support that idea. And a recent event in Dallas showed how little support there really is for gun control. John Boch writes,

According to the local NBC station, Dallas Police expect “large” protests near this year’s NRA Annual Meetings. For days, the media has gleefully reported onall manner of gun control advocates bragging of plans to crash the NRA’sparty.

How did these expected anti-gun counter-demonstrations go on Friday? Let’s face it: Big Gun Control threw a party Friday and (almost) no one showed up. In a city of over 1.3 million, less than a half-dozen die-hard gun-grabbing leftists turned out on to protest the first day of the NRA Annual Meeting. How pathetic, right?

I have to tell you that this kind of thing makes me laugh. You keep hearing all over the mainstream media about Moms Demand Action and ignorant teenagers who are puppets in a bigger agenda trying to take away our guns, but, when people show up of their own free will (and aren’t paid protesters) to anti-gun rallies, then you end up with turnouts like this: next to nothing.

So, the next time that you hear someone talk about how pro-gun people are in the minority, point this out to them. If there are so many anit-gun people in America, where were they when they could have been protesting the NRA convention?



  1. astounding! these people make a lot of noise about gun control , but ,i think that is all it is . noise. they do the talk but not very many do the walk.

    • My state senators have taken the anti gun position for years promoting gun-grabbing legislators publicly yet privately they both own guns for their protection. They have used their personal position and power of office to expedite and obtain concealed carry permits for themselves in a state known for the difficulty to apply and receive such permits for any average resident. The hypocrisy is evident and disgusting.

    • agreed……
      they have a ‘hard’ time ‘walking’ in high heels………….
      while screaming and flailing……..

      nothing but a bunch of QUEEEEEEEERS……..
      MERCY MARY…………..

  2. Really it’s the same rhetoric with the libtards on every single issue they bitch about. The way they controll media you’d think 90% of the country was backing them? But it’s not so they make up a very small percentage but how come they get all their shit passed?

  3. There are the contentions of the anti gun set, and then there are the facts of the matter, the two being mutually exclusive. And thus ends that story.

  4. What ever happened to the Second Amendment? That’s the one that guarantees the right to keep and bear arms! In California, whack job judges have overruled the Second Amendment!

    • Also the two state senators for years have engaged in duplicitous behavior in “my state” (California). “Do as I legislate against YOU not as I reserve the right for myself and my cronies”
      seems to be their active pursuit. Why do we elect these bad actors?!!

      • Why don’t you have them removed by the Sheriff, since they violated their Oath of Office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States? Break the Oath, lose your job, and then, face Prison time.

        • Absolutely! Put em in jail and let them think about their oaths for awhile. Next time, if they have one, their mouths won’t get in their way!

  5. A whole half a dozen? We better start shaking in our boots. I hate to ell them this but the Supreme Court is now made up of folks who will not void the Second Amendment. A states convention will not work, either. But we can expect more mass killings by trucks and busses so we best outlaw them also while we are at it.

  6. WOW !!!!!! WHAT A CROWD. ONLY 1/2 DOZEN ????? A dozen DO-NUTS and a JAR OF KOOL-AID would have been a BANQUET.

  7. maybe we should do what 1 member of the british parliment wants to do. with very few firearms ,they have had a dramatic increase in attacks with knives. now this member of parliment wants knife control laws! wake up u.s.a. ! this could be our future!

    • It’s a shame that we can’t enact, “Moron Control”. These Left Wing Psychos would all be in the Nut House Rubber Rooms.

  8. Sounds like a Clinton rally …
    the media says standing room only , but only a few hundred show up …

    • It’s more like,”Stand anywhere you want. There’s plenty of room”. Liberals need to know what a pack of losers they really are.

  9. They complain because they like knives and know one doesn’t bring knives to a gun fight.

  10. I don’t want to shoot anyone, but if some crazy person is going to attack when I am around, I feel confident that I will be ablel to stop them. That gives me a sense of safety that comes with gun ownership!

  11. Without the Second Amendment, American Citizens would have No Leverage against the Democrat Protected MS-13 Gangs or the Parkland Left-Wing, Foul-Mouthed Tyrants of Gun Control. Both groups appear to be the DEM PARTY of the Future.
    The First & Second Amendments are VITAL to the American Citizens. No America without The Constitution.

  12. The anti-gun crowd don’t read about the history of the country. Private gun ownership shaped the early years of the US from the Revolution into the 1800’s. Jumping forward, the 2nd World War would have been fought under completely different circumstances when Japan attacked us if they did not respect the fact that if they attacked mainland USA they would be met with massive civilian opposition. They should all learn from history.

  13. Hmm. yes, just like the protest rally here, in Colorado in 1999.’s N.R.A. member meeting. The T.V. news had ALL KINDS of protesters on the evening news. There WAs only one PROBLEM there. When I came out of the members meeting, There were about FOUR protesters on the FAR corner of the block. And You could NOT stand to get within 50 feet of them, For the STENCH of unwashed drunken BUMS that they were! It was like that bunch had NOT had a bath or changed clothes in atleast six months. THIS IS FACT< I WAS THERE TO SEE IT!!! I live in Arvada.


  15. What should be truly eye opening, and equally scary, is the fact that anybody showed up, at all. What should be galling to the antigunnrs is the fact that the “MURDEROUS” NRA didn’t assassinate everyone of these anti-American Socialists. According to the Socialists, the NRA should have done a Parkland HS.

  16. I believe that most NRA members don’t
    want to be victims of syco nut jobs and I do not want some lefty deciding who should not have guns as they would quickly list Christians and NRA members
    as ineligible to have guns. Iam working on my benifactor support level and encourage all members to go up a level as it’s a great way to support the NRA.

  17. I have read a bunch of leftist rants and while they may sound sincere they are a bunch of tail chasing circular reasoning texts. It comes down to the song of the banderlog. We all say so, so it is true. We all wish it so it will be true.

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