Surprising Member of Congress Blocking Concealed Carry Reciprocity


Americans of all political persuasions don’t have any question about which party overwhelmingly tends to be anti-gun and which party tends to support our 2nd Amendment rights, and this is what makes this story so surprising. If Republicans are pro-gun and pro-gun owner, wouldn’t they want for gun owners to be able to exercise their Constitutional rights by passing concealed carry reciprocity?

But that isn’t the case, and one Republican is making it clear who is holding up legislation to pass reciprocity. AWR Hawkins writes,

During the September 7 of Armed American Radio with Mark Walters, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) said his concealed carry legislation is stalled because Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) does not want Congress to touch it.

Maybe it’s just a symptom of current Republican infighting, but, even with a majority in Congress and a Republican (and openly pro-2nd Amendment) President in office, the most basic 2nd Amendment rights are being neglected by the party which got into power partly because of their support of gun rights. Rep. Massie said,


Listen, I was no fan of [Speaker] John Boehner, but even under John Boehner, I was allowed to offer an amendment to the DC Appropriations Bill to defund all their gun control laws. It passed in the House. … We got all but four Republicans to vote for it and 20 Democrats voted to defund all of Washington DC’s gun control laws.

It seems apparent that some people have gotten complacent about their concern about gun rights. Some are saying that firearms sales are currently down because people are not afraid that our current President will try to confiscate guns (unlike the previous President), but that doesn’t mean that everyone in the party in power is interested in returning gun rights to the Constitutional limit.

This just shows that, as responsible gun owners, we must stay vigilant and push to have our rights respected all throughout the United States.



  1. It is OUR RIGHT under the Constitution to have bear ARMS. WHY does the Government think they have THE RIGHT to continue to STRIP WE THE PEOPLE’S Constitution of The United States, GIVE us OUR Rights back!!!!

  2. Paul Ryan is not a Republican but a Democrat in disguise. He is what is wrong in this country, President Trump should remove him and place a real American in his position. Gary

  3. In order for government to totally control the public, the politicians must disarm then population. The second amendent is what keeps then politicians from becoming total plantation owners and public from becoming their slaves. Our founders were brilliant people, not controling politicians.

  4. Nothing new here all. What we have here is a dedicated RINO that should change his party affiliation to DEMOCOMMIE. Better yet, RESIGN , if you cannot follow your oath of office, our CONSTITUTION and BILL of RIGHTS. (what part of “shall not be infringed”, do you NOT understand)

    • Cliff: You are absolutely right about this little weasel! Paul Ryan is a two faced dem communist. He does not represent the American people or our needs. He needs to be replaced. He is part of the Repub Establishment that hates President Trump and the American people. Ryan is only out to better himself, no one else!

    • I am on the fence on this. I am FOR reciprocity because it brings us closer to compliance with Our Second Amendment. I am AGAINST it because it recognizes the necessity of carry permits, which is NOT acknowledged by Our Second Amendment.

      OK, I just re-read my first paragraph, and I seriously considered what I wrote. I am a stark defender of Our Second Amendment. As such, I am NOT on the fence. I OPPOSE reciprocity BECAUSE it accepts the absurd concept of permits to authorize carry.

      We MUST accept Our Second Amendment AS IS!!!! It supersedes ANY requirement for a politically motivated “permit”. Since any state or territory in Our United States is by law controlled by Our Constitution, this question of reciprocity is moot.

  5. is everyone screwed up? If you don’t love this country then get the hell out, go live in socialistic / communist country for two or four years and be a real slave you idiots . It like bazzaro world no one has any common sense these days. if you want to protest get off your lazy ass knees for show acting like big dick head. Get out in to the world and spend your millions helping the people , if there is injustice , fight to correct it, sick of everything is for show , look at me ! you have the money ! your not changing anything ! you lazy ass idiots.

  6. If the Republicans don’t remove Paul ryan. I swear

  7. Politicans are all about control of the people, not freedom for the people. Gun grabbers come from both sides, they only use you to vote for them with false promises and then some type of retoric.

  8. In todays climate, one should not be repressed in exercising their right to protect themselves. Constitutional carry should not be an imposed right by our government but a constitutional right.
    State and Federal government should not even try to restrict a right guaranteed by our constitution.
    Any man or woman should not have their rights infringed upon. Start trying to take away the rights that congress has granted to themselves and see how quickly things change. The think they are the elite few and can impose their will upon the American Citizen but not abide by those items they impose on the public. One good example is Health Care.

  9. Looks like we have a strong – true liberal as Speaker of the House. I had my doubts from the gitgo just knowing he is from Wisconsin. He opposes most everything the President wants to do. He has got to go!!

  10. Forget about the nut case liberal states to ever change their minds about gun control not working. They are brain washed by the lying media.

  11. Yes this is very Not good.
    What we have here is a Speaker of the House who has worked a total of about 1 year (family business) in the free enterprise since out of college (writing speeches for various Washington DC people and org’s is still the Political realm and does not count). He has virtually no experience in the Capitalist system. This means that he has never had to excel to get a promotion, lead a team, crew or project. It means he has never taken a risk of leaving a job or career for a better opportunity. He has never been laid off, fired or terminated for any reason and had to search for work. He has never interviewed and been overlooked because he was male, the wrong color, the wrong College degree, the wrong experience, the wrong sex, you get the picture. He has never taken risk. These are all life experiences and he has none of them. This is not a leader. He should get out of the position of Speaker.

  12. Looks like Mr Ryan needs to think about re-election!
    It is so difficult to believe how unprepared the party is. Are they affraid to pass the laws that follow the constitution? Seems there is something there …all of these promised changes should have been a walk. We will not control the three for long. What will the excuses be?

  13. Trey Gowdy would make a great new speaker of the house!! And everybody knows Paul Ryan’s wife and her parents are long time Liberal Democrats so what is the big surprise . Paul Ryan is a democrat that has the Republican identifier as his political party everyone knows he is a wolf in sheeps clothing !

  14. If speaker Ryan, does not put HR 38 ( 50 state concealed carry ) up for a vote, with all the support it has, he should step down as speaker.

  15. Paul Ryan should be afraid ! The 2nd amendment exists for the sole purpose of overthrowing a Government That has put it’s self above the people ! Without limitation of size, type or quantity , the American people are suppose to be able to arm themselves with the same equipment as the Government .



  18. What we really need is a new Speaker of the House. Ryan is not just holding up the concealed carry reciprocity bill, he is personally responsible for slow playing Trump’s entire agenda. He is a snake. When he is asked he invariably implies he knows how important it is to get the agenda passed, but when you start to look at results, you always find the same thing-either Ryan or McConnell have it bottled up. Ryan supposedly had a talk with his establishment Republicans before the election and they produced a strategy on how to slow down Hillary’s proposals to make it take a long time to get bills passed. He developed such an effective strategy that he decided to use it on Trump. Ryan don’t want to play politics, so he needs to be sent where he don’t have to

  19. So what’s surprising about that? Ryan is one of many Progressive Republicans. Anything over which they do not have totalitarian control bothers them like a stone in their boot on a twelve mile march.

    • I have no clue on that accusation. But he does apparently lacks awareness of Our Second Amendment.

  20. Just another typical politician. Say what you want to hear you get elected then screw everyone because he didn’t believe in what e do. They just lice all the benefits being in office gives them by our tax payer dollars. Screw what we want because no one will do anything about it. Then when it’s time to re-elect then it’s tune too blame everyone else and get re-elected.

  21. Yeah, Ryan again, doing what Ryan does. They really need to take him out of that seat as soon as possible, and get Newt Gingrich back. (you DO know the Speaker doesn’t have to be a member of the House, don’t you?)

  22. he needs to be removed as speaker and a representative since he doesnt follow the constitution and is a rhino

  23. Carry any way you want, on restrictions, no extra tax on shells or reloading equipment, no restrictions on shells, casings, powder , etc, etc, your not supposed to touch this or get anywhere near it. SO STAY THE HELL AWAY

  24. Paul Ryan continues to be a thorn in the side of the Trump Administration. He needs to go, we have enough traitors and turncoats in the Republican Party!

  25. RIchard Sinner

    We’ll probably get rid of Ryan in 2018 because the Republicans seem to be doing all things possible to lose their majority in the House & Senate. Trump will probably repeat, but the members of congress seem to be unable to get ANYTHING done.

  26. i have had enough of paul ryan and his damn crap ! i get emails every single day from him , asking me to back his crap ! no more!!! when he starts working with me than ill start helping him, get off your dead butt, and show you have some balls , and tell aii the gun hatters out there that we mean to get all the pro gun men and woman to get our pro gun legislation passed !!! that means you to ” PAUL RYAN ” or we the people will run you out, “UNDERSTAND ” ?

  27. What part of the second amendment don’t they understand, Japan was afraid to Invade the USA because they knew we could defend ourselves. The second amendment give us a right to defend ourselves from criminals and our own government. History proves that every nation disarms the public before they take total control !!!

  28. It’s the same ole thing, people fear that which they do not know or understand, or perhaps he is a democrat listed as a republican to get votes, check his voting record.

  29. >What part of the second amendment don’t they understand<

    They fail to understand the part mentioned about a required permit. I seem to have the same dimness of intellect. I have STUDIOUSLY examined Our Second Amendment for any mention of a permit. For those of you more intellectually blessed than I, you are strongly invited to the same examination I performed.

    My request to those more astute than I is for YOU to find reference to a government requirement for a permit to bear arms. My feeble attempts have failed.

  30. The swamp just keeps getting wider and deeper each day. I’m afraid we have passed the tipping point of no return. The left in America is winning with out having a majority in congress or the white house.

  31. Just one more link in the chain that will drag Ryan to the bottom and hold him fast there until he, and others of his ilk, will yield to common sense. The second amendment is not held null and void at state lines. Our constitution is the law of the land for all states in our union.

  32. I’m going to point out once again, that we don’t have “constitutional rights.” Read the bill of rights, especially the first two. “Congress shall make no law…” and “…shall not be infringed.” These words do not create nor convey any rights to us. Rather, they handcuff the government; preventing them from curtailing rights we already possess. The source of our rights? Refer back to the Declaration of independence: “…endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights” followed by “…to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men…” So, the correct term should be “God given, constitutionally protected rights.” Please let’s forsake the term “constitutional rights,” and the mis-perception it propagates!

  33. Yes this is very Not good.
    What we have here is a Speaker of the House who has worked a total of about 1 year (family business) in the free enterprise since out of college (writing speeches for various Washington DC people and org’s is still the Political realm and does not count). He has virtually no experience in the Capitalist system. This means that he has never had to excel to get a promotion, lead a team, crew or project. He has never been laid off, fired or terminated for any reason and had to search for work. These are all life experiences and he has none of them. This is not a leader. He should get out of the position of Speaker. And he is a Liberal (Rino)
    who knows nothing but government, right now he straddles the fence between the NWO and keeping his job.

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